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Google Penalty Recovery Services

google penalty recovery services destiny marketing solutions


Google Penalty Recovery Services – We Quickly Recover Your Website from Panda And Penguin Penalties


Has your site recently been hit by a major Google penalty? If yes, then don’t worry because we know the right way to recover your website, bring back its rankings, improve the user experience, remove any unnatural links, fix the anchor-text ratio, and improve its overall organic search quality. 


Google penalties are quite detrimental to your website, especially in terms of website traffic and keyword rankings. 


Whenever Google bots crawl your website, and they find thin content (Panda penalty) or a spammy backlink profile (Penguin), your website will be hit hard. If you have the Google Webmaster setup for your website, you will also get a notice about these manual penalties in your dashboard. 


Don’t let your website suffer for long before it is too late. Allow our SEO experts to help you recover from one or more penalties. Our Google penalty recovery service for Penguin penalties and Panda penalties are a sure shot and we have an incredible success rate. 


We will help you by performing a manual check for all the issues on your website and dig in deep to find the root cause of the problem. 


After performing all the manual checks and fixing potential issues, we will submit a reconsideration request to Google to remove these penalties. Contact us today!


Penguin, Panda, & Manual Penalties


penguin panda & manual penalties destiny marketing solutions


Google releases more than 400 search engine algorithm updates every year to increase the relevancy of the search results and to filter out the spammy websites. 


It wants its users to find the most relevant information to their search query as quickly as possible and releases algorithmic updates frequently to improve the user experience


Although there are hundreds of Google ranking factors, here are the main penalties that have a significant impact on your website’s overall performance in the search results: 




The Panda penalty refers to low-quality content or a large quantity of duplicate content on your website. It is more of an on-site factor that strictly checks the overall quality of content on your website.




This penalty performs a check to devalue spammy links pointing to your website. If you or the SEO person you hired built poor quality and spammy backlinks to your website, then it will be affected by Penguin.


Manual Penalty


A manual penalty is one that is not levied automatically. Instead, a human being on Google’s team conducts a manual penalty check on your website. For instance, if your website is in some way involved in link schemes, unnatural anchor text profiles, or any other spammy methods that go against the Webmaster’s rules, then you will suffer a manual penalty.


Irrespective of what type of penalty you have to face, we can help you quickly recover from it and get back your original rankings and traffic. 


You can give us a call to get a free, no-obligation quote. 


Our Website Recovery Process


our website recovery process destiny marketing solutions


There are processes to recover websites from each type of penalty, and we go the extra mile to assess your website and analyze how it has affected your rankings. 


This process is backed by hours of research, comprehensive backlink and content audits, and notices from the Google Search Console. 


Our Google penalty recovery services are broken down into three simple steps:


Our Experts Obtain Data


Although our checks are always manually performed, we extract all the required data using several top-notch SEO tools to pull out links from your site. We also run a content check for its quality, duplicity, and word count on all the pages of your website.


We Evaluate & Fix


We then manually review each link in your backlinks profile and perform a full assessment to remove any harmful links. This is a lengthy process but is worth the time spent. Our SEO experts will also check the content quality and duplicate content issues on your website and fix that as well.


Submission for Penalty Removal


submission for penalty removal destiny marketing solutions


After all the checks and fixes have been performed and we have identified and deleted/fixed the low-quality content and spammy links that triggered the penalty, we will submit the website to Google for a reconsideration request.


The entire process is time-consuming and there are no shortcuts. Once successfully implemented, it will help you restore your SEO rankings. 


The longer you wait after being hit by a Google penalty, the harder it will become to recover your website and restore its rankings and traffic. Call us today to get a free evaluation of your website and get started with our penalty recovery services


When Do You Need Google Penalty Recovery Services?


when do you need google penalty recovery service destiny marketing solutions


Sometimes it is not clear if your site has been hit by a Google penalty. Often, it requires an in-depth assessment to identify if your site has been penalized. However, here are some warning signs that are a clear indication of a potential penalty:


  • Sudden drop in your website traffic
  • Sudden drop in your keyword rankings
  • Frequent warning messages in Google Search Console


If you have recently noticed any or all of these warning signs, then it is a clear sign that your site was penalized by Google and you should act quickly. 


Contact us today so we can conduct a manual assessment of your website and provide you with a detailed report on how and why your search engine rankings and traffic have dropped suddenly. 


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What is a Google penalty in SEO?


A Google penalty in SEO is defined as a negative impact on the website’s overall SEO rankings. This usually happens when methods that go against Google’s guidelines are undertaken to improve a website’s ranking. Often, penalties occur whenever black-hat SEO techniques are practiced. 


How do I know if my site is being penalized by Google?


The quickest way to know whether or not your site was penalized by Google is to log in to your Google analytics and review your organic traffic. If you notice a significant and sudden drop in your traffic, especially during the days when Google released its algorithmic updates, then it is a clear indication that your site was also hit hard by Google’s penalty. 


How do I recover from a Google penalty? 


Recovery from a Google penalty is possible only after knowing the reason or root cause of that penalty. If you are faced with a Penguin penalty, then you may want to get rid of links that look spammy or are unnatural. You can also check your webmaster’s dashboard to go through the list of all your backlinks and get insight into them. 


Your penalty recovery process doesn’t have to be hectic or difficult for you. Allow us to help you quickly and efficiently recover your website from all kinds of search engine penalties and restore its rankings and traffic.


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