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Sid, the owner of an eCommerce store that sells baby products, found himself struggling with getting better ROI. 


He was frustrated because the cost of his ads is way higher than the number of sales and the net profit he gets after deducting the ad costs. 


However, Sid decided to subscribe to an eCommerce SEO services package that he found online, and a few months later, not only did he get 100% FREE organic traffic from Google and other platforms, he was also able to build brand trust and reputation. 


Now Sid is happy because he can generate massive profits, he doesn’t spend a dime on advertising and people are finding his products organically. His conversion rate is amazing, he doesn’t have to worry about getting traffic to his online store and he can sell it consistently, doubling his net income. 


Because Sid is now generating insane amounts of revenue from his eCommerce store with organic traffic, he is now able to hire an advertising agency to run ads for his products while keeping the cost low, helping him multiply his profits even more. 


Put simply, Sid is now able to scale his eCommerce business while keeping his costs low and profits exceptionally high. 


Isn’t this exactly what you want for your eCommerce business? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get FREE organic traffic to your online store and scale your eCommerce business? 


This is where our eCommerce SEO services company comes to the rescue. At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have been helping eCommerce stores build their online presence, grow their traffic, and increase their profits using SEO. 


Our goal is to help you land your website on the first page of Google results for several different keywords, which will dramatically increase your traffic and ultimately lead to more sales and leads. We take pride in being one of the best eCommerce SEO agencies. 


Our SEO services for eCommerce are not limited to any specific industry. We have clients from various markets whom we offer our search engine optimization SEO work and digital marketing for their site. Contact us today to discuss the details of your project. 


Rank Better, Maximize Revenue and Enhance the User’s Shopping Experience



Our eCommerce SEO isn’t only about the traditional on-page and off-page stuff. We think way beyond that. 


We focus on every nitty-gritty aspect of your online eCommerce store. 


From web design to SEO factors, our integrated capabilities, unparalleled skill, and years of industry experience will not only help you rank better, but also achieve a better ROI. 


We will not work with you solely as a digital marketing company, but as a strategic partner that will help you improve your customer journey through analyzing the analytics and all key metrics, ensuring successful conversion. 


Experience Our Industry-Leading eCommerce SEO Services



We have been in the SEO business for the past several years and know it better than our competitors. 


Our SEO experience is backed with years of testing, trial and error, and proven methods. Now, we are so confident in our expertise that we have been able to deliver results time after time to each one of our clients. 


The reason you have landed on this page is that you searched for “eCommerce SEO services” and our company popped ahead of thousands of other companies. 


Growing your eCommerce business through search engine optimization will have a major positive impact on organic visibility and our SEO agency will ensure that you get the desired results you have been looking for. 


Our professional search engine optimization SEO agency fully understands the technicalities of search engine algorithms and we also have a solid track record of results and happy clients. 


  • Industry Experts: Our eCommerce SEO agency has been at the forefront even before the industry was a thing. Whether you need to just optimize your existing eCommerce store or build a brand-new eCommerce site, we can help you. Give us the chance to apply our proven SEO methods and strategies to help scale your store.


  • Team of SEO Experts: We are one of those SEO companies that have a full team of SEO experts who have years of work experience and provide result-oriented eCommerce SEO. When you collaborate with us, we will have a dedicated team allotted solely to your eCommerce project. This includes web design experts, content writers, and SEO strategists who will deploy advanced techniques that will result in a positive return on your digital marketing investment.


  • Data-Driven Results: We don’t believe in having the same SEO strategy for every type of eCommerce site. Every business industry is different and so is the competition of that industry. Our SEO company keeps track of the latest SEO trends and we have a proven track record of what works and what doesn’t. We don’t make decisions based on guesswork. Our strategies are always backed by data-driven results.


Our eCommerce SEO Guarantees an Increase in Sales



Undoubtedly, SEO is one of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. It not only boosts your visibility but also results in more revenue and growth. 


Our eCommerce SEO service and a team of experts will help you rank your website higher in Google results for your target keywords that bring in the right audience. 


We will not only help you rank for a couple of terms, but for multiple keywords and their variations, which will increase the chances of getting more qualified customers that will click on your products and increase your conversions and revenue. 


It is time that you work with us and grow your business. 


Our SEO firm has an amazing client retention rate, client recommendation score, and industry trustworthiness that has helped us grow significantly over the years. 


If you want to speak directly with an eCommerce SEO specialist, feel free to contact us today on our phone number. 


An Inside Look into Our eCommerce SEO Services



eCommerce SEO isn’t as simple as local SEO or affiliate SEO. It is pretty complex and multi-faceted. Here is a quick brief of what our SEO services for eCommerce include:


  • Google Search Console setup
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Custom eCommerce SEO strategy
  • Project management schedule
  • Content promotion and marketing on social media platforms
  • Keyword research
  • Optimization
  • Product markup
  • Product image optimization
  • Product SEO copywriting
  • Professional blog and article copywriting
  • Customized digital marketing strategy


Whenever you start an eCommerce site and are doing its marketing, one of the most important things to take care of is how to be found by the right type of customer. 


Platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo rely on matching words that users search for words that are present on your site. 


So, if your site has those words that the user is searching for, you will have more of a chance to be found on the first page. 


However, it is quite difficult to figure out the right type of words to add to your site and how to make room for all the different phrases. 


This is why, when you start an eCommerce search engine optimization process, it is crucial that you know the exact keywords, their variations, and other phrases to target. 


Let us dig deep into the details of our eCommerce SEO services and how they can help you rank higher in search engines! 


Keyword Research and Identification


Read the transcript for this eCommerce SEO Audit here


The first thing we do is identify the right set of keywords and phrases that you need to include in your content. We do this by using highly advanced keyword research tools along with asking your customers how they describe your products. We also work with you to find the keywords that you think are already successful. 


For example, if you are selling eco-friendly pet products, your target keywords will likely be along the lines of “eco-friendly cat products,” “eco-friendly dog toys,” and “eco-friendly pet products.” 


Similarly, keywords will also be determined by the unique features of your company. For instance, if you are focusing on the harmful products found in cat food, you may target the keyword phrase, “bad ingredients in cat food.” 


Although it may sound too simple, identifying the right type of keywords is a critical part of eCommerce SEO services as it helps to establish a strong SEO strategy for your business. 


Keyword Implementation



Once keyword research has been conducted, the next step is to implement those keywords on the website. And not just implement them, but place them in the right spots so they are well optimized both for the users and search engines. 


These keywords are used in different places on your eCommerce store like the homepage, page titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, image alt text, and much more. 


This is an important part of our SEO strategy. If your site is not properly optimized for relevant keywords, it would become difficult for search engines and users to figure out whether or not your website is relevant to a particular search query. 


Product Page Optimization


Read the transcription for the SEO audit for this eCommerce website here


If you have a 50-page eCommerce site, optimizing the homepage alone would not help rank your inner product pages or blog pages. 


You have to optimize every single one of those pages to hit it hard. Moreover, optimizing your product pages is extremely important because they are more likely to rank for specific search phrases, otherwise known as long-tail keywords. 


For example, if your eCommerce site sells pet products and you have a fur comb for a dog, you are probably not going to optimize your website’s homepage for the long-tail keyword “fur comb for dogs,” rather you would be optimizing your category page or a specific product. 


So, to ensure that your product page gets a high ranking in search results, our eCommerce SEO experts will ensure that each of your product pages is fully optimized. 


Optimizing a product page includes creating a page title, a few paragraphs of keyword-rich copy, and adding relevant keyword variations to the page. 


Moreover, adding relevant product images and optimizing them is also important and benefits your online store. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing cannot read the images. They rely on the image’s filename, image alt text, and the nearby content to understand it. 


For users, product images provide them with an overview of the product, its size, color, and uses. On the other hand, search engines will get insights into the context of the product page. 


This is how our eCommerce SEO services will benefit you. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of every product page, make sure that your page is not missing out on any crucial SEO elements, and put forth a perfect optimized page that both users and search engines will love. 


Navigation Optimization



One of the most important aspects of eCommerce SEO is making your website user-friendly. 


Your online store must be easy to navigate for the users, especially if you offer a wide array of products. 


Our eCommerce SEO experts will ensure that every section on your eCommerce website has an appropriate section or categories and that there is a link to each top-level page from somewhere in the menu section. 


Your navigation should be easy to use and understand by the end-user. If it isn’t, then your site users will find it hard or confusing to even scroll through your website and will eventually bounce away from it. 


If your eCommerce store has a very high bounce rate, search engines will think that your site is not relevant for the search term that it is ranking for. This is why web design is an important feature of our eCommerce SEO. 


A great way to improve your eCommerce SEO is to use breadcrumb navigation. Breadcrumbs are basically small links that usually appear on top of the website’s menu, category, and product page. 


Content Development


Content development has always been a challenging task. But, it is also one of the best ways to improve your SEO score and attract more buyers to your eCommerce store. Content for eCommerce websites includes blogs, press releases, ebooks, articles, and much more. 


At our digital marketing agency, we have expert content writers and copywriters who will craft a content marketing strategy that serves two purposes: to feed search engines with more content to crawl for keywords and variations and to inform your potential customer that your business is trustworthy and knowledgeable about its industry. 


Not just that, content marketing also helps to increase your eCommerce conversions. For example, if you publish an article on your website’s blog about how to choose the best dog collar or which features to look for when buying a dog collar, you will be providing your readers with valuable information that will perhaps answer their questions or help them in making a buying decision. This is all possible when we have the right content marketing strategy in place. 


The majority of users would prefer a brand that creates content regularly. So, publishing, strategizing, and syndicating your content across different social channels will help you stand out from your competitors. 


When you work with our eCommerce SEO company on eCommerce SEO and online marketing, our team will set up a blog section/category on your website (if not already present). 


Next, our industry-leading content writers will put together a custom content strategy for your website and then decide on the frequency of posts that will be going out each month on your blog section. 


Content also includes videos, infographics, ebooks, white papers, and much more. Our SEO company also distributes your content on social media platforms and our best SEO experts will make sure that the content stands out from other eCommerce websites. 


Competitive Digital Analysis


Our in-depth and state-of-the-art digital analysis will pull out highly-valuable information from your top competitors to see how we can reverse engineer it to give you a competitive advantage. 


We use different data tracking software for this purpose. 


Our eCommerce SEO experts will perform detailed keyword research and identify the top sales-driving phrases and terms in your industry. 


Moreover, we will establish a solid foundation for your website’s code and structure, content, local visibility, and off-site citations. We then compare all the data with your competitors and put forth an actionable plan that guarantees sales. 


Furthermore, our team will create actionable revenue goals and corresponding SEO plans that will keep your business ahead of your top competitors. 


Analytics and Webmasters Reporting


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we always believe in transparency. Whether it be rankings, revenue, or any other reporting, we stay fully transparent in every aspect of our dealing with our client. 


When you work with us, we will provide you with 100% transparent revenue and rankings reports on a monthly basis so that you can see the progress of your eCommerce SEO campaign. 


Two of the most common and resourceful tools we use for this purpose are Google Webmasters and Google Analytics. 


The data obtained from Analytics helps us identify and pick up any anomalies, hacks, penalties, or other sales-damaging events, whereas Webmasters keeps us up-to-date on keyword rankings, CTR, and much more. 


Also, to get Analytics and Webmasters working properly on your website, we will install the codes on your website and make it fast and secure. 


Moreover, we will ensure that your website’s code and structure is in line with the best and latest SEO practices. To ensure the best user experience, we will perform an in-depth conversion rate optimization on all of the website’s elements. 


Off-Site Optimization


Last but not least, we will take care of the off-site optimization of your eCommerce website. 


This usually includes acquiring niche-relevant and high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites, creating high-quality industry-related content, and reaching out to website owners to share and request a link back to your website. 


Similarly, we use several different tactics to acquire high-authority backlinks to your website and boost its online visibility. 


Why An eCommerce Website Needs SEO 



SEO, a.k.a. search engine optimization is all that any website needs, whether it be a local business website, an eCommerce website, or a random blog. 


For eCommerce websites, SEO has a great impact on sales and brand reputation. If you opt-out of doing proper SEO for your eCommerce site, it can never reach its full earning potential. 


No matter how brilliant of a web design you have, your eCommerce website will only be able to convert a small fraction of traffic from search engines. Whether or not it converts is another concern. 


SEO will help drive more traffic to your website, and more traffic means more sales. To make it a little more precise, more targeted traffic will bring in more sales and help you maintain or increase your rate of conversion. 


As an eCommerce business owner, you may already be running paid ads to drive traffic, but you will be missing out on a chunk of potential traffic without doing eCommerce SEO. 


Our eCommerce SEO company uses a precisely-targeted eCommerce SEO strategy that attracts the right type of potential customers who are interested in your products. So, if you are not doing SEO for your eCommerce business, you are certainly leaving a big chunk of sales on the table. 


Above all, with SEO, your eCommerce store will build its online reputation and authority among users and search engines, which is important. Although doing SEO does take a while, it surely pays off in the long-run. 


eCommerce SEO is Our Passion


Read the transcript for this eCommerce technical SEO audit here


Whether it be eCommerce SEO or local SEO, doing SEO for businesses is our passion, and here are a few reasons why: 


eCommerce SEO Isn’t Capped


The majority of SEO campaigns are often capped by geographic region, market size, and the size of the company itself. For instance, when we do SEO for a local business owner, a dentist, for example, our SEO campaign will be limited to that particular geographic location. However, with eCommerce, there is no limit. Your audience could come from anywhere and make a purchase.


eCommerce SEO Can Change a Small Business Owners’ Life


If you are a small business owner, eCommerce SEO can certainly change your life. We want to help small business owners accomplish their sales and revenue goals.


eCommerce Revenue Can Be Easily Tracked


When you spend a monthly retainer on our eCommerce SEO services, you will notice a significant growth in your overall revenue. Our aim is to help you generate at least 10 times the average return on eCommerce SEO services that you paid for. So, if you pay us a dollar, we will help you make $10 by the end of our SEO campaign.


Ready to put your online store sales on steroids with our SEO services? Schedule a free SEO consultation today by calling us and we will answer any questions you may have. 


What Makes Our eCommerce SEO Unique? 



Unlike other individual SEO consultants or SEO agencies, Destiny Marketing Solutions is unique. 


While we offer eCommerce SEO packages, we are also a full-service digital marketing company and have been in the industry for well over a decade now. 


We have eCommerce clients and business owners who have been with us for years. This is only because we helped them achieve what they wanted and developed a strong work relationship with them by delivering outstanding results every year. 


This is what makes our digital marketing agency’s eCommerce SEO unique: 


  • Years of Experience


  • We were studying and doing SEO even before our current competitors knew what SEO was. Our decade’s worth of experience combined with our unparalleled expertise and SEO team will instantly put you ahead in your industry. Our agency stays up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms and SEO techniques that will help you rank better, see better results, and experience increased revenue like never before.


  • Advanced SEO Tools and Software


  • To be the best, you have to have the best tools and resources. We take pride in having access to some of the most advanced SEO tools and software, which helps us dig deep into the technicalities of advanced eCommerce SEO and deliver our clients with guaranteed data-driven results.


  • Our company is better able to gain insight into your eCommerce store, which allows us to improve its overall performance and make it stand out from its competitors. 


  • Full Team of eCommerce SEO Experts


  • As we mentioned, we are a full-service digital marketing agency and we work professionally. We have a full team of SEO experts who have at least five years of work experience each and are always ready to help you grow your business. Best of all, we put together a dedicated team of SEO experts for each project. They then demonstrate their passion, creativity, and dedication to take it to the next level. 


  • 100% Transparency


  • A very unique trait of our company is its transparency and our clients love us for that. We are so transparent that we give our clients access to our dashboard so they can easily track the progress of their SEO campaigns. Moreover, we provide 100% authentic and transparent monthly reports and are always ready to answer any questions at any point during the campaign. This is what makes our company stand out from others. 


  • Personalized Services


  • We never rely on any cookie-cutter templates for doing SEO. Our agency believes that each client has its own requirements and industry and each industry has its own demands. This is why we always focus on customized strategies and techniques that allow us to effectively boost your store’s online presence.


  • Our experts will spend time learning about your business, industry, and product line-up. We also partner you up with a dedicated manager who will collaborate with you to learn about your business and industry. Once that is done, we will put together a solid eCommerce SEO strategy that will give you a competitive advantage right off the bat. 


  • Real Results


  • Our agency is all about performance-driven strategies. We have generated millions in revenue for our eCommerce SEO clients and we hope to do the same for your business. Whether it be growing your product line, improving brand reputation, expanding your service area or anything else, we are ready to help you. 


Benefits of eCommerce SEO


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Still not sure whether eCommerce SEO is for you? Check out the amazing benefits of a properly executed eCommerce SEO strategy.


Improves Online Visibility


Our eCommerce SEO services will help to improve your online visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Boosting your online visibility is usually the first step towards making it easier for end consumers to find your website and products. 


Rather than you appearing on page two of search results, your website will show up on page one, which will help drive more targeted traffic leading to more conversions. 


On the contrary, if you ignore SEO, your business will suffer from lower search result ranking, extremely low conversions, and less revenue. 


Unless you are driving laser targeted traffic to your website, forget about making any sales. Eventually, your business will bring in very little profit and would not be sustainable. 


Destiny Marketing Solution promises an effective eCommerce SEO strategy that will maximize your search visibility and boost your profits. Our team will spend extra time learning about your business and industry and the target audience and then craft the perfect strategy that guarantees maximum results in the least amount of time. 


Easily Find High-Ticket Customers


You may have some high-end products in your online store that your average consumer isn’t buying or cannot afford. So, how will you find the right customer for those products? Which terms should you rank for so that you land a high-ticket customer on that specific product page? 


This is where our eCommerce SEO services come into play. We know how to optimize your store so that it is visible to almost every type of consumer. Whether they want to buy a $100 product or a $1000 product, we will help you place your eCommerce store in front of the right type of buyer. 


Optimization of Your Entire Product Line


When we SEO optimize your eCommerce store, it will optimize your entire product line. If you have an expansive product line, it is important that your target audience finds your goods when they search online. 


Our eCommerce SEO strategy will help optimize every single one of your products. Our strong on-page optimization techniques are one of the best to enhance your search results. We also make sure we provide the best SEO content to our clients and distribute that content on various social media platforms. 


So, if someone searches for “memory foam cat bed,” they will not only find your website but also your products. 


Compete Against Your Competitors


If you are not doing SEO for your online store, forget about beating your competitors even 10 years from now. No matter how amazing your website looks or how attractive its web design is, without a solid SEO marketing strategy in place, you will never be able to outrank your competitors. This is what makes us stand out from other SEO companies.


We also analyze your competitor's SEO work, on-page optimization, and content strategy to boost your rankings. 


Our eCommerce SEO agency will help you outrank your competitors every single time and for every search phrase that you're going after. When you work with us, we will develop a customized strategy that instantly places your business on the front line. 


Long-Term Revenue


Paying a monthly retainer for our SEO services right now may not seem pleasant to you, but a few months from now, you will be thanking us. Moreover, you will have a close rate of almost 15% of all the leads that come through SEO. This is the bare minimum. 


Also, SEO is an ongoing process and not an overnight ride. But one thing is for sure, it works and guarantees long-term sustainable results. 


This is perhaps one of the many reasons as to why digital marketing is becoming a more trusted choice for eCommerce stores nowadays. 


When you decide to work with our agency, you will notice the steady growth of your online store over time. Our goal is to help your company achieve its long-term goals, and we know that our SEO services can help you. 


The Cost-Effective Way to Market


Do you know that traditional marketing strategies only have a 1.5% closing rate on average? They also happen to be extremely expensive.


On the other hand, search engine optimization is an extremely cost-effective way of marketing as it focuses on the keywords that your target audience is using. All you need to do is optimize your website for those keywords and watch the results roll in.


You could be saving hundreds and thousands of dollars that you are currently spending on expensive traditional marketing strategies and using them to grow and expand your online store. You can use SEO PPC advertising or email marketing to increase your overall sales and revenue. This is what makes us stand out from other SEO companies.


Useful Facts About eCommerce Stores



If you have recently started a new eCommerce business or have been doing it for a while, here are some amazing facts about eCommerce that you may not know: 


  • The eCommerce industry is currently growing at a pace of 23% per year and roughly 67% of Millennials prefer to buy online than in a store;


  • About 80% of Americans have purchased something online during the past month and 51% prefer to shop online; and


  • 59% of Baby Boomers have made at least one purchase online during this year.


Above all, a whopping 43% of all online retail sales go through Amazon and 46% of American small businesses do not have a website. 


Simply put, you have already taken the first step to be ahead of the competition, all you need to do now is optimize your website and make it stand out from your online competitors. 


We Want to Be Your Long-Term Strategic Partners


We don’t just want to sell you another SEO package. Rather, we want to be your long-term eCommerce SEO agency that helps you consistently grow your business every year. 


We have a very efficient SEO reporting platform and you will have access to it to view monthly SEO reports that highlight tasks completed, upcoming tasks, statistics, progress reports, and much more. 


Moreover, you will be able to see which one of our team members completed each task. Simply put, we will not leave you in the dark to wonder what’s happening with your SEO campaign and what’s going to happen in the future. 


The custom monthly reports will give you meaningful insight into the KPI metrics, organic search traffic, audience behavior, conversion, and many other factors that play an important part in improving your overall SEO. We will make sure that we separate organic revenue from your SEO PPC campaigns and we can even customize your reports as you like. 


Best of all, you will have 24/7 access to our amazing customer support. No matter what type of questions you have, our SEO team is always available to answer your calls or emails. 


We also schedule monthly calls with all of our clients to walk them through a quick review of the campaign’s progress and assure them that everything is going smoothly. 


Because we provide you with step-by-step business goals and how we intend to achieve them to help your business grow, you will feel confident and optimistic about your eCommerce SEO campaign. By the end of each month, we will review our goals and whether or not they have been achieved. This way, we stay on the same page as our clients and make sure that they are successful. 


We Don’t Brag, We Deliver


Destiny Marketing Solutions puts together customized strategies that meet the unique needs of each client. 


We believe in delivering proven results rather than bragging about our success stories. Your success is our success. 


Our team of SEO experts will determine what exactly it will take to achieve your goals. Once we have crafted a high-level strategy, we will break it down into small processes and start implementing it. 


We promise that we will help you grow your eCommerce business in terms of sales, conversions, revenue, profits, and brand authority. 




What is eCommerce SEO?


eCommerce search engine optimization refers to SEO for eCommerce websites. As compared to the traditional SEO techniques used for local businesses or affiliate websites and blogs, eCommerce SEO differs in the strategies and techniques that are used. It helps to improve the website’s ranking in the search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 


Why is SEO important? 


In the past, not ranking for your most important keywords was considered OK. Now, it is a marketing must for every website, especially eCommerce stores as their conversions and revenue rely heavily on it. Think of your website as an interactive multimedia advertisement for your business. You cannot expect this advertisement to be effective unless you put it in front of the right audience. By doing SEO of your website, it becomes easy for the users to find your site and see what your business is about and what it offers.


How much do eCommerce SEO services cost? 


The price of eCommerce SEO varies and depends on the agency and its plans. However, when you work with Destiny Marketing Solutions, you can expect these services to vary depending on the size of your eCommerce business. We also have customized plans for larger online stores. 


How long does it take to see results? 


There are several different factors that explain the time it takes to notice any significant results. For instance, the competitiveness of the industry you are in, your website’s age, where you currently rank, how strong your existing SEO profile is, whether you have been hit by a Google penalty in the past or recently, and your brand’s authority all affect how quickly you will see results. Also, the fact is that the majority of people never scroll past page two, meaning that even if you rank on page three for your main keywords, you cannot see any significant increase in your traffic until you hit page one. We mostly give a time frame of three to six months to our clients for seeing increased rankings and traffic.


Which online stores can use our eCommerce SEO marketing services? 


Almost any type of online store can benefit from eCommerce SEO. At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have been doing eCommerce SEO for the past several years and we have helped several brands from different industries reach page one of Google. We have worked with clients who use Magento, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Miva, WooCommerce, 3dcart, and Volusion. 


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Are there any guarantees? 


While we promise our clients that we will take every possible step to deliver results, we believe that any SEO company that promises you guarantees for rankings is probably shady. Why? Google algorithms change frequently throughout the year, and unless we optimize your website as per those algo changes, you cannot see any improvements in your search rankings. However, we do provide a commitment to quality work, plus we have a solid track record of helping our eCommerce clients achieve measurable results. 


What is the benefit of SEO for eCommerce stores compared to paid ads? 


You might be wondering why not simply use paid ads and start driving traffic to your website? But, what about testing, lowering your ad cost so you are profitable, hiring an ads manager, setting a budget for your ads, and scaling your business? With SEO, you will be able to tap into the best source of traffic, which is absolutely free and highly-targeted. 


What if your website has been penalized by Google? 


Don’t worry! We have a solid experience in recovering websites from search engine penalties. Although it takes a bit longer to deliver results, as a lot of time is spent recovering the penalized website, especially if it is an eCommerce one, we will surely get you out of the hole and get you to page one. 


What happens once you are ready to start working with us? 


Once you have discussed the details of your projects on the FREE strategy call with us, the first step would be to estimate the monthly retainer for your campaign. This is based on the information you provide us with. We usually get back to you on this the same day to gather more details from you. We will then work with you to map out your long-term goals and match up the deliverables to help you get there. 


What ROI can I expect? 


Our goal is to help your eCommerce website get more target organic search traffic from search engines. Once the traffic increases, you will notice an immediate boost in your conversions. And, as we scale and grow your traffic every month, your ROI will keep on increasing. 


Let Us Help You Increase Your Traffic, Sales, Revenue, and Conversions


Our eCommerce SEO company has helped hundreds of eCommerce business owners increase their organic traffic, sales, revenue, and conversions. We not only help you achieve better rankings but also maintain them consistently. 


With our years of expertise, advanced SEO tools, and a strong passion for eCommerce SEO, your business can achieve new heights of online success. 


Leverage our expertise for your eCommerce marketing campaign.


Contact us today at (888) 846-4937 and book your FREE, no-sales strategy call with us. 


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