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Pearland is the latest city to issue a mandatory masks order as coronavirus cases spike.


The mayor of Pearland has ordered Pearland business owners to make it mandatory for their customers to wear face masks.


The mayor, Tom Reid, signed the order on Thursday last week. It requires all companies and businesses in Pearland, TX to make it necessary for their customers, employees, and visitors to cover their faces with masks.


These strict orders were issued as a result of the growing number of Covid-19 cases throughout Pearland, TX. Moreover, these orders were issued parallel with those in the Harris and Fort Bend counties.


These strict orders were effective starting Sunday, June 28 at 12:01 A.M. and ended July 12 at 11:59 PM. However, they may be extended if the number of cases keeps rising.


Companies and businesses in Pearland, TX and local services like real estate, financial services, home care, community care, medical services, development services, day care, and education have been ordered to maintain social distancing and keep strong checks in place to ensure implementation by both the employees and customers.


This news circulated on social media pages where it received a lot of criticism and hatred. Ever since the start of the pandemic, not many people have been in favor of wearing masks and have been very vocal about it on social media pages.


Many believe that wearing a mask will not protect against the deadly virus and that it weakens the lungs. Also, the CDC has stated that the number of cases has been wrongly reported and that social distancing or shutting down businesses completely can be a mistake.


Resources for Local Business Owners in Pearland, TX


The government has been strict on local business owners not just in Pearland, TX but all across the US. There are some local resources for Pearland, TX businesses to provide assistance during this disruption.


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It goes without saying that Covid-19 sure has impacted the local business owners and the community as a whole here in Pearland, TX. Both the city and its Economic Development Corporation have stepped forward to help local employers as they are vital to the economy of the community.


They have committed themselves to facilitating communication and support from state and local resources during this time.


Here are some local resources that can provide assistance during Covid-19 disruption:


  • Small Business Administration Programs
  • Local Public Health Resources
  • Federal Income Tax Filing and State Franchise Deadlines
  • CDC: Interim Guidance for Business and Employers
  • Federal Tax Credit for Required Leave
  • Texas Workforce Commission – Shared Work Program
  • Tax Provisions for Businesses
  • Unemployment Benefits


Types of Facemasks to Use


The mayor’s order does not mandate the wearing of a particular type or grade of mask. It says to cover the face using both professional-grade and homemade masks, scarves, bandanas, and even handkerchiefs.


Recently, city officials have also been encouraging businesses and local residents to continue social distancing and also carry hand sanitizer with them.


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On June 24, the mayor said the following while addressing residents, telling them to follow safety and hygiene measures:


“I myself am following these guidelines because I care about this great community. I want to do everything in my personal power to protect it for future generations.”


The news also went viral across several social media pages and received both appreciation and criticism from the local residents and Pearland, TX businesses. You can find out more information about the full mask order from the mayor at


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More Local Resources for Pearland Business Leaders


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