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Website Quality Audit

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The Only Website Quality Audit You Will Ever Need to Shine in the Eyes of Google!


Website quality audits are perhaps the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Not only do they help to highlight the errors and quality issues on your website, but they also identify the key performance indicators and the best optimization practices to give your website an instant ranking boost. 


Our SEO experts will work with you to assess the quality of your website to ensure that it is in accordance with Google's standards. They will also analyze it to identify potential problems and provide you with a solid solution. Finally, our SEO professionals will improve the quality and performance of the most important pages on your website. 


What Is a Website Quality Audit?


A website quality audit or a technical SEO check is a measure of your site to identify those minor and major glitches across its pages and structure that are preventing it from ranking higher on SERPs. 


It is not something that is done in a few hours or even a day. A high-quality and data-driven website SEO check requires several hours of work to properly identify and highlight the shortcomings on the website and how to fix them. 


The audit process usually involves checking for crawling and indexing issues, robots.txt check, redirects, content issues, on- and off-page errors, Google Analytics & Google Search Console reports, sitemap, social media, checking meta descriptions on every page, meta title check on every page, technical issues on every page, and several other technical aspects that demand in-depth research and endless hours of work. 


Our goal is to implement all such audit checks, craft out a new, actionable, and step-by-step road map for you, and ensure that our fixes help you rank higher on search engine results. 


different types of website quality audits destiny marketing solutions


Different Types of Website Quality Audits


There are four main types of website quality audits:


Technical SEO


A technical SEO check is an in-depth analysis of your website that helps a lot with its optimization and also unleashes its true potential. It is more or less a complete SEO check that helps with identifying the most important steps that are required to optimize any website. Put simply, a technical SEO audit ensures that your website is perfectly optimized and performing at its best to rank higher on SERPs. 


Content Audit


Content was, is, and will always remain KING. Google and other search engines still value websites whose content provides the most value to their users. Our content audit will evaluate your website content and compare it with your competitors. We will analyze every page for grammar issues, duplicate content pages, proper content structure, length, and content marketing. Our agency has a full team of professional content writers who will advise on the best ways to improve your overall content.


Link Analysis


Backlinks are still one of the top Google ranking factors and it is important that you have a solid and spam-free link profile to beat your competitors. When we examine your link profile, we not only look at the quality of your existing and new backlinks but also provide valuable and actionable recommendations on the best practices to make your link profile stronger than ever. Our link analysis highlights issues both with internal and external links. 


performance audits destiny marketing solutions


Performance Audits


A performance check usually refers to how well your website is performing. Factors like speed, navigation, accessibility, website layout, user behavior, site design, and much more. When conducting a performance check, although we check both Google Search Console and Google Analytics, it is Google Analytics that really helps to analyze how your website visitors are behaving when they land on your website. It not only helps to identify issues, but it also highlights potential opportunities that will help improve its overall performance. 


Which Type Do You Need? 


Ideally, your website needs to have every type of audit listed above, and our quality check includes all these factors. We will make sure that your technical SEO is on point, your site’s content quality and relevancy is at its best, the link profile is solid, looks great, and is highly relevant, and we’ll ensure that your website’s performance is top-notch and on steroids. 


Get a Website Quality Audit with Destiny Marketing Solutions


Did you know that Google’s algorithm assigns a quality score to your website? The better this score, the better your SERP rankings will be. 


If your website has a low-quality score, it will cause Google to lose trust in your website’s authority. Eventually, it would crawl, index, and rank it less over time. 


get a website quality audit with destiny marketing solutions


Our Website Quality Audit is an in-depth process and it will help you assess the quality of your website by looking at the number of data inputs which also includes things like on-page content, organic traffic performance, keyword rankings, SERP CTR, site layout, inbound links, and more. 


We always manually run an audit report for each website and scrape out all the URLs on it and then compare them against vital SEO data sources. 


Finally, we make important decisions about the overall quality of every page on your website and what actions are needed to improve its rankings. 


How Do We Conduct Website Quality Audits?


To help you kick off your SEO campaign, here is what is included in our custom-built report that gives you instant access to the most important metrics that will help you rank higher on SERPs:


how do we conduct website quality audit destiny marketing solutions


Site Crawl


It doesn’t matter if you have a new or old website, if it is not being crawled, its existence is useless. With the help of a tool called Screaming Frog, we will pull out every single URL on your site. 


Screaming Frog will then return some important data highlights like the page title, page meta description, its canonical link element, page type, status code, word count, and other factors. 




You’ll never know the true ranking potential of your website unless you discover its link profile. We will conduct a deep analysis of your site’s backlink profile to hunt down the total number of following links and referring domains for each URL. 


While doing so, we will also analyze the effectiveness of new and existing backlinks while finding the spammy and dead backlinks that aren’t contributing to the site’s rankings. 


XML Sitemaps


Auditing XML sitemaps will help to find out what is missing. We will send pings to your sitemaps files to check which of the important pages are excluded and fix them ASAP. We will also account for multiple sitemaps, such as videos, site sections, images, and more. 


Search Console


Google Search Console helps provide useful insights into the SERP performance of your site. We will analyze the click-through rate, site clicks, average keyword position, and overall impressions on your website. 


Moreover, we will use this data to put together the key performance indicators (KPIs) and help you quickly improve your SERP rankings.


analytics destiny marketing solutions




To help you better understand user behavior on your site and how they interact with the content on it, we will put together a detailed report from your analytics. This would include the total organic sessions over the past 12 months, the organic conversions and sales over the past 12 months, and finally the URLs that are either losing or gaining traffic. 


Website Rankings


Our experts will also pull out data for the best ranking pages for the best keywords on your site. We will fetch the data from SEMrush and find top-performing keywords for each page. This will help you understand better which keywords you should go after for great results. 


How Do We Submit Our Findings?


After running your site through several checks and audits and having access to different and important elements like poor-quality pages and those with quick SEO wins and after taking a look at your long-term SEO strategy, here is how your final report will look: 


User-Friendly Setup in Google Sheets


Quality audits of websites have never been present in such a simple and user-friendly manner before. Our simple setup in Google Sheets will provide you with a detailed report of your website in the simplest of ways. Our team has been able to leverage the full potential of Sheets to help you save time while pulling out the aggregate data like no software on the market. 


Data from Your Favorite Tools


Our WQA pulls useful and in-depth data based on keyword rankings, backlinks, leads, conversions, traffic, revenue, page title, SERPs CTR, and word count and aggregates it at the page level. In the end, you will have almost every piece of SEO data that you can imagine in front of your eyes. 


ability to make data-driven decisions destiny marketing solutions


Ability to Make Data-Driven Decisions


Because we pull out data-driven results, you will have the ability to make data-driven decisions about every page on your website. There will be a section on the Sheets that reads “URL actions”. It will help you determine how you can handle each page within your SEO campaign. Put simply, we make everything easy for you. 


Our SEO Audit Moves the Needle – We Make It a Sure Shot!


Our state-of-the-art SEO audit service is not a shot in the dark. We have phased down everything to present you with an extensive manual SEO analysis that is based on useful information along with errors and their solutions. 


Our team of experts will provide you with everything that you need to understand your current standing in terms of the SEO landscape, what’s preventing you from growing, where you should actually be, and how you can get there quickly. 


Metaphorically speaking, SEO analysis is more or less like an overall health checkup where the doctor not only examines your current health, but also suggests things you can do to constantly improve it and prevent disease. 


The fact that we go into every little detail of your website during the checkup process helps ensure that when you implement our suggestions on your website, you will definitely see the needle move and your rankings going up. 


Our audit is totally worth it for any kind of digital business. Whether you are a local business, you run a service-based website, a blog, an eCommerce store, or any other kind of website, we can help you improve. 


boost your online presence with our website audit services destiny marketing solutions


Boost Your Online Presence with Our Website Audit Services


Have full, hands-on access to:


  • A detailed description of the current situation on your website
  • A full list of technical recommendations along with their proper explanations
  • A detailed report that outlines the main strategy for increasing your overall traffic and rankings


We will help you boost your online presence with our WQA. Don’t worry, we will never bore you to death with a strange 500-page report that is impossible to understand. 


Our experts also keep everything in simple form and avoid any jargon so that it is easy to understand for everyone. The size of the final report that you get depends on the size of your digital business. 


We will also give you hands-on access to all the core problems in the order of their importance and also highlight all such areas that require the most attention. 


Our agency will also provide you with a data backup just in case that you are working with another web development company and they are going to fix those errors for you. 


Our deadline for your website analysis and the technical issues of every page is very reasonable, and we always over-deliver our clients. How quickly we can complete the audit depends on the size of each business. We do pull out useful data from the best SEO tools but we write the report manually as we know that every website is different and has its demands. 


benefits of our website quality audit services destiny marketing solutions


Benefits of Our Website Quality Audit Services


Research & Resolutions


Your website quality is dependent upon the search engine finding, reading, and evaluating it. If the content on your website is hindered, your organic performance will take a toll. We’ll ensure that this doesn’t happen. 


Obstacle Detailing


We’ll uncover all the obstacles that are preventing your website’s growth. Our experts will outline all the obstacles and provide you with a customized report that addresses all the obstacles based on useful information that we have received about your websites, its CMS, and server. 


Real-Time Analytics


Using Google Analytics, you will have a real-time reporting platform that will help you put all your SEO data at your fingertips. We will guide you on how to analyze and use it so that you can log in to it anytime and see your keyword rankings, organic traffic, growth, and much more.




Since we set a data-centric foundation for your audit, we will help you track your organic traffic and revenue over time so that you can easily measure your return on investment and make important changes to improve it consistently. 


Scalable Campaigns


Once we have your audit finalized and the report delivered over to you, you can then use it to scale your SEO campaign and make it a success. Our reports are laid down in a very user-friendly and step-by-step actionable manner that helps you easily implement everything. 


Total Visibility & Transparency


The SEO industry is widely known for its duplicity. However, the level of transparency you will receive from Destiny Marketing Solutions will amaze you. Whether it be backlinks, on-and off-page, or any other aspect of SEO, you can always trust us for total visibility and maximum transparency in everything. 


No Shady SEO


We are a team of experts who have been working in the field of SEO for years. Our goal is to make sure that each customer has their SEO success and they get a good ROI. Our SEO campaigns are based on result-driven thematic keywords and data-driven actions. We hate spam as much as you and so do search engines. We will never do any shady SEO and that’s a promise. 




We will make it easier for you to implement changes and arrange a strategy call in which we will guide you on how to make all the changes as suggested inside our WQA. If you want us to make the audit report changes for you, feel free to contact us anytime for more details. 


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what is included in a website audit destiny marketing solutions


What is included in a website audit?


A website audit highlights the technical SEO audit check for your site (whether big or small). These are the errors, shortcomings, or loopholes on your site that are keeping it from ranking higher on SERPs. Different checks like crawling, indexing, robots.txt, eliminating redirects, content duplicity, on- and off-page, and many other factors are included in the audit. 


What is a website audit report?


In the simplest of forms, a website audit report is a full in-depth analysis of all the SEO factors that affect your site’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. A WAR provides you with complete and comprehensive insight data about your site, its overall traffic, individual page performance, and all the errors on it. The main purpose of a site audit is to ensure that your digital marketing efforts are properly utilized, you are ranked higher, and finally getting the results you desire.


How can you tell the quality of a website?


The quality of a website is measured by how relevant and useful the content it provides is and how good its overall user experience is. However, there are other factors too, such as its design or layout, is it safe to browse, is it ranking well, does it provide links to authentic sources, and much more. 


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The best thing about our WQAs is how beautifully and simply we present them to our clients. We break down all the advanced steps into a step-by-step manner so that even a complete beginner can implement it. 


Don’t waste your money on your SEO campaign without knowing the problems with your website. Allow us to conduct a comprehensive audit for you.


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