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eCommerce Case Study: DIY Equipment Manufacturer

Many small companies turn to eCommerce to expand their business. Through a targeted online marketing campaign, small eCommerce companies can grow, reaching new customers and increasing sales conversions. 


Our client began as a small DIY equipment manufacturer of connectors for EMT conduit piping. Destiny Marketing helped them succeed on the eCommerce market with a complete makeover of their web presence. 


One of the most critical aspects of eCommerce is conversion. After our involvement, the client saw a 314.26% increase in organic traffic, making their financial future more secure.


Following our expert advice, the client has managed to survive the COVID-19 crisis and continues to increase profits. 


Improving eCommerce Businesses 


Destiny Marketing is an experienced online marketing strategy company that has helped countless small businesses grow and succeed. Our expertise in SEO allows us to help eCommerce companies create a more compelling online presence and increase their profits. 


More on the Client


Our client was born out of a search for convenient, strong, and affordable ways to build furniture and other household items. The husband-and-wife team started a small DIY equipment manufacturer of connectors for EMT conduit pipes. 


A variety of industries use their products, including the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Their products connect EMT conduit pipes to create agricultural structures (particularly for the cannabis industry) and are popular in recreational and educational DIY projects.


In 2016, our client had a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. They were chosen as Staff Pick, unlocked 3 Kickstarter Stretch Goals, and went to 4 Maker Faires. Their success drove referral traffic, and the team could link many site purchases back to their increased referral traffic.

DIY Snack Stand on wheels


The Problems


Although the client experienced early success with Kickstarter and its initial online marketing campaign, the company could not sustain such a high level of success long-term. Their original online presence was not driving enough referral traffic after the novelty of the Kickstarter wore off, lowering their traffic and conversion rate. 


Organic traffic was the leading traffic source but they had not optimized their website for user experience or search engines. 


The client reached out to us to help them redesign their website, improve the user experience, and manage their online marketing strategy. 


Our Process


We have a tried and successful approach to increase profit for eCommerce brands. We use SEO to increase traffic and target keywords. We don’t merely include SEO content on a client’s website. We redesign websites to increase user engagement and optimize for SEO. 


Every project has a dedicated Destiny Marketing Solutions team. The team members include content writers, SEO strategists, and web design experts, all of whom are up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends and techniques.


Our primary KPIs for eCommerce companies include:


  • Increased conversions from organic traffic
  • Higher numbers of assisted conversions from organic traffic
  • Growth in organic traffic


Our secondary KPIs include:


  • Increased average time on site
  • Increased pages visited per user session
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Increased conversion rate


Website Redesign


To accomplish our KPIs, we often redesign clients’ websites. A website must provide a top-notch user experience. If a user cannot easily navigate or understand your website, they will not make a purchase. 

Mobile Workstation, a L Laptop, a Table and a Can

However, when your brand puts forth a website that delights customers with its ease of use and visually pleasing design, traffic and conversions will result. As you receive more traffic, the search engines reward your site with greater visibility in the search engine result pages (SERP).


The Destiny Marketing Solutions team revamped the look and feel of the client’s website. We used a series of A/B testing and user engagement analysis to determine the website’s optimal display and format. 


Using HotJar, we collected qualitative data from user sessions and optimized the website for improved user engagement metrics. We emphasized increasing average session times, average pages per session, and decreasing bounce rates.  


To increase user-friendliness, we made sure each page on the website included links to all top-level pages and had appropriate sections and categories. We also designed the client’s website for ease of navigation to decrease bounce rates.


SEO Strategy for Shopify


After launching the new Shopify site, we dove deep into SEO, focusing on strategic keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content marketing.


Strategic Keyword Research


The first step in creating a unique SEO strategy for the client was targeted keyword research. We needed to find keywords that would target a wide range of customers and design the content and link building around them. 


To determine the best keywords, we use advanced keyword research tools in combination with customer questionnaires. After consulting with the the client's team, we created a pool of keywords to draw from. 

Custom Whiteboard on wheels

Content Marketing


Before our redesign, the site was thin on content, making it very difficult to rank it for relevant keywords. A significant focus of our SEO implementation was content marketing. We used our pool of keywords to develop content specific to the client’s target audience.


Content for eCommerce blogs can include press releases, blogs, articles, ebooks, and website pages. 


Our expert team of content writers and copywriters filled the client's website with content that fed the search engines and showed customers that the brand is a trustworthy, reliable business.


We focused on creating content that helped increase conversions. Our team crafted blogs that informed users about exciting new DIY projects using electrical conduits or answered their questions about DIY. 


Our job didn’t end when the site went live. Search engines and customers prefer websites that regularly produce new content. Our team continued to create SEO-optimized blogs for the client, keeping customers interested.


On-Page Optimization


In addition to unique, engaging content, we focused on on-page SEO for the entire site, optimizing existing content, and introducing meta tags for priority keywords. We used targeted keywords throughout the whole site to appeal to search engine algorithms. 


Link Building


Lastly, we turned our focus to links, both on and off-site. Off-site optimization is a fantastic way to draw customers in from established, high-authority channels. Establishing foundational links on these websites increased visibility for the client’s content.


We also focused on internal link building, targeting relevant and authority websites.

Group of people working on their pipe art project

The Results


Unfortunately, we had to slow down our involvement with the client due to COVID-19. However, the results remain positive. Our work has continued to improve their business and will likely continue well into the future.


A year-on-year comparison showed incredible improvements, including:

  • 314 .26% growth in organic traffic 

          24,052 organic visitors compared to 5,806 the year before

  • 493.29% growth in on-site purchases attributed to organic traffic

          884 on-site purchases vs. 149 the year before

  • 713.53% growth in assisted conversions attributed to organic traffic

          2,164 assisted conversions vs. 266 the year before


We attributed the fact that we did not see improvements in all user engagement metrics to our learning process. It takes some time to understand which keywords drive qualified traffic and which keywords result in negative traffic.


Even with a sudden slowing down of the relationship, we still saw a 47.50% improvement in the conversion rate from organic traffic.


The Impact on the Business


With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis here in the US, we had to pause our work with the client'ss team. Our client’s spouse worked in the hospitality industry, which was hit hard by the pandemic, and lost their employment. 


At the time, the business’s future was uncertain, and the family was now relying solely on the income from the client to stay afloat. However, the company persevered, and our website redesign and SEO content drove enough traffic to result in increased profits. 


120 days later the company was still doing better than ever. Their total revenue from organic traffic increased from $18,130.00 to $85,019.21, a 368.94%  increase. 

3D printer filament spool holder

A Success Story


The client started as a dream and quickly became a successful reality. Dave and Kelly believe in their products and are there to support you in all your DIY ventures.


Their connectors are versatile and work with most ¾” EMT conduit, which you can find for affordable prices at your local hardware store.


They are there to provide you exciting new DIY project ideas, tool checklists, and extra informative content to help you complete your projects. In addition to connectors, they sell shrink wrap, end plugs, caster kits, T-handle hex wrenches, EMT conduit cutters, and EMT conduit adapters. 


Work with an SEO Leader


Destiny Marketing Solutions can help your company drive organic traffic and increase profits through our expert knowledge of SEO and content creation. 


This client is just one of many companies in diverse specialties that we have helped. In addition to eCommerce companies, our strategies have helped damage restoration firms, cybersecurity companies, and mental health practices grow and prosper. We also help with SEO optimization for the Magento CMS.

If you want to improve your conversion rate and increase your profits like this client, contact us to arrange your free video web presence analysis

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