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Digital Marketing for Solar Companies

digital marketing for solar companies destiny marketing solutions

Solar companies offer the newest technology, always striving to innovate their products. The same should be true of their marketing style. While traditional marketing strategies like TV ads and business cards are useful, creating an overall digital marketing plan for your solar company can help you reach more customers and grow your company by increasing your conversion rates.

At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have the tools to help you take your marketing online. We offer our extensive experience in all aspects of digital marketing, from designing and optimizing your website for Google search results to helping you create a social media presence. 

SEO Services

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps get your website on the first page of Google’s search results. About 93% of Google users won’t go past the first page of Google, so the higher up you are in the search results rankings, the more potential customers will see your website. More website traffic can result in more lead generation, which helps your solar installation company gain more customers.  

Working with an experienced marketing agency like Destiny Marketing Solutions can boost your search result rankings. We use a wide range of marketing techniques, including extensive keyword research, carefully constructed landing pages, and regularly added content to make your website as optimized as possible for Google. 

Destiny Marketing Solutions also uses geo-tagging to target your digital marketing to local businesses in a process called local SEO. Although it’s useful to have some of your marketing targeted regionally or nationally, you also want to focus your attention on attracting local customers. With our local SEO services, you have an advantage over your competitors, who haven’t worked with an experienced solar SEO company to optimize their website.

At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we also take care of your Google My Business account and Google Maps profile. Approximately 81% of Americans have a smartphone, and many use their phones to search for companies, get directions, and find phone numbers. 

Having your Google My Business account in the top search results isn’t the only important factor in digital marketing. Our team also ensures that customers can easily access your business’ contact information, including your website, phone number, e-mail, and address. The easier it is to contact you, the more likely customers are to try. 

Your Google My Business page shows customers' previous reviews and ratings. Our team can help you with reputation marketing by promoting positive reviews from your local newspapers, other social media accounts, and customer feedback. You can cultivate a better reputation by asking for feedback from your customers after a successful installation, saving positive social media posts about your company, and setting up interviews with your local TV stations and news agencies.

Web Design

The experienced web designers at Destiny Marketing Solutions go through your current website and perform a website quality audit. Our team looks at your current keyword rankings, website analytics, and Google search console data. They create a new plan for your website, dedicated to improving your search results and traffic. 

web design destiny marketing solutions

It is entirely possible to have a fully optimized website that looks attractive and interesting. Our team has experience working with a variety of industries and has worked with many small businesses over the years. We always keep you in the loop when making changes to your website and do extensive research about your solar company’s products and offers. 

Content Marketing

Content is extremely important in SEO since it gives the Google algorithms more information to look through and provides you more opportunities to use relevant keywords. However, it’s also fantastic for educating your potential customers on the multiple benefits of switching to solar energy

The team at Destiny Marketing Solutions includes several experienced content writers who write SEO content on a variety of topics. One of the best ways to regularly add content to your website and improve your search result rankings is through blog posts. 

Our team can help you educate your customers about how to choose the best solar panels for their homes, how solar energy can save them money over the long-term, or the beneficial impact solar energy has on the environment. 

Other content we can create for your residential solar company website are eBooks and white papers. These eBooks can expand upon a recent blog, giving your customers a more in-depth explanation of a new product, or exploring new research. Since many customers hesitate to commit to the initial high cost of converting to solar energy, work with our team to create an eBook exploring the pros and cons of solar energy. This can help convert potential customers into paying customers and boost your Google search results.

White papers are even more in-depth and provide a significant amount of academic research. The term comes from government reports that contained authoritative information, and the digital marketing industry uses white papers in similar ways. Our team thoroughly researches a specific topic within the solar energy industry that your customers have questions about and then creates a white paper as a how-to guide for understanding the new research.

All our content uses keyword research and Google AdWords to ensure that your website has the highest search ranking possible. We also offer a quick TAT (turn around time) because we always strive to deliver your content ahead of schedule, so you have time to read over it before uploading. If you ever have a question or concern about any of the content we provide, our team is available 24/7 to help you. 

Email Marketing

At Destiny Marketing Solutions, our digital marketing strategies involve more than just optimizing your website. We believe that reaching out to and connecting with customers on a more personal level is essential, and our email marketing team helps solar installation companies do just that. 

email marketing destiny marketing solutions

Unlike personal emails, email marketing strategies rely on building a targeted list of current, past, and potential customers. Our team can help you curate this list and draft emails that improve your click-through-rates (CTRs) and the number of customers who open your email. 

With over 3.9 billion email users globally, it’s one of the best ways to reach new customers and offers one of the high return on investment (ROI) of all marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Like email marketing, social media marketing focuses on connecting with your customers. You can use your social media to promote new products, share news about innovative solar energy technology, or answer questions potential customers have about your company. 

You should have accounts across a range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our experienced copywriting team knows the importance of having a cohesive social media presence, but we also keep in mind the different user bases for each network. While Instagram has attracted the younger demographic, older generations have stuck to Facebook and Twitter. Around 68% of American adults aged 50-64 use Facebook, while only 23% of the same age group are on Instagram. 

Knowing your target audience can help you curate your posts for each social media network. Our team of experienced copywriters can help ensure that your posts are on-brand and use the appropriate language for your targeted audience. 

When creating your social media marketing strategy, consider whether you want to focus on organic or paid social media or a combination of both. Organic social media is free and is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your followers. However, free social media posts only show up in your followers’ feeds. While it might convince a follower to make a purchase, it won’t connect you with new potential customers.

Paid social media differs depending on the network but usually involves paying a fee to boost your post. Most networks allow you to target your audience by demographic, interests, location, and other options. While you don’t need to pay to promote every single post, if you have a new product coming out that people in your area would benefit from, or there’s new research about the benefits of solar energy available, you can ensure that your ideal audience sees your post with paid marketing. 

Video Marketing

Video has become increasingly important in today’s society. Most social media networks reward the posting of videos rather than just text, and many people prefer receiving their information in video format. 

At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have experienced script and sketch writers who can help you create a video explaining the latest technology breakthroughs, or walk your customers through how to use your newest product. We can also craft videos showing what to expect after the solar installation process. 

Our copywriting team creates taglines for your video that are appropriate for your email and social media marketing. 

In addition to creating how-to videos or promoting products, we also recommend that you interview experts in solar energy, create videos showing past industry events your company has participated in, make case study videos, and go live behind-the-scenes at your company. Having a variety of videos available for your customers to view keeps them interested and coming back to your website and social media for more content.

Why Work with Destiny Marketing Solutions?

At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have experience in all aspects of digital marketing, from social media to SEO, to content writing. We have worked with small startup businesses to help them grow their consumer base and have also helped more established companies rebrand and go virtual. 

Call us at (888) 846-4937 and tell us more about your solar company. We will work with you closely to create a solar marketing strategy that’s customized for your goals. 

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