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SEO Analytics and Reporting Services


Isn’t it frustrating when your visitors are not converting and you have no clue why? Despite all the hard work, effort, time, and money invested in your SEO campaign, the needle still isn’t moving much. 




Are you tracking your visitors and their actions? Do you analyze what they do when they land on your website? Are you familiar with the characteristics of the audience that buys? Do you know what changes can help you boost your marketing ROI? 


If the answer to these questions is a shoulder shrug and you are not reporting and analyzing your online marketing channels (organic search, search engine optimization, social media, paid search, etc.), then, like many others, you are leaving a big chunk of potential revenue on the table. 


For most agencies out there, search engine optimization insights merely track the visitor or your keywords alone. That is not the case when you work with us. 


Our SEO analytics services can help improve the user experience, decrease the bounce rate, and potentially improve the revenue from your website, which will, in turn, give a boost to your overall marketing campaign. 


We are Google Analytics experts and are also certified through the Google Partners Program. Our agency provides the most in-depth and detailed web analytics report that gives you useful insights about your audience. Our Google Analytics and Advanced User audit will help you put together a solid business strategy to boost qualified traffic coming to your website.


Custom Search Engine Marketing Reporting and Analytics Designed for Bottom-Line Results


No matter what industry you are in right now, search engine insights are important to understand your audience and analyze how they interact with your business online. Our goal is to help you see how you can drive your users to conversion, which is the ultimate goal of every business website.



How Our SEO Analytics and Reporting Services Work


Having worked in multiple industries, we have the experience of how users behave when they land on your website. We not only track users, but every activity they make on your website, which allows us to perfectly optimize your website for maximum engagement. 


Here is an overview of what our services look like and how we work: 


SEO Stats and SEO Analytics with Your Campaign’s Bottom Line in Mind


We provide a solid guarantee to our clients that our reporting and web analytics are always backed by insights that will help you get results. Whether you are a local business owner or own a SaaS company, an online eCommerce store, or lead-gen site, we have the experience to provide you with insightful reports that are geared for improved ROI. Our web analytics will provide data to help you improve your site’s search traffic, user experience, and marketing efforts. 


how to use google analytics to improve seo destiny marketing solutions


Monthly SEM Reports


Our search engine analytics reporting is like no other. You will receive some of the most detailed, data-backed, and results-driven monthly reports from our agency.


We have a separate reporting system that will let you view your marketing campaign from every aspect. You will be able to find summaries of your site traffic, user behavior, bounce rate percentage, conversion analysis, site speed, crawl issues, and much more.


Not only that, but we also make sure that our reports are easy to understand and often add notes for additional insights on your campaign.


We leverage Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Sheets, Agency Analytics, SupermetricsSEMRush, and AHREFs in our reporting.


Conversion Analysis


If your traffic isn’t converting, your online business will never flourish. With our in-depth web analytics and reporting, we will help you identify the technical and usability issues that affect user experience. Improvements with your website’s UX will help the user more easily make a buying decision on your website. Our front-end site design team will also audit your site’s layout and fix any issues that might be affecting your conversion rate and overall site engagement. 


Why Choose Us? 


Understanding the user activity on your website is perhaps the biggest challenge for any business. When you work with us, we will update you with all the details of your marketing campaign using our expertise and in-depth reports. 


seo analytics tools


We will help you see the bigger picture of your business, do segmentation to identify important observations, and help you boost your website’s potential for leads and conversions.


These are the reasons  why you should choose our company: 


User-Friendly, Custom Reports


We generate user-friendly reports that allow you to easily understand the key highlights for your website. This way, you are better able to see the bigger picture of your online business and your SEO or SEM campaign. 


Detailed Task Reporting


Unless you know what changes you have to make, you will be left in the dark with nowhere to go. Our agency provides detailed insights and task reporting about what we have accomplished, the team members who worked on your projects or specific tasks, and the deadlines for deliverables. 


Outstanding Support


Destiny Marketing Solutions isn’t a one-man army but a full team of digital marketing experts who are always ready to help you with any questions you have. We take an educational approach, answering any questions you may have to ensure transparency and your buy-in with our campaigns.


ROI-Driven Insights


When you invest in our services, we will begin tracking your online marketing efforts and identifying the critical elements of your business. Once identified, we will then determine the key performance indicators, and from there we focus on gradually growing your company’s online revenue potential month over month. 


SEO Analytics and Reporting FAQs 



seo reporting and analytics destiny marketing solutions


What are SEO reporting and web analytics? 


SEO reports include your website’s traffic and the channels that generate that traffic. Common channels include organic, direct, referral, social, paid, and email.


We also track your website’s conversion rate, page-level traffic, website speed and page speed, bounce rate, rankings, and backlinks profile.


Web analytics, on the other hand, helps us track data about your users and how they interact with your website. For this, we use Google Analytics, a free tool provided by Google to measure the performance of your website and your campaign as a whole. However, we do use other advanced paid tools for more in-depth insights such as SEMRush and AHREFs. 


How Do You Read SEO Reports?


Even with the data you have access to with your online marketing campaign, without proper experience and expertise in digital marketing, you may not be able to interpret that data and use it to inform the next steps.


This is where our team can help! While there are many data points you can monitor with your online search campaign, we generally focus on the following:


  • ROI, typically measured by conversions, leads, and multi-channel attribution
  • Organic and referral traffic. Direct traffic can also be a sign of efforts with brand development and presence.
  • Increase in referring links. This is a direct measure of your link building and brand development efforts and can have a positive impact on your website's referral traffic.
  • Keyword Rankings - since search engine result rankings can be extremely volatile, we typically look at the overall trends over time.


There may be other metrics you prioritize with your web analytics campaign, and these are dependent on your overall business goals.


Does Google Analytics help SEO?


Within itself, no, Google Analytics does not help SEO. As with any tool, Google Analytics simply tracks data from the search engines. When you combine this data with insights, however, you can use it to transform your online marketing campaign.


Actionable Steps at Your Fingertips


google analytics seo dashboard destiny marketing solutions


Our digital marketing company will help you get your hands on actionable steps that are backed with our in-depth and comprehensive tracking and reporting data. We will help you measure and understand the effects of those actions and boost your website’s conversions. 


Our customized reports are easy to understand, actionable, and measurable. We want to see your business grow and not be left blind going and nowhere. 


The SEM experts on our staff will give you a broad view of your campaign, activities, and overall performance and summarize those into a monthly report to help you improve and grow your online presence as a legitimate revenue channel for your business. 


Every visitor you get is a potential customer. 


Work with us so you can better understand how you can turn that potential into a reality.


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