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Our GMB Optimization Services Put the Lead Generation Process on Steroids for You and Grow Your Business Like Crazy Even If You Are in a Competitive Industry


GMB Optimization or Google My Business Optimization can help your business listing rank better in the local search results, gain more search visibility, and ultimately make more people call you to inquire about your products or services. 


As a business owner, it is important for you to focus on optimizing your Google My Business listing, otherwise, your competitors will outrank you and steal all your potential customers. 


Not just that, Google My Business GMB optimization will ensure that people from your local neighborhood and surrounding area are finding your business whenever they search for a particular service on Google. 


Also, the fact that your Google My Business account is responsible for driving up to 80% of traffic to your business makes it mandatory for you to ensure that your listing is optimized for all the ranking factors


With our Google My Business optimization services, not only will you get a flood of news leads and calls from your area, but you will also build a strong brand presence among your potential clients and beat your competitors. 


Why You Need Google My Business Optimization Services 


why you need google my business optimization services destiny marketing solutions


As mentioned above, if you want to beat your competitors, build solid brand authority in your area, and gain a flood of leads and phone calls every single day, Google My Business optimization is necessary.


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we offer extremely flexible pricing on all our Google My Business services. Whether or not you have already set up your Google listing, we will make sure that it is updated with the best practices that help it rank higher for local search results


We will also optimize your listing for your target keywords so that whenever someone searches for them they will find your listing on top of the search results. 


Our Google My Business experts will also build citations for your business on the top citation platforms to help you build a solid online presence. With our affordable SEO setup, you will become an authority in your neighborhood. Not only will you be getting new customers organically, but once people start loving your products or services, they will tell their friends, family members, and colleagues about them. 


How Do Businesses Get Featured in Google Maps?


how do businesses get Featured in google maps destiny marketing solutions


Have you ever searched for services in your area on Google and seen three listings featured on the first page of Google come up? Yes? That’s the glorious Google 3-Pack featured listing that businesses crave to be a part of. 


So, how do you get your business featured in the 3-Pack?


Not every business that has incredible customer reviews, great products, and top-notch services gets the chance to be featured in the 3-Pack listing. There are several ranking factors that determine whether a business is eligible to be featured or not. 


This is where our SEO agency goes into action to optimize your business listing. Our goal is to boost your business entry on Google using the best ranking practices. 


We have a full team of digital marketing experts who have years of experience in Google My Business optimization. They will help you improve your existing Google listing, remove any errors or spam and update it as per the requirements of the industry that you operate in. 


It is important to know that like SEO, Google My Business optimization also requires time and patience. You cannot expect to see overnight results. 


We will ensure that you outrank your competitors and dominate the maps’ rankings for your target queries. 


Our Optimization Services Will Skyrocket Your Sales


our optimization services will skyrocket your sales destiny marketing solutions


Sales is all about having a powerful marketing strategy in place. When you partner with us, not only will we optimize your business listing, we will also re-assess your marketing strategy to create a solid brand image in the eyes of your potential customers. 


While our Google My Business optimization helps you gain more traffic, it also increases sales for your business. 


Our experts will work on your listing to improve its search visibility and apply multiple marketing and social media strategies to help boost your sales. 


We will focus on key elements like monthly views and activity on your Google My Business and which queries are having the most impact on your leads. We’ll also ensure that the high-authority businesses in your community link back to your business and your brand gets listed in major news and social media sites. It is also important to regularly update local-specific content, fixing any inaccurate information on public listings. This ensures NAP consistency, glowing client reviews, and much more. 


Importance of Google Maps for Local Business Owners


importance of google maps for local business owners destiny marketing solutions


As a local business owner, Google expects you to have a physical presence because it wants to guide its users to your business if they are present in your area or perhaps searching for a service in your area from outside of it. 


Having a Google Maps search engine listing will have a significant effect on your business’s traffic and sales. Because most people are using their smartphone to access the internet, Maps have specific relevance to mobile searches. 


Moreover, whenever someone searches for local keywords, Google always prioritizes its maps feature. This means that whichever industry you are operating in, it will always be heavily crowded and - if you are not implementing effective marketing strategies to improve your search rankings - you could be losing potential customers. 


Furthermore, people always trust businesses that rank higher on Google Maps, provide them with accurate information, and have great reviews from their existing customers. 


As a whole, having a solid and well-optimized Google Maps presence is important for your business’ growth. If your business doesn’t have a Google My Business listing, people will think that you are out of business. 


Using our local SEO tactics, we will ensure that you have a powerful Google Maps listing that is fully optimized to bring in maximum leads and conversions for your business GMB


Contact us today and get a free, no-obligation quote from one of our experts. 


Common Problems with Google My Business Account Listings


When optimizing your map’s listing to rank higher on Google, optimizing the listing alone isn’t enough. We also have to take care of the overall local maps’ factors such as your website quality, performance, and its authority on the search engines. 


common problems with google my business account listings destiny marketing solutions


Even if your Google My Business optimization is top-notch and 100% complete, if your website has poor performance and authority, your local maps listing will suffer. 


When we work on the optimization of your Google My Business, we will look at various other factors like: 


  • Website loading speed
  • The quantity, quality, and relevance of the content on your website
  • The layout of your website
  • Domain authority 
  • Site structure
  • Bounce rate


As a whole, we make sure that we don’t leave behind any loopholes that might prevent your local listing from ranking higher on Google Maps. 


What’s Included in Our Google My Business Optimization Services?


what’s included in our google my business optimization services destiny marketing solutions


When you partner with us for SEO of your Google listing, we will provide the following services to significantly improve your local rankings. Here is what’s included: 


Local Search Audit


Like with any of our other SEO services, we always begin with a comprehensive audit. In the case of your Google My Business listing, we will conduct an in-depth search audit that will help us understand your business, its competitors, and what is required for maximum search visibility. 


We will not only analyze your listing but also other factors like your website, social media pages and social media profiles, directory listings, and much more. 


For many, these properties may not matter much, but if you want to dominate local SERPs, every ranking factor comes into play. 


Once we conduct our audit, we will prepare an easy to understand report for you that highlights the errors on your current listing, what is missing, what the loopholes are, and what is required to get your business where you want it to be. 


Our report also contains a strategic step-by-step actionable plan that covers several different SEO elements. 


Keyword Research


Undoubtedly, keyword research is the backbone of any SEO campaign. Having conducted our local search audit, we will pull out the most profitable keywords that will benefit your business and gain it local visibility for the most relevant terms. 


keyword research destiny marketing solutions


Our experts use various tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Moz, and a few others to dig out the best keywords in your industry and then optimize your listing for those keywords. 


While we search for new keywords, we will also keep a lookout for other keyword ideas that will further help with quick SEO wins. As a whole, our keyword research helps local listings to drastically improve their local rankings and get a head start to beating their competitors. 


Competitor Analysis


A competitor analysis can help a lot in reverse engineering their strategy and techniques that they are using to rank higher in search results. If you are not sure why your competitors have a well-optimized website, high-quality content that is frequently published, and tons of five-star reviews on multiple platforms, we can help you get valuable insights about your competitors. 


Our competitor analysis highlights some of the most important aspects such as site load speed, canonicalization, metadata, page structure, keyword usage, Google My Business page, social media, backlinks, and schema markup. 


Once analyzed, we will compare your competitor’s results with your listing’s current situation and identify what you are missing. 


Complete Google My Business Optimization


complete google my business optimization destiny marketing solutions


Our Google My Business Optimization process is pretty comprehensive as we go into every little detail of it. Simply populating your listing and verifying your location alone wouldn’t help you rank for your target keywords. There is more to it!


Although there are up to 15 different optimization factors, here are three of the most important ones that every Google My Business listing must focus on to rank consistently for its primary keywords: 




A compelling and well-optimized description is the foundation of your Google listing. At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have expert copywriters who will write a striking and creative keyword-rich description for your listing. This will make your Google page stand out from your competitors and push you high up the rankings. 




Depending on the type of industry you operate in, choosing the right category is extremely important. Whether you are a dentist, chiropractor, roofer, plumber, or any other business owner, we will ensure that your GMB category is highly relevant and perfectly optimized for maximum search visibility. 




GMB listings that are regularly updated with fresh and original images and videos tend to rank higher as compared to the ones that don’t. 


Our image/video optimization process will embed your NAP information in your images or videos that you provide us with. We will then periodically upload these graphics to your listing. 


Citation Cleanup & Optimization


citation cleanup & optimization destiny marketing solutions


Citations are mentions of your business name, address, and phone number on various web properties. They help a lot in appearing in Google Local 3-Pack and Google also crawls your NAP information via these citations. 


Some big platforms like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Yahoo are a great source of high authority citations. We will also build citations on social media platforms. 


Not only that, but our experts will also audit your existing citations for NAP consistency and quality. If we find any errors in your NAP information, we will edit them out. If a citation platform looks spammy or irrelevant, we will delete that citation to prevent any harm to your Google listing. 


On-Site Optimization


To perfectly optimize a GMB listing, it is important to optimize your business’s website as well. Our customized on-site strategy for local businesses will help your business rank higher for search terms. 


From sitemaps and internal linking to homepage copy and HTML coding, we look at various on-page SEO elements to ensure your local listing becomes extremely powerful. 




Having plenty of five-star reviews on your Google listing is perhaps one of the most important components of GMB optimization. They may not directly influence your local rankings, but they sure do influence the click-through rate and the reputation of your business. 


Our GMB experts will generate business reviews for your listing from various platforms. We will develop strategies so you can reach out to your customers and ask them to leave a review. 


Content Strategy


A solid content strategy can have a multi-fold impact on your business. We will put together a monthly content plan that periodically sends out fresh content to your GMB listing and links back to relevant pages on your website. This will help a lot in fueling your search rankings and also engagement on your social media channels. 


We will also produce website content and focus on both content and social media marketing to engage with your audience on a different level. 


Monthly Reporting


Our agency has always focused on transparent reporting for its clients. To keep you updated on the progress of your rankings and everything that we have been doing on your GMB for its optimization, we will provide you with monthly reports. 


monthly reporting destiny marketing solutions


You will be given access to a customized dashboard where you can log in and easily view the summary for the entire month. 


This report will also contain information on the goals that have been achieved and how close we are to ranking in the 3-Pack. 


Our reporting is 100% transparent and we never hold back or hide anything from our clients. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote for your GMB optimization. 


Why Choose Our Agency? 


why choose our agency destiny marketing solutions


As Google My Business pros and a full-time SEO company, we can help you expand your local presence by optimizing your GMB listing. Here is why you should choose us: 


Revenue Boost


We don’t just optimize your GMB for higher local rankings, we also ensure that your business experiences a significant boost in its revenue. This is because our optimization techniques will help to boost engagement on your Maps listing, which results in more local leads, leading to more user interaction and ultimately bringing in a flood of customers to your business. 


Local Authority Boost


Our local SEO is all about boosting your local authority by building a strong brand presence and ranking your maps listing and your website for all your local terms on the first page of Google and other search engines. 


GMB Page Analysis & Optimization


Our local SEO experts will audit your listing to identify any errors and loopholes that might be holding your business back from ranking higher on SERPs. They will provide you with useful insights on what you need to do to improve your maps listing and overall SERP position. 


We will also optimize your listing on Google and ensure that your NAP information is 100% accurate in all the places where your business information has been cited. These include the audit of your citations in places such as Apple Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, and Yelp. 


Enhance Local Rankings & Relevant Local Content


When you partner with us, you will experience a significant boost in your local rankings with more people who will search for your business from within your local area and also from your surrounding locations. We will ensure that your business ranks higher for all the local searches in Google Maps


Moreover, we will also create original, highly relevant local content that includes short blog posts, social media posts, GMB listing posts, and other types of posts to engage better with your audience and to boost your local traffic. 


Benefits of Google My Business


Ever wondered why having a GMB listing for your local business could be beneficial for you? Here is why: 


It Shows Relevant Results


Your Google listing provides you relevant and valuable insights on the correct data of your business and where it stands in terms of its performance. 


Easy to Update


GMB listings are very easy to update. GMB has a very user-friendly interface where you can easily edit any detail, add new information, or delete the existing listing. It also provides you the perfect chance to interact with customers using GMB listing posts and messages. 


Boost Local Rankings


As a local business owner, your Google listing plays an important role in boosting your local SEO rankings and your overall marketing strategy. It helps people in your area find your business whenever they search for a product/service that your business provides. 


Building Relationships with Customers


A GMB listing is not merely your business’s online presence on Google. It is also a way to build great business relations with your existing and potential customers. Your listing provides you with an opportunity to engage with your customers, meet them in person or over the phone, and ensure that they become your loyal clients. 


Review Management


Your customers and clients will leave reviews about the type of service or products you serve them with and your GMB listing’s dashboard gives you hands-on access to monitor and view those reviews and even reply to them to build strong relations with your clients. 


Contact Us Today


Want more traffic and leads? We are here to help you with our GMB expertise. As your local SEO experts, we understand what it takes to help your business get featured in Google 3-Pack for more leads and conversions. 


Allow us to help you take your business to the next level. Give us a call today!


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Google My Business optimization?


what is google my business optimization destiny marketing solutions


GMB optimization is a great way to help Google understand more about your business, who you are, what you do, which products or services you provide, where you’re located, what’s your website, and any other relevant information about your business that will help people in your local area find out more about it. The better optimized your listing is, the greater the number of people that find it will be. 


How do I optimize Google My Business?


There are several Google My Business optimization factors. These include complete data about your business listing, keywords, business operating hours, images of your workplace, customer reviews, business location, phone number, address, GMB posts, and much more. 


What is GMB and why do businesses need it?


GMB is a free platform powered by Google. It allows business owners to list or publish their business on Google Maps to be easily found online by local people in their area. While GMB allows you to tell potential customers about your business, it also allows customers to learn more about your business through the description and customer reviews. Nonetheless, your Google listing plays an important role in helping you get new leads and customers. A well-optimized GMB page is a good way to rank higher in search results and potentially the Google 3-Pack, which increases your chances of getting more leads and conversions for your business. 


What are GMB reviews?


GMB review is a feature where your customers can rate your product or service. These reviews are important from an SEO perspective as they carry a lot of weight in terms of ranking. A good way of acquiring more reviews is to reach out to your existing or past customers and ask them to leave an honest review of your product or service. 


What are the top directories for local businesses apart from GMB?


The following are the top 10 most important directories for local businesses other than GMB: 


  1. Yelp
  2. Bing
  3. Yellow Pages
  4. Biz Journal
  5. Foursquare
  6. Local
  7. Magic Yellow
  8. Freeadstime
  9. Findmermaster
  10. Wallclassified
  11. Discover Our Town


There are many other great directories where your business can be cited for maximum local search visibility. When you partner up with Destiny Marketing Solutions for Google listing optimization, we will make sure that not only do you get listed on the top 10 local directories but also on every other directory for the best local SEO results.


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