With the help of our Houston SEO company, you can expand your business's web presence. With a great web presence, you can reach more customers and generate more revenue for your business.

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You can have the best products, the finest service and a wonderful website, but if your company doesn't pop up high on the page, you won't be selected. With the help an an expert Houston SEO company, you can make sure that your business is top of the list on Google.


If this sounds good to you, then our Houston-based digital marketing company can can help you get there!


What is Search Engine Optimization?

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In a nutshell, SEO is the process of optimizing your website in such a way that it garners higher rankings in the search engines, especially Google. Higher search engine rankings can help your site be more visible to people looking for businesses like yours.


SEO Keyword Research


By using highly-searched and suitable keywords in your website content, you are helping search engines properly index your page for relevance. The more relevant it is, the higher your ranking will be.


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Word combinations are critical as well. Many people start with Google when they know they need help but aren't sure what to ask for. A quality collection of keywords will put your expertise high in the selection ranking in and increase your chances of being selected.


Google Domination


Getting on the first three pages, if not the first page, in the search results of Google is our primary objective, and this can only be done through effective SEO strategy.


The further back your company appears as Google results pop up, the less likely you are to be selected. Again, your products may be top notch and your services second to none, but if your organization shows up on the third page of results, you've functionally been cut from the team by Google ranking. 


With a detailed study of the right SEO terms on your website, you can improve your rankings and get your products and services in front of more potential customers. Expert help from the best SEO company in Houston can put your organization on the front page. 


Social SEO


SEO extends to social media websites, such as Facebook or Twitter, where your presence can help boost your online authority and legitimacy, which will further improve your search engine ranking.

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Getting views on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter give you the chance to increase your marketing reach for very little investment. Likes, shares and the chance to publish articles featuring your expertise can greatly improve your visibility. 

Testimonials and reviews are also critical to expanding your on-line presence. However, testimonials need to be managed and reviews ranked for a positive view of your business. Connect with a Houston SEO expert to get your brand, products and services visible across social media sites as well as Google.


Local SEO


Local SEO involves applying tactics that will help you generate high visibility across local searches. Expanding your local presence with local SEO is something you should be capitalizing on, especially if you focus on local customers.


The shop local movement, in combination with the desire to support local houston seo for local businesses destiny marketing solutionsbusiness can provide anyone with a brick and mortar business the chance to expand their customer base. As you expand your digital footprint across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, your physical visual presence including signage and building space will help to draw in customers because it will be familiar to them!

If you're an artist and use local craft shows, local SEO is an ideal way to show off your skills and creations while giving your fans the chance to track your booth at various locations. Your products stay amazing; only your location needs to change. Spreading the word via Local SEO and social media updates can keep your fans focused on your upcoming events.


Google Maps Marketing


Expand your reach by being visible not only on search engines but supplementary platforms like Google Maps, too.


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The rise of map access via smartphone allows your potential customers the chance to study your product line, services or technical expertise right before they find your address. If your brick and mortar business is going to build foot traffic, tapping into the information available on Google Maps Marketing is a terrific way to safely and accurately deliver potential customers to your door.


Video SEO


With video media being the most responsive type of marketing tool today, include shareable videos on your website and social media accounts to make your promotional efforts even more persuasive.


Ethical Link Building


Did you know that you can improve your rankings via link building? But it is important to partner with sites that are relevant to your brand and the causes you support.


One of the primary drivers of interest for young professionals moving into the workforce is the chance to make a difference. If your business has spent years supporting local youth sports or a particular charity, show that off! Social media marketing offers you and your company the chance to promote causes you care about and draw in like-minded customers. Good business relationships can add benefit to good causes when properly managed by a qualified Houston SEO consultant.


SEO Optimization


SEO optimization consists of on-page and off-page optimization:


What is On-Page SEO Optimization?


On-page SEO optimization involves strategies applied to your website like the strategic use of keywords and money phrases in your site's content, establishing internal links between your pages, and much more.


Managing and improving your own webpage can be a full-time job. If you set up your own webpage or paid someone for a one-time setup, chances are good that your business has expanded and your expertise has grown. With engaged consultation with the right Houston SEO company, your website can go from static to superb with a careful review by professionals who can aid you and your customers in navigating the new needs of your website.

What is Off-Page SEO Optimization?


Off-page optimization involves all strategies done externally such as adding your business to business directories, building backlinks back to your site, sharing content among relevant online groups and forums, and much more.


Staying on top of directory listings is a task that needs to grow as your company grows. Personnel changes, product line improvements and new service options need to be added to ever professional directory that features your company. How many opportunities are you missing because emails are going to a closed account? Is your brick and mortar store losing Saturday business because of an old listing that doesn't mention your new hours? Careful monitoring by a qualified professional skilled in On-Page SEO Optimization can improve your visibility while you improve your products and expertise.

Your business profile needs to be updated on several sites and in many directories each time your business makes a change. If you want to make sure that your new clients can find your new features, raise your business profile by making your company easy to find on-line and in person. Invest in Off-Page SEO Optimization.


How is SEO Marketing Different from other Forms of Marketing?


SEO marketing offers affordable and reliable services that are suited to your needs and ensures that you achieve a strong online presence both on search engines and social media outlets. You can take your marketing efforts up a notch.


Why do you need SEO for your Business?


No matter how long you've been working in and on your business, there's always more to do. Your time is best spent on the area that made you excited to be a part of your industry in the first place. Don't burn your skills and energy working on advancing your Google rankings or improving the efficiency of your website. Invest in the skills and services of a Houston SEO expert to make these improvements while you turn your passion back to growing your business.

Search Engine Optimization traffic improvement, both digital and physical, takes time to develop. Additionally, you're not just trying to create interest; you're building customer relationships. Improvements to your website and raising your Google ranking can make you a higher stop in the searching process, but searches don't always lead to purchases. Quality SEO research is a valuable part of a marketing plan. It is not a replacement for a marketing plan.


If you want to be found online, you need SEO for your business and this is where our SEO service packages can help. We are sure to have a package that fits your business needs:


Our SEO Service Packages


SEO Jump Starter Program


The SEO Jump Starter package is best if your business has no online presence and is looking to try online marketing for the first time. Here are the details of this SEO service for your small business:

  • $250/ month
  • Minimum of 2 pieces of content written for your site per month
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Google Maps Marketing
  • Social SEO
  • Monthly Progress Report


SEO Sustainer Program


The SEO Sustainer package is best if you have tried some marketing online, but you are now looking to add consistency and incremental improvements to your marketing mix. Here is what we offer with our SEO Sustainer package:

  • $500/month
  • Minimum of 4 pieces of content written for your site per month
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Google Maps Marketing
  • Social SEO
  • Beginner Online Authority Building
  • Online Branding
  • Monthly Progress Report & Quarterly Calls (every 3 months)


SEO Dominator Program


The SEO Dominator package is best if you have an established online presence in a competitive industry and are looking to dominate your competition. We would provide you with the following services under this package:

  • $750/month
  • Minimum of 6 pieces of content written for your site per month
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Google Maps Marketing
  • Social SEO
  • Advanced Online Authority Building
  • Online Branding
  • Video SEO
  • Monthly Progress Reports & Monthly Calls


The Real Deal on SEO

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SEO is not a magic bullet. Many small companies get themselves in a pinch when they only depend on SEO to generate online leads and customers for their business. A SEO campaign should complement other marketing and customer acquisition activities, both online (such as PPC marketing, social media marketing, etc.) and offline (attending tradeshows, direct mail flyer campaigns, etc).

To illustrate this point, take a look at this SEO slope, which gives you an idea of when you can expect results from a SEO campaign (graph assumes no previous SEO work or search engine penalties):


houston seo company slope of seo


Small business owners come to us too many times expecting our SEO experts to transform their business overnight. This is what we tell them:

  • Effective, ethical search engine optimization takes time. In many cases, it can take 3-15 months for you to see results, depending on the competitiveness of your industry. You can see this in the graph above.
  • As with any form of marketing, if your product or service isn't outstanding or if your sales process isn't up to par, you will get mediocre results at best. You must fix these fundamental issues first before reaping the full benefits of SEO or any marketing campaign.
  • There is no guarantee with SEO.If a company ever provides a guarantee, our advice is to run fast!


Now, at this point you might be wondering what's the point of doing SEO?

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Sure, you can see faster results with Google AdWords or advertising on social media, but you are paying to borrow traffic and views from these platforms. With SEO, once you start getting organic traffic through the search engines, that audience is your forever. The best part? You do not have to pay to maintain this traffic!


Key Takeaway: SEO is not a magic bullet. It is a long term marketing strategy that can lead to substantial results if managed correctly.


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