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Medical Billing Marketing Services

Medical billing businesses previously relied on traditional advertising, business cards, and word-of-mouth to connect with new customers. With the increasing importance of cell phones and social media, moving online with your marketing can help you expand your business. Digital marketing services are essential for all companies in today’s digital world, where nearly 90% of American businesses use social media to promote their services. 


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, our experienced SEO team can create a targeted strategy to optimize your website to land you on the first page of search engine results, reaching more potential customers and growing your business.


Improve Your Website


medical billing marketing services


We offer more than optimization services. We believe in connecting with a company and building long-term relationships. We help you create a website that ranks high on search engine results while also looking professional and attractive. 


The web design team at Destiny Marketing Solutions focuses on optimizing and designing your homepage for SEO. They also use the appropriate keywords and backlinks to create optimized landing pages, which is the page that a doctor or hospital sees when they click on one of your ads. 


Another essential type of website optimization is ensuring your website works on mobile devices. Nearly 81% of Americans own smartphones, and many do at least a portion of their business on-the-go. Especially if you use social media for advertising your medical billing services, your potential customers probably reach your site from a cell phone or tablet. Ensuring that your site loads quickly, is clearly visible, and works on both iOS and Android platforms is essential. 


Create a Content Strategy


medical billing marketing services content strategy


Adding new content regularly to your website helps improve your search engine rankings. Posting a blog, brochures, and social media posts to your site are all great ways of including new and interesting content without complicating your homepage.


Our experienced team of content writers is knowledgeable about the medical billing field and backs up all its writing with in-depth research. Our team works closely with you to create blogs that can update doctors about new security rules for medical billing, or inform hospitals about new insurance company regulations, using carefully researched keywords.


Having a clear and cohesive social media presence can help you connect with more doctors and practices. Around 26% of American hospitals use social media, with that number expected to grow since 41% of Americans use social media to choose their healthcare provider.  


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we have a qualified team of copywriters who can ensure that your social media posts, advertising slogans, and email blasts stay on-brand and improve your search results rankings. 


Target Local Doctors


medical billing marketing services local seo


While the internet has made it easier than ever for companies to connect with potential clients from across the country, it’s also crucial for you to make connections with local physicians. 


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we offer local search engine optimization (SEO) services. These use specific keywords to ensure that your business shows up in the Google results when local physicians search for medical billing companies. 


Local SEO also puts your medical billing services on Google My Business maps, giving customers easy access to your website URL, reviews from past clients, contact information (including your phone number, address, and business name), and ratings. We also ensure that your Google My Business account is optimized, all your photos have geotags, and your company has enough business citations. 


Using local SEO helps you reach area doctors and medical practices who need your services to focus your budget. Local SEO is a fantastic way to stand apart from your competitors who may be more focused on a national marketing strategy. 


Having a local focus online can also assist a doctor or practice who has heard of your medical billing services from word-of-mouth but wants more practical information about your pricing policies, location, or reviews. 


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, our local SEO services include a website audit to check for duplicate content, spam, and meta titles and descriptions. All our local SEO marketing strategies focus on creating a trustworthy, local brand which doctors and practices can feel comfortable working with. 


Why Work with Destiny Marketing Solutions?


Our team has experience working with a wide variety of companies, ranging in size from small, new businesses to larger, established companies. We understand the importance of creating a trustworthy brand, particularly in the medical field. We know how to use digital marketing strategies to attract physicians, mobile imaging and phlebotomy companies, and hospitals to your medical billing services company. 


Let us help you grow your company and reach new billing clients. Call us at (888) 846-4937 and tell us more about your business, how you started, and what you want to accomplish. 

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