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Sugar Land Chamber of Commerce

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Business and Professional Division

Kevin Riles is the current chairperson of this division. 


The Business and Professional Division is oriented towards helping local business people achieve their goals. The Chamber of Commerce leverages the businesses by organizing business programs, conferences, seminars and workshops. This division assists entrepreneurs by connecting them with successful businesses and helps them gain a better understanding of areas of marketing, sales, finance, customer service, technology, team-building, and employee relations. 


Moreover, the Chamber of Commerce appreciates and encourages gatherings and unions where businesspeople share and express their concerns as well as motives and goals. There is always an emphasis on participating and attending gatherings organized by other chambers to encourage more inflow of information and strategies. 


Chamber Young Professionals

Nick Deacon is the current chairperson of this division. 


Chamber Young Professionals is oriented towards providing tools and strategies to young professionals for their goals and achievements. The Chamber of Commerce believes in giving individual attention to every young professional and helps facilitate their personal and professional growth.


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CYP organizes educational seminars. In these seminars, young professionals have the opportunity to have one-on-one talks with the CEOs and other businesspeople under this division. Educational seminars permit networking, CEO roundtables, executive leadership panels, CEO success stories and open conversations with the panelists. 


The output is observed in the form of clearer visions and better strategic approaches by young professionals.


Community Resources Division

Beth Wolf is the current chair of this division. 


The Community Resources Division is focused on facilitating and improving the community. A healthy community is necessary in order to reflect a city’s growth and development. The Community Resources Division acknowledges the need for a stable community. Therefore, it looks after its betterment and development. 


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The Chamber of Commerce encourages the community to participate in its training programs to help them become more empowered. In order to improve the quality of life CRD believes in improved communication and collaboration within the community. This will uplift the personal life as well as professional life.


Healthcare Division

Michael Dotson is the current chairperson of this division. 


The Healthcare Division is oriented towards providing better health services to the community. The health of the community is the prime priority of the Chamber of Commerce. Better health facilities ultimately lead to higher productivity levels for employees. Moreover, the Chamber of Commerce aims to attract the best healthcare providers, technical facilities and services. 


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The installment of an ideal healthcare system attracts not only improved economic growth and development but also a successful infrastructure. HD supports awareness among the community members about health and seeking medical attention when needed. Affordable and accurate healthcare alongside an ideal working environment for the medical staff as well as the community is the target of the Health Division.


Government Relations Division

Chris Breaux is the current chairperson of this division. 


The Government Relations Division is oriented towards providing better access to local residents, and state and federal officials. This division describes and helps the members understand government issues and their impact on the city’s performance. It also allows the members to give their valuable input on governmental matters. 


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This division of the Chamber of Commerce is a platform where members have the opportunity to speak and share their concerns and views about any legislative and government issues. From leadership issues, updates on key events such as Coronavirus and federal elections, the division actively takes part in keeping the community informed.


Education Division

Jim Rice is the current chairperson of the Education Division. 


Education is the most important factor affecting performance in the industrial sector. The leadership of the city, be it on the community level or the industrial level, is highly impacted by the overall education rate in the city. More educated individuals will create more impactful decisions and values for the city.


The Education Division encourages and ensures higher education for the individuals of Sugar Land. From primary education to master’s degree programs, education of all is strongly supported and facilitated. The Chamber of Commerce believes in making the residents aware of the importance of education. Education and skill is the only link to the industrial sector.


Infrastructure Division

David Gornet is the chairperson of the Infrastructure Division.


The Infrastructure Division is focused on improved and affordable transportation, infrastructure, development programs and residential status in the city. The Chamber of Commerce has partnerships and collaborations among businesses, local entities, municipalities, the county and state and federal agencies to advance important infrastructure projects. This will elevate the quality of life in the city.


Better infrastructure attracts investors and entrepreneurs for their businesses which will further leverage the economy of Sugar Land. The Chamber of Commerce acknowledges infrastructure as a basic tool for the business community, therefore it organizes several corporate-level events with other chambers to initiate better developmental programs.


Leadership Forum


Breah Campbell from Environmental Development Partners LLC and Jan Michael Jankins from Legacy Fitness collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce as part of the Leadership Forum.


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The Leadership Forum is a creative approach to recruiting informed locals. This program not only polishes the skills of the participants but also provides them with several opportunities to move ahead.


Due to COVID-19, this program has been postponed until further notice to protect the health of future leaders.


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