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SEO for Mental Health Practitioners


Do you own a mental health practice?


If yes, then we can help you build your patient base. Not just that, but we can help you attract a steady stream of patients by using the latest SEO strategies for mental health businesses.


When people search for a mental health professional on Google, your website needs to show up on top of the search results. Your mental health practice will not show up in the search engines without proper search engine optimization.


You have to convince Google’s complex algorithms so that your website appears on top of the first page for keywords and search terms you are trying to rank for.


Roughly 77% of health care patients use the search engines to look for mental health providers before they schedule an appointment. 


What’s INTERESTING is that 90% of the people who are searching on Google and other search engines never make it past the first page.


This means, that even if your website is ranking on the top of page two, it still is unlikely to be found.


Moreover, users finding you through organic search are likely to pick up the phone and give you a call. This means that if you are ranking well on Google for your potential search terms in the mental health field, you have a high chance of getting more leads and turning them into long-term patients.


So, how do you get to improve your search rankings in Google? At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have been providing high-quality and reliable search engine optimization services for mental health professionals for years, and we can do the same for you. We know the ins and outs of technical and strategic search engine optimization techniques that will help you rank on page one of Google.


What is Search Engine Optimization?



In the simplest terms, SEO is a set of practices and on-going techniques that help to increase your website’s ranking in Google search.


Mental Health SEO


There are multiple factors that come into play when it comes to doing SEO. However, we have put together a list of the top five most important things that your business needs right now, and how our digital marketing agency can help you achieve them and realize greater visibility in the search engines:


Strategic Keyword Targeting


If you are looking to best use SEO for mental health patient acquisition, then comprehensive keyword research and implementation onto your website is a critical first step.



Popular keywords for mental health services include:


  • anger management therapy
  • anxiety therapist near me
  • behavioral therapy
  • cbt therapy
  • child counseling near me
  • child psychologist near me
  • child therapist
  • child therapist near me
  • Christian counseling near me
  • clinical psychologist near me
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • cognitive therapy
  • counseling near me
  • couples counseling near me
  • couples therapy near me
  • dbt therapy near me
  • eft therapy
  • emdr therapy
  • emdr therapy near me
  • emotionally focused therapy
  • existential therapy
  • family counseling near me
  • family therapist near me
  • find a therapist
  • gestalt therapy
  • grief counseling near me
  • holistic therapy
  • humanistic therapy
  • lmft
  • marriage counseling near me
  • mental health therapist
  • mental health therapist near me
  • milieu therapy
  • narrative therapy
  • person-centered therapy
  • psychoanalytic therapy
  • psychodynamic therapy
  • psychological therapy
  • psychologist near me
  • psychotherapist near me
  • psychotherapy
  • rational emotive therapy
  • relationship therapist
  • solution-focused therapy
  • somatic therapy
  • talk therapy
  • therapist near me
  • therapist near me for depression
  • therapy
  • trauma therapy


Hint: You can also replace "therapy" in the phrases above with "therapists" and/or "counselors" for additional relevant keywords for your mental health website!


It's critical that we incorporate these keywords into prominent places on your website, including:


  • Title tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • ALT Tags
  • Heading Tags


and in context within the body of the content.


Google My Business Verification & Optimization



GMB or Google My Business should be the top priority of every mental health private practice looking to boost their online local presence. Not to mention that majority of your patients will be coming from your local area. This is why our team focuses on local SEO via Google My Business Optimization, which requires proper strategy and technique. We have mastered GMB Optimization for our clients, helping them improve patient acquisition.


Website Technical Optimization


Your website’s design is the foundation of your SEO. It should not only be void of crawling and indexing issues, but it should also load quickly and be mobile-friendly. 


As a matter of fact, 50% of all searches are being conducted on smartphones. 


This is why it is important from an SEO perspective that your website is user-friendly both for mobile and desktop users. When you partner with us, we will closely evaluate your website’s architecture and ensure that your website is working at its top potential. If it already has any pre-existing issues, our agency will fix them for you.



Content Marketing


Content doesn’t necessarily mean words, sentences, or paragraphs. Content comes in many forms like text, images, videos, infographics, or any combination of these assets. Our agency will develop a proper content creation strategy to promote your behavioral health services online. We will make sure that your content is 100% unique from other websites and is of an authoritative nature. This means that your content uses original text, photos, videos, and graphics that share invaluable insights for your audience.



Link Building, focusing on Authority & Relevancy


If you’ve read somewhere that “link popularity is dead” you should probably consider them as irrelevant SEOs. Even to this day, backlinks are one of the top-ranking factors in Google’s search algorithms. Incorporating internal linking and inbound linking drastically helps to improve your website’s ranking. One of the biggest challenges for business owners in the mental health space is that they do not know how to do proper link building that will help to impact their organic search results. 


We use the following strategies to acquire links:



We ensure that the links we build to your site are from websites that have authority (measured with metrics such as Domain Authority (Moz) or Domain Rating (AHREFs)), and relevancy to your target location and services.



Implement SEO Strategies that will Work for Your Mental Health Practice


Figuring out as to how to overcome the challenge of consistently onboarding new mental health patients may be one of your major challenges in growing your mental health services practice.


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we aim to provide you with an effective mental health digital marketing strategy so that and awareness of your brand and expertise in treating different conditions can grow sustainably.


Not just that, but we will also help you understand what works and what doesn’t. This way, you can rest assure that you are not wasting your money by investing in unsound strategies for your practice.


You Want To Help People? – We’ll Connect Them With You via Digital Marketing!


seo for mental health destiny marketing solutions


As a mental health expert, you understand how to best help your patients with conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and psychotic disorders. We approach our work in the same manner. We are SEO and digital marketing experts, and we have been helping mental health practitioners such as yourself connect with their ideal prospective patients.


We want you to focus on counseling your patients instead of worrying about how they can find you online.


When you decide to work with our agency, you will get immediate advantages. We have work in the behavioral health industry for some time now and have systems in place that allow us to ramp up your online presence efficiently.


In the mental health niche, we understand that things are a bit different. Your ideal patient is going through tough times in their personal life, and we will ensure that they feel safe in reaching out to you.


However, you cannot achieve all of this with a poor looking website, having a poor online reputation, or using outdated strategies, and not knowing how to rank better for improved online visibility. All of these pieces of the puzzle have to be polished via proper search engine optimization techniques that will help your website rank for your target terms.


We Are Your Go-To SEO Agency for Your Mental Health Business


We stay up-to-date with the latest SEO techniques and strategies in the mental health industry.


The mental health niche, to be honest, is a pretty competitive niche, and to be able to achieve top organic positioning would require a strategic, persistent approach to building your online presence.


However, for a company like ours, who has been providing SEO services for decades, we know how to tackle tough niches like these.


Use Our Local SEO Expertise to Propel Your Mental Health Business to New Heights



Unlike most of the SEO agencies out there who would simply use a cookie-cutter SEO campaign and waste your time and money, our SEO firm only relies on customized strategies that fit your services and the demographic(s) you would like to target.


We will understand your business, its needs, and the needs of your patients.


From there, we build a strategy that is a perfect fit for your practice’s capabilities and location.


Once you are in the Local Pack for your target search queries, you will notice visible improvements in your website’s traffic and potential leads. 


Your campaign deserves specific steps to achieve your goals, and our team is up for the challenge.


Interested? Get in touch with us today by calling our phone number, (888) 846-4937.


The Benefits Of Choosing Destiny Marketing Solutions


Having an impressive office setup, your office walls covered with your diplomas and certifications and flashy images with you and top experts is not going to help you get more patients. 


If Google thinks that your website isn’t convincing enough for potential visitors, it will be almost impossible to make it rank and gain any momentum.


Here are some of the benefits of choosing our SEO agency:


  • Give your website a completely new look, optimize it and clean it up to drive more potential patients


  • Access to a professional organic outreach marketing and content team


  • A dedicated team that is regularly performing backlink management tasks, tracking, reporting and removal of irrelevant links from your website


  • Help generate hundreds of valuable and highly relevant backlinks from authoritative platforms


  • Make use of highly-effective and laser-focused content marketing tactics that will help draw the attention you want from your target audience



If you are ready to take the next step in growth for your private practice, reach out to us today for next steps. Fill out the form to the right or call us directly at (888) 846-4937.


Mental Health SEO Frequently Asked Questions


Below we have put together some of the most common questions that we often get asked by mental health providers for our mental health SEO and digital marketing services. We don’t beat around the bush, instead, we provide you with straightforward and honest answers.


Why Is Mental Health SEO Important?


SEO for your mental health practice is important as it will connect you with the right patients who are in need of your services. Having a solid online reputation will build your trust with your patients, and we will help you achieve it.


How Can I Promote My Mental Health Services?


The best way to promote your services is via online channels. The days of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations and networking are long gone, as you can achieve the same results more efficiently with online marketing. People now look for services online and heavily rely on your online reputation when making their decision.


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