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CBD SEO Case Study

Texas CBD SEO CASE STUDY destiny marketing solutions


The CBD industry has seen unprecedented growth over the last five years. CBD product sales more than doubled between 2018 and 2020, rising from $535 million to almost $1.2 billion. 


While it is proving to be a lucrative industry, there are many challenges involved in marketing CBD products. As a cannabis-related substance, businesses are limited in how they can advertise on certain platforms, and Google and Facebook are particularly tricky. Before our engagement, there was also a lack of ROI with influencer marketing partnerships.


From an eCommerce standpoint, the keys to marketing CBD products are branding, SEO-focused content, and a client base’s consistent growth.


As an industry experiencing continuous expansion and development, companies must be ready and willing to adapt and change to meet demands and reach conversion targets. 


CBD Business Overview


business overview destiny marketing solutions


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have vast experience working with businesses in niche markets. We began working with Kanna CBD, a company that sells CBD and cannabis-based wellness products based in Charlotte. Despite having a well-built, eCommerce-enabled site backed by a social media strategy, they hadn’t grown as much as they had hoped. 


They wanted to expand their digital footprint and take a better hold of the local eCommerce space. Using SEO and organic traffic, they aimed to develop their brand and ultimately drive bottom-line results. 


Given the complex and ever-changing nature of advertising CBD products, along with advanced search algorithms and digital marketing requirements, Kanna CBD needed the help of a professional marketing service. The company agreed to work alongside Destiny Marketing Solutions to create a results-driven plan. 


What We Did


As an award-winning SEO company, we understand that generating traffic to increase conversions requires a multifaceted approach. While keywords are important, SEO involves several other crucial avenues. We brought together a diverse combination of SEO strategies to help our client reach their targets.


On-Page and Technical SEO


on page and technical seo destiny marketing solutions


Kanna CBD’s existing website was well-designed with a strong visual appeal. However, it lacked on-page optimization. This is a common occurrence for eCommerce businesses. 


On-page SEO algorithms are constantly changing, meaning you must be up-to-date on the latest techniques and best-in-practice optimization strategies. 


We dug into the heart of our client’s website and optimized the existing landing pages and content to garner better traffic and improve the search engine rankings. This was done predominantly by tweaking headlines, HTML tags (titles, metas, and headers), and images. With on-page foundations in place, our client had taken the first step in enabling the business to draw in new customers. 


Since keywords are still regarded as advertising materials, we had to ensure they were in line with the latest FDA regulations. We also made sure all keywords blended naturally with the existing content on the webpage. 


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Local SEO


search engine marketing and local seo destiny marketing solutions


Our next task was to analyze CBD search terms and interpret which ones would be effective on a local level. While there may have been significant demand for CBD products in the area, our client could not benefit enough from it. 


Modern customers do at least a limited amount of research before purchasing, even when buying locally. Almost half of Google searches have local intent. What’s more, almost a third of local searches result in a purchase. 


We deduced that our client wasn’t ranking high enough in search engines to make the most of local demand. Competitors were also intercepting local searches rather than favoring our client. 


Through keyword research and market analysis, we established a list of CBD and local terms to target via the client website and organic content. The aim was to achieve success with search terms like “Charlotte CBD.” 


We also paid attention to long-tail keyword variations to ensure our client connected with their target market. They are longer and more specific than regular keywords and are more likely to be searched when a customer intends to purchase. Long-tail keywords are critical in CBD marketing strategy because of the uniqueness of the industry.


As an eCommerce and brick-and-mortar business, Kanna CBD didn’t want to restrict themselves in terms of location. For this reason, we added search terms containing the names of surrounding areas to incorporate a larger geographical area.


Off-Page SEO and Link Building


off page seo and link building destiny marketing solutions


Building a reputable brand that ranks highly on search engines, keywords, and optimized web pages isn’t enough, especially for CBD companies. A business must also demonstrate relevance in the current marketplace and utilize social proofing to show that it offers value to customers. 


One of the most effective ways of doing this is through link building and affiliate marketing. Each backlink that takes an internet user to your website is like an endorsement to the Google search rankings committee. Links increase your site authority, making it more favorable in search algorithms. 


We worked closely with Kanna CBD to find relevant links to give them maximum authority. We considered the anchor text used to link to their site, the age of the link, the number of links on the linking page, the relevance of the linking site to the client’s, and the linking web page’s reputation and authority. Each of these factors has a major influence on the effectiveness of the links. 


Due to the CBD industry’s nature, we selected niche backlinks that best represented and complemented our client’s business.


The aim here was to increase organic traffic and improve the quality of the traffic being generated. In this scenario, good quality traffic meant that the users interacting with our client aligned with their goals of expanding their brand and increasing conversions. 


Keyword and SEO-Focused Content


We identified content marketing as being a crucial aspect of our client’s campaign. Besides providing the perfect platform to focus on the volume of quality backlinks and keywords, the CBD industry is fast-moving and very newsworthy. 


Since traditional advertising channels are tough to engage with CBD products, content marketing provided our client with an excellent way to promote their products and brand. 


Our client’s target market was not only searching for CBD oil and other hemp-based products; they were also seeking information relating to CBD. By publishing SEO-focused and relevant blog articles, our client offered their customers value by answering their questions while promoting their products. 


Website Optimization


With our SEO strategy in place, Kanna CBD was likely to see significant improvements in generating website traffic, leads, and ultimately, sales. However, to fully optimize the conversion rate, we had to ensure the website was sales-focused. 


To maximize the opportunity of an online sale, the buyer’s journey must be seamless. From visiting the homepage to receiving the order confirmation at the checkout, every step must be geared toward the sale. 


We tested various website designs, layouts, and buying processes to ensure our client had fully optimized their website.


Campaign Results


campaign results destiny marketing solutions


The SEO campaign took place over seven months, from June 2020 to January 2021. In a relatively short period, our client experienced remarkable results. Significant progress was made with regard to their goals, and they gained valuable insights into the future progression of their business. 


Here are some of the key statistics:


  • 47,978 impressions in Google Maps (941% improvement over the previous period)
  • 1,081 clicks on Google My Business (361% improvement over the previous period)
  • 161 calls on Google My Business (419% improvement over the previous period)
  • 4,584 organic visitors (263% improvement over the previous period)
  • Quality of traffic improved, with average session duration improving by 15%
  • 159% improvement in revenue generated from the website (eCommerce sales)


These statistics refer strictly to the eCommerce results. In-store sales also benefited, and our client continues to focus on both areas of the business. 


Further Impact on the Business


As the figures show, Kanna CBD reaped the rewards in terms of sales. This has allowed them to invest further in the business. They are focusing on expanding their physical store for long-term benefit. 


They are developing a new grow section in the rear of the store as well as a bar area for patrons to visit. The bar will give them another channel to develop their brand and improve relationships with customers. 


Client Testimonial


Although the results are the true indicators of the campaign’s success, it’s essential to consider the client’s experience. Because the CBD industry is still growing at an alarming rate, further projects will be required to sustain a successful eCommerce business. Companies must be happy to work alongside a marketing service to gain maximum benefit. 


Here’s what our CBD client had to say about working with us:


“Leonard and his team have done an excellent job of accomplishing the SEO-related goals we set. Throughout the process, they have done a good job of creating a plan and explaining what actions are being taken. We will continue to work with Destiny Solutions.”


Professional Digital Marketing Solutions


professional digital marketing solutions destiny marketing solutions


The CBD industry was virtually born in the digital era. Due to the nature of the business and CBD products’ appeal to a modern demographic, creating a comprehensive and effective strategy is challenging. 


Many CBD customers prefer to buy online. eCommerce websites must live up to ever-increasing customer standards. What’s more, eCommerce CBD companies must offer their customers value in terms of information about their products and the industry. 


As a leading SEO company, Destiny Marketing Solutions is perfectly positioned to help elevate your CBD business. We have a proven track record and boast years of experience working in niche markets. 


By providing you with a tailored marketing strategy, we can enable your business to grow its brand, expand its customer base, increase online traffic, optimize its digital profile, and ultimately, increase profits. Whatever your goals are, we can help you achieve them.

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