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Citation Building Services

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High-Quality Local Citation Building Service That Helps Improve Local Rankings


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we build citations that last forever and help move the needle. Our approach is very unique and our local citation building service is inexpensive. 


Our SEO experts build citations manually without using any automated tools, which means that our local citations are 100% clean, resulting in better local rankings on search engines, and do not get filtered out due to any spam. 


We make sure that the citations we build not only last forever but also bring you results. To get started, contact us today and one of our project managers will help guide you through the entire process. 


What Is Local Citation Building?


Citation building is getting your brand to be mentioned on a webpage or local business directory on platforms like Yellow Pages and classifieds or on local maps like Google Maps. These mentions include your business name, business address, phone number, opening and closing times, business description, services offered, and any other relevant details. 


Boost Local Rankings With Our Citation Building Service


When doing citation building, we carefully use your business name address, phone number, zip code, and all other necessary details. 


Our brand mentions are built on the most authentic and top-authority local business directories. These local business listings help improve your local rankings and results in more targeted leads to your business. 


We won’t keep you waiting long. Whether you are opening a new location or you already have an existing one that you need help with ranking in search engines, we will build your brand mentions on high-authority directories that will boost your local and organic rankings and bring more leads to your business. 


No longer will you have to worry about your local rankings. Our experts will help you achieve better SERP rankings and generate laser-targeted leads that convert. 


top benefits of local citations destiny marketing solutions


Top Benefits of Local Citations


Every business that has a physical location can easily leverage the power of its location and boost its findability by getting listed in local directories. Here is how citation building in different business directories can benefit you: 


Instant Boost In Authority & Relevancy


Citations are the foundation of creating your local authority and building a strong brand foundation. Our brand mentions will have a significant impact on your local search rankings. We will list your sites on top sites to boost your local search visibility. 


No Duplicate Listings


When building citations, we also ensure not to build any duplicate listings. Our experts will ensure NAP consistency and protect the quality of your citation profile. We ensure non-duplicity by running your citations through data aggregators.


High-Authority Platforms


Our experts know which high-authority citation platforms to build your local citation on. We only build citations on the most trusted platforms that actually get you better rankings and results. 


Quick Turnaround Time & Quality Information


Our agency has a solid track record of quick turnaround time, no matter how big the order might be. We have a smooth process backed by a dedicated team that ensures your work is delivered in a timely fashion. You won’t have to wait for weeks to see the deliverables. 


Moreover, we also double-check your information to ensure everything is correctly and accurately entered,and there are no ambiguities. 


Manual Citations


Automation is almost everywhere in the digital marketplace and most of it isn’t of high-quality. There are certain tools that can quickly build hundreds of citations, but this makes your SEO profile spammy and less valuable. Sooner or later Google will penalize your website if you ever buy any such service. 


When you pay for our citation building service, we always build every citation manually. We never rely on any automation tools or spammy software to build your citations. 


Moreover, once the citations have been built out, our experts will run through each one of them to double check for NAP consistency and to ensure that every bit of information on each citation is 100% accurate. 


different types of citations destiny marketing solutions


Different Types of Citations


Our team builds a variety of citations to help deliver the best results. However, we never pick citation sources at random, instead we always choose the top 50 citations that will provide you with the most relevance and authority. Here are four different types of citations that we build: 


Business Directories


These are a good mix of every citation and are still the gold standard for structure citations. We build NAP consistency on various biz directories that match your industry, location, and several other factors. 




These citations utilize massive size and authority of various social platforms. As a result, you get high-quality citations that drive massive link juice to your website and Google listing. Social citations are extremely important to ensure there is a balance in your local SEO campaign. 




Both users and search engines love images and this makes photo citations important. Our experts will fill the photos of your business that you supply us with relevant and SEO metadata. Then we will submit these images to some of the largest image sharing websites. This drives local citations from multiple high-authority photo sharing sites and can potentially bring in traffic. 




To give a final touch of variety to your local citation profile, we will do brand mentions of your business on video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and many others. If your business doesn’t have a video already, we will create one for you and submit it to a video sharing website with your business NAP and description. 


Why Citations Should Not Be Automated? 


A big reason why citations should not be automated is because any citation or mention that is made using a software or a tool is of poor quality. It is not reliable and will soon be removed. Moreover, these citations can negatively affect your local SEO efforts, which can be detrimental to your business’s growth. 


Furthermore, there is a lot less accuracy when relying on automated methods for citation building. It is important that every piece of information used in citation is 100% accurate and identical to your business. Even a single citation with wrong information about your business can be easily interpreted as a competing business. You would gradually start losing your rankings, traffic, and brand authority, especially if a bad citation is picked up by an aggregator. 


our citation building process destiny marketing solutions


Our Citation Building Process


Citation building is a time-consuming process and requires years of experience. Fortunately, we have SEO experts who follow a careful process to build each citation for your project. Here is what our process looks like: 


We Review Your Information


Our citation professionals will check the information you provide and ensure that it is accurate. If there are any inconsistencies, we will get in touch with you to resolve it. We may ask for additional information to ensure that your listing has accurate information about your business. 


Check for Existing Citations


We will find any existing citations if they were ever built and put them together in a list to ensure we do not create duplicate listings on the same platforms. We will also check for any NAP inconsistencies in the existing ones. 


Create New Citations


Next, we will put together a list of your existing citations from the previous step and then prepare a new list of potential citation opportunities using our huge database of business listing sites. We always start with the highest authority listings and then work our way down the list. 


build citations destiny marketing solutions


Build Citations


Our experts will start listing your business on citations sources manually and make sure to include all the relevant information about your business accurately. We always try our best to make your listings complete and as comprehensive as possible to ensure better local rankings. 


Submit Report


Once we have built the citations and they have been approved, we will provide you with a detailed report on all the URLs that we worked on. This report will contain the status of each listing (approved, pending, already existing), usernames, emails, and passwords for the sites so you can log in anytime. 


We can also provide unbranded reports just in case you want to white label it if you are an agency. You can easily customize it, white label it with your agency name and logo, and resell it to your clients. For white-label pricing, feel free to contact us for more details.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is citation building?


Citation building is the process of mentioning or listing your brand name, address, and contact number (NAP) on various local SEO business directories and social platforms. The platforms where citations are built are known as citation sources or simply as business directories. They play an important role in local SEO rankings and building your brand’s name and trust in local search results. 


How long does it take for an order to be completed?


The time it takes to deliver an order usually depends on its size and requirements. You may want these mentions built out for a single website. In that case, it would usually be less than ten days. However, for multiple sites it can take up to two weeks, but we always try our best to deliver every order as soon as possible. When you place an order, you will be given a reasonable deadline for submission and we will make sure to send you the deliverables before the deadline approaches. 


What information will I have to provide?


We will need your business NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) along with your website URL, GMB URL (if listed), business description, logo, business images, video, and any other relevant information about your business. We will also match the information you provide with your business to double-check everything is 100% accurate. 


What is the difference between structured and unstructured citations for local businesses? 


For local businesses, structured citations are the ones that are built on sites designed specifically for listing. These sites usually have a form where you input your business information, which includes NAP. Unstructured citations are the ones that are created outside of form fields. For example, when you write out your NAP information on a blog, leave it as a caption on an image or include in the description of a video site or a social platform. 


what is a business citation destiny marketing solutions


What is a business citation?


A business citation is a mention of your business on a business directory; it is a combination of your business’s name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address. It is a key factor in improving your overall local search presence and authority.


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