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Link Building Services

Destiny Marketing Solutions is the best link building specialist and can help you increase your backlink outreach effectiveness tenfold.  Our SEO backlink service is like no other. Any link that we acquire for you will have high domain authority and page authority metrics.


We understand the importance of earning every link and this is the reason that link outreach has always been a huge part of what we do here at our search engine optimization agency. Our team focuses on getting your brand name in front of relevant visitors by placing links on high-authority and high-quality websites.


With years of experience, we have always emphasized natural and ethical approaches when building links for your brand. This not only ensures better search engine rankings on Google but also everlasting results.


Here's a virtual learning session highlighting the strategies we use for our clients:




Best Link Building Strategies


Building high-quality links aren’t only about getting placements on different platforms. High-quality link outreach requires an in-depth analysis, proper research, out-of-the-box brainstorming, and thoughtful customization that allows for the acquisition of highly relevant links.


We don’t focus on numbers but on the authority and quality of the links. With years of experience with building links, we have concluded that a research-oriented approach towards link building has brought more success to our clients.


Our Backlink Services


Here are some of the link building services that we provide to our clients:


Strategy Development


Each one of our link building campaigns for our clients kicks off with a strategy. First and foremost, we analyze the current state of your domain. This includes auditing the rankings and backlink profile.


We then analyze your existing linkable assets and figure out what is currently earning links for your website.


Then, we hunt down your top competitors, reverse engineer their websites, and look for backlinking opportunities that you are potentially missing out on. We also analyze what type of links are working the best for your competitors and make the same happen for your website, as well.


Finally, we give you recommendations based on the type of content that will best perform for your website, both in terms of user experience and link acquisition.


Any digital marketing agency that doesn’t start with a link building strategy is simply putting your website at risk for Google penalties, especially if they are creating unnatural links to your website.


Targeted Link Acquisition


Having developed a solid and customized link building strategy for your website, we then search for relevant domains to acquire backlinks to your website.


Our professional SEO team will identify opportunities using various strategies and tactics that Google loves. We also implement advanced search commands to dig in deep for more backlinking opportunities. Furthermore, we analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles to see which links we can potentially acquire and outrank them.


Once the opportunities have been identified, we proceed with manual outreach tactics that include leveraging the assets to resource or link pages, unlinked mentions, broken link building, and guest posts. Needless to say, besides social media, content marketing, and advanced search engine optimization techniques, broken link building is one of our secret link building services.


Our backlinking services don’t only focus on acquiring links. We also send you monthly reports on the progress of your backlink campaign. These reports also contain insights into the strategies and tactics that we will implement moving forward. After all, we believe in transparent communication with all of our clients.


White Label Link Building


Why not leave all the hard work to us and focus on scaling your SEO business? At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we provide white label SEO services, which also includes white label link building.


Our professional team of SEO experts love doing outreach for links and creating high-quality content that Google and search engines love.


We are one of the leading SEO agencies and have served the community for the past several years, we know how hard the process of creating backlinks that add value to your website is, and will help boost your organic rankings.


Not only is it difficult, but it is also time-consuming as well. At the same time, it is an essential part of every successful SEO campaign. Without developing quality links, it would be almost impossible to outrank your competitors.


So, why not leave all the worry of link acquisition to us and focus your efforts elsewhere?


Our white label link building services allow SEO agencies to leverage the power of our expertise for their clients. Together, we will get better results for your clients, and help you rank them higher on Google and other platforms.


Our agency focuses on developing backlinks that will benefit your clients, and we have a few restrictions that you may not encounter when working with other service providers:


  • We do not build exact-match anchor text link creation and only focus on acquiring natural and well-balanced link profiles for our clients to avoid any Google penalties. This makes our link building service the best.
  • Since we believe in high-quality content for acquiring the backlinks we build, we offer a complimentary site assessment before you place your order to ensure that the client’s website provides some linkable content.
  • In the event the client’s website lack linkable content, we can help you create some before starting the link acquisition campaign.
  • We never use spun content or low-quality content. Moreover, our content marketing on social media and other platforms gives your link building campaign leverage, making our backlinks services stand out from our competitors.
  • All links are built with relevance and authority in mind. This is something we strictly adhere to.


How Long Does It Take to See Results?


One of the most common questions we get asked by new clients is how much time it takes to see results from a backlink outreach campaign.


Google and its algorithms have changed a lot over the years. However, our link placement results vary depending on the type of industry you are in, the strength of your current website, your competition, the difficulty of the keywords you are targeting, and your website's content.


A link building campaign takes at least three to six months before you can notice a significant increase in your organic traffic.


To expedite results, we suggest you start building your website's backlink profile with foundational links, such as article submissions, relevant directory links, relevant blog commenting, and press releases.


Who Can Benefit from Our Link Building Service?


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have a professional team of SEOs who are ready to help you out with your SEO campaigns.


We believe that anyone can benefit from our link building services:


Individual SEOs

Whether you are a freelancer or a part of some in-house SEO team, being able to outsource the tedious work of link building will give you enough free time to focus on other important aspects of your SEO campaign.



If you are an agency owner who does SEO for clients, you may be faced with a lot of tedious work and have a busy schedule. We know this because, as a reputable SEO agency that has been in this industry for years, we have first-hand experience. Moreover, not every agency has the resources to stress over link building. This is where our link building services come to your rescue, allowing you to grow your business at scale.



At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we believe that marketers should focus on marketing rather than link outreach. When you outsource this work to our professional SEO team to rank high on Google, you will be able to better concentrate on your marketing efforts, while we take care of your link building campaign.


In short, everyone can benefit from the link building services that we provide at Destiny Marketing Solutions. Our goal is to help you rank better on Google, and other search engines, to get the results you want.


Quality Guaranteed


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have top experts who build high-quality, organic, and natural links while keeping in mind relevance, authority, and caution.


We make use of some of the most advanced and contemporary industry tools and scrutinize every link that we acquire for you to ensure that it best suits your business for relevancy, audience and also the search engines, especially Google.


Learn more about the importance of link building relevancy here:



Our professional SEO team utilizes only authoritative methods to build high-quality links that not only increase your rankings on Google but also bring in laser-targeted traffic.


Our customized approach towards acquiring backlinks ensures that your website not only ranks better on Google but you also achieve your target from those rankings.


We have been able to get placements for our clients on a wide variety of authoritative websites, including:



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Are you ready to begin a link development campaign? Start with a strategy today! Give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote.




How long are your articles?

Whenever you place an order for one of our link building services, you will receive an article of between 500 and 1000 words. These are not spun or scraped articles. We have a full content writing team at our SEO agency producing high-quality articles.


How many links can I buy per month?

We advise our clients to focus on building links consistently and at scale to experience a noticeable increase in their rankings and traffic. However, there is no limit to the number of links that you can order. A best practice is to stick to a certain frequency of links per month and then gradually increase it over time.


What is your turnaround time?

At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we never give our clients any unrealistic deadlines or deadlines that we cannot meet. Timelines will vary, based on your website, industry, and placements.


Is there any industry we do not work for?

Anything that pertains to something illegal, or any product or service which is hateful, objectionable or defamatory, is against a certain group of people, gender, sex or otherwise, attacks any person, business, services, product or organization and also cruelty towards animals, drugs, gambling, pornography, etc. will not be entertained in any way.


What are DA and PA?

DA stands for Domain Authority, which is a metric created by Moz to measure the authority of a particular website, whereas PA is Page Authority, which measures the authority of the specific page that we are trying to rank or acquire links for.


What is white hat link building?

White hat SEO link building incorporates the techniques you want to focus on to build links to your site in Google. White-hat methods are SEO tactics that get the “thumbs up” from Google as they follow Google's guidelines. Gray or black hat methods as those that Google frowns upon. White-hat, grey-hat, and black-hat link building methods can be effective for getting your website more online visibility, as these methods have worked well for our different projects. The selection of link building methods depends greatly on your risk tolerance, as white-hat link building tactics are conservative while black hat methods are risky. Blogger outreach for a guest post opportunity is an easy, low-cost way to build backlinks to your website from various sources. At our link building agency, we focus on white-hat methods for our clients' sites.


Do Fiverr backlinks work?

Our company representatives commonly get asked about Fiverr backlinks because these backlink gigs can be very attractive with their low pricing. While there are some gems on Fiverr, they can be difficult to find and validate with an untrained eye. In most cases, Fiverr backlinks work better for tiered-link building and building links to other owned properties away from your website, such as YouTube videos and channels, Google MyBusiness profile, and social media profiles. While there is no right way to build backlinks, we suggest staying away from building Fiverr links directly to your website. As a high quality link building company, we do not use Fiverr links in our campaigns.


How much does link building cost?

Link building costs can vary greatly depending on the goals, local or industry competition for the campaign. When considering link building companies, we highly recommend looking at other factors outside of pricing because as the old adage goes, "you get what you pay for". Contact us today for a free quote for your link building project.


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