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Keyword Research Services


At Destiny Marketing Services, we focus on data and results-driven SEO keyword research that not only helps your business rank better but also drives laser-targeted traffic to your website's content.


Over the years, Google algorithms have changed a lot. Gone are the days of “stuff keywords and rank”.


The modern era of digital marketing now consists of advanced Google’s Rankbrain, Artificial Intelligence, and several other search engine algorithms that are designed to understand how humans think.


Whether it be the keyword itself, lemantic-semantics, or other variations of it, strong keyword research should be backed with in-depth research, strategy, and user intent in mind in order to help you boost your overall online presence.


In simple words, competitive and in-depth keyword research lay the foundations of successful SEO campaigns. Our SEO firm has a team of experts that makes sure you are visible on search engine platforms for your targeted keywords that drive qualified website visitors to your website's content.


With our keyword research services, we strive to understand your business, map your targeted keywords to your audience's pain points, and generate content ideas that make use of these keywords on your site.


How Do You Find Keywords?



We have a very sophisticated approach towards selecting keywords for your site.


At a high level, we grab all the relevant keyword phrases, and after passing them through a variety of filters, we deduce them to a final set of highly relevant and laser targeted set of keywords that will help you with the biggest returns.


This is how our keyword research process works:


We Incorporate Your Personal Input


Over the years, we have learned that one thing that helps a lot in laying the foundation of solid keyword research is our clients' input.


We warmly welcome your input on our keyword research and analysis process, as you're the expert in your industry or niche.


When you work with us for keyword research, one of our experts will work closely with you and gain knowledge about your business, your target audience, and the unique value your brand brings to the market.


With this approach, we are able to identify the exact phrases that will bring in the most traffic and give your content improved visibility on the web.


User-Intent Keyword Research


We understand that you are investing in keyword research services because you want to improve your website's visibility for more leads, resulting in more sales, conversions, and revenue for your business.


keyword research services destiny marketing solutions


This is why we always spend the most amount of time on doing solid ‘user-intent’ keyword research to ensure that we target the only keywords that your target audience is using.


Understanding Your Ideal Audience


This step consists of finding the characteristics and the search behaviors of your audience and then selecting the keywords that will attract highly qualified prospects. Combining this research approach with high-quality content will lead to potential improvements with your brand's organic visibility.


Competitive Research


Going after those keywords your competitor targets is a great tactic for building your keyword list.


One way we determine the competitiveness of a keyword is via AdWords CPC (cost per click) data.


Keyword Relevancy


When doing keyword research, relevancy is what matters the most. You cannot expect to drive leads and conversions even if you are ranking for a very high search volume keyword that has no relevance to your brand's offering.


How Do You Find Trending Keywords?



We make use of the following tools to find trending keyword opportunities for your campaign:


  • SEMRush
  • AHREFs
  • Surfer SEO
  • Google Trends
  • Google Suggest (included the related searches section at the bottom of search results pages)
  • Q&A sites like Reddit, Quora, and Yahoo Answers
  • Google News


When building our keyword list for future targeting, it is essential that we pick keywords that are timely and align with your SEO goals.


How Much Does Keyword Research Cost?


Costs will be dependent on the size and scale of your campaign. Contact us today for a free quote: (888) 846-9437.


Work with Us to Get Your SEO and Content Strategy on the Right Track!


A high-quality and well-researched keyword strategy is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign.


Ranking for relevant terms and phrases that help your ideal customer find your business is offering can dramatically increase the number of leads and conversions for your business.


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we want to help you launch your site with a solid foundation from the get-go, and gain an advantage over your competitors.


Allow our experts to help you prepare a detailed keyword research report based on your business type, level of competition, and the industry you are serving.


Give us a call today at (888) 846-4937, discuss the details of your project with us, and get your detailed keyword research completed by one of our top experts!


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