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eCommerce Subscription Box SEO Case Study

ecommerce subscription box seo case study destiny marketing solutions


Standing out in the crowded eCommerce world is a unique challenge, even if you have a solid business plan and unique product offerings. Paid advertising can help, but thanks to robust data about customers’ search habits, search engine optimized web content can deliver a huge stream of organic traffic and sales.


We worked with subscription box site, MunchPak, to overhaul their general marketing strategy and decrease their reliance on paid Google Ads. We did this by strategically boosting their SEO in both new and existing content. The overall results were stunning, especially since so much of the new traffic converted to sales.


Background Knowledge


Destiny Marketing Solutions has significant experience in SEO optimization and search engine marketing. Every client’s situation and needs are different, so we always start with an in-depth exploration of the client’s current product line, customer base, and website analytics. This allows us to get a more in-depth picture of what’s working and what we need to address in our strategies.


background knowledge destiny marketing solutions


MunchPak was a niche eCommerce subscription box with a lot of growth potential, especially considering the wide variety and appeal of their products. They also had an à la carte section of their site for buying a rotating selection of items. They had put significant effort into developing a site that was clear and full of useful information that pointed buyers toward subscribing to one of their three box sizes.


However, the massive range of items made it more difficult to reach a large organic audience with just a few keywords. MunchPak’s SEO strategy needed revamping with a careful selection of keywords using cutting-edge digital marketing analytics tools. Although they were reaching website viewers interested in the general topics they were writing about, they had untapped potential in reaching actual customers.


Our Approach


When we worked with MunchPak to develop a plan, we discovered their setup did not track organic traffic based on keywords. We immediately started analyzing traffic based on what keywords led consumers to the website and what they purchased in the end.


We researched and honed keywords showing high buying intent and began incorporating these keywords into the website content. We also researched non-branded keywords that customers would use when they did not know the exact name of the product they were looking for.


our approach destiny marketing solutions


We developed blog content for the MunchPak site that focused on countries and traditions around the world that were relevant to the product offerings and subscription boxes. We updated older content on the website to make sure all pages were reaching their full potential.


Improving the internal linking structure was also necessary to ensure customers were led to a subscription sign-up page. Internal links can also help boost search engine visibility, so we made sure each page linked to other relevant content. We included a mix of both old and new content in our linking strategy so that users could find pages that were relevant to their interests and build confidence in the client.


Finally, we worked with MunchPak to develop a Pinterest strategy. Since Pinterest is popular for sharing visually exciting content, it made sense to incorporate the site into our overall marketing approach. The client’s unique product range had a high potential to stand out among internationally-minded social media users. Although the client used Twitter and Facebook, these two sites are not the first place most users turn to when exploring new products and ideas.


Tools Used


There are several unique SEO optimization and keyword tracking programs available for eCommerce digital marketing, and we typically use multiple systems with each client depending on their needs and goals. One of the first tools we used was Keyword Hero, which was essential for tying purchases back to specific organic keywords that the customer used to find the site.


tools used destiny marketing solutions


We also used SEO tools like AHREFs, a multi-purpose suite to track traffic and deal with website errors. This allowed us to identify, update, and fix older content and links. We often use this suite to share in-depth statistics and general trends with each client.


Surfer SEO and SEMrush are powerful keyword programs that allow us to view relevant keywords that can boost a page’s search engine ranking for a particular primary keyword phrase. These programs provide clear guidance on using keywords a particular number of times to maximize the page’s chance of ranking highly. The programs are based on the actual search engine ranking algorithms used by Google and other leading search engines, so they are accurate and effective.


The final piece of the puzzle was Google Search Console, which allowed us to monitor how highly the client’s pages ranked in search results. This system shows us insights and advice directly from Google to improve our clients’ search engine rankings.


All these tools were essential to making sure our eCommerce subscription box client got the best results possible. Since different programs have varying features and targets, using all of them allowed us to optimize the site from every possible angle and set up robust analytics for long-term monitoring and improvement.


Improvement Results


Our timeline for boosting traffic for MunchPak was June 2020 to January 2021, which was a challenging period for the U.S. and global economies. Despite this, the results spoke volumes about the effectiveness of focusing on organic search results targeted to non-branded keywords and keywords that clearly convey buying intent.


improvement results destiny marketing solutions


By the end of these seven months, there were 195,146 unique organic visitors, a 22.78% year-over-year (YoY) improvement. This included a 24.05% YoY improvement in site traffic for non-branded search terms, which will serve as a long-term source of traffic even if brand and company names change.


These organic visitors provided 5,289 online transactions attributed to organic traffic, for a stunning 46.27% YoY improvement. A key part of this was a 51.07% YoY improvement in transactions for non-branded search terms. 


The most important result, however, was the dollar value of these transactions. Our analytics and tracking showed $255,272 revenue generated from organic traffic, a 68.91% YoY improvement. This included a huge 77.98% YoY improvement in revenue from non-branded search terms.


With these numbers in mind, we realized that not only were the organic search results driving more traffic, but they were bringing in more clicks from individuals interested in making a purchase. This critical difference led us to continue to shore-up blog content and other pages throughout the site over the seven months.


It will be exciting to see how these numbers improve in the future. As MunchPak’s brand recognition and visibility improve, the likelihood of visitors gravitating toward their links will increase. Getting new customers with organic search engine results is not an overnight process, but it’s worth it in the highly competitive world of eCommerce.


Business Changes


business change destiny marketing solutions


The client decreased their reliance on paid Google Ads because of the SEO optimization’s successful implementation. Although Google Ads are an important option for websites to use in response to sudden search trends and pursuing specific high-value keywords, moving away from Google Ads saves clients money in the long-term.


Although it is more difficult to monitor keywords and traffic through Pinterest because it is a third-party site, we can still track traffic that continues from Pinterest onto the client’s site itself. MunchPak’s Pin.terest board includes an assortment of colorful and eye-catching content that directly drives their website’s organic traffic. We are continuing to work with the client to develop Pinterest as a platform for marketing.


MunchPak was also able to grow their team to accommodate the sharp increase in sales. Since the client’s business model is subscription-based and the products change monthly, we are confident in their ability to keep subscription numbers high thanks to continuing SEO improvements and additional content added to the site.


Working for Client Satisfaction


working for client satisfaction destiny marketing solutions


Since every client is different, Destiny Marketing Solutions makes sure our communication with clients continues long beyond the initial rollouts. We do ongoing testing to confirm effectiveness and ensure our clients’ values and goals are paramount in everything we do. We understand that you bring unique passion and knowledge about your field and commit to listening as you walk us through your existing customer base and sales.


Different eCommerce and subscription box niches have unique best practices for marketing. Your customer demographics have a huge influence on which platforms and keywords are most relevant, so we’re happy to listen to your input and explore research and statistics to customize our approach for you. We focus on both short-term and long-term customer acquisition that’s tailored to suit your business model.

Contact us today or connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn to see more about our work. We’re happy to answer any questions and show you more of what we can do for your growing business.