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How our Houston Social Media Agency Can Help You

houston social media agency Are you interested in adding an effective social media marketing strategy to your current marketing efforts? Let's face it. Social media marketing in Houston can be competitive. With the help of our Houston social media agency,  there are several ways in which our social media marketing services can assist you in further strengthening your brand online.


By promoting your business on social media, you gain visibility among age groups and demographics that may not often use traditional media. Additionally, fixed media like newspaper print and expensive television ads don't have the flexibility of social media. Your message can be simply changed and widely spread with a targeted social media campaign, monitored and promoted by the most effective Houston social media agency.


If you're looking for a Houston social media consultant, read on!


What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?


Social media marketing services for your small business focus on helping you establish a presence across social media sites via relevant content sharing and constant updating, plus follower engagement:


  • Facebook ”“ the most powerful and popular social media network where content in various media forms can be shared

  • Twitter ”“ a short message sharing platform

  • Instagram ”“ an image sharing website

  • Pinterest ”“ an image, “pin”, sharing website

  • Google+ - a content sharing platform

  • LinkedIn ”“ a professional network where industry-relevant content reigns

  • YouTube ”“ a video sharing website


How Are Search & Social Media Marketing Related?


houston seo and smm marketing agency destiny marketing solutions

To establish an online presence, you need to be visible across search engines, but it is also important to be and remain relevant in the social media space. While search engine marketing and SEO are important, social media is one of the best ways to reach your target market on time.


Can Social Media Marketing Really Help your Business?

Houston social media consultant

Absolutely! Social media marketing is a critical component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Any reputable digital marketing company would include it in their mix of marketing tactics for your business. The benefits of social media marketing for business have been proven over and over again.



Consider this  fact: 73% of businesses surveyed by Constant Contact had already started using social media marketing with measurable results.  


The real question you should be asking is “how not using social media is harming your business?”


Face reality: An online presence on social media is expected of any reputable business these days.


What are the Benefits of Using Social Media for your Business?


Social media has forever changed the way that businesses and their customers communicate with each other. When your company engages on social media, you build a reputation of accessibility and transparency with your audience, both of which could lead to more customers and repeat business.


houston social media for business destiny marketing solutions


Key Takeaway: These days, building relationships with your customers is more important than ever. Leveraging social media in Houston and other large markets gives you an direct avenue to developing relationships with your customers.


How do you Measure Success of Social Media Marketing for your Business?


social media marketing in Houston

Success metrics for social media marketing are no different than other forms of marketing. It all boils down to:



  • Traffic back to your site from your social media pages

  • Leads that can be attributed to your SMM campaign

  • Number of those leads that become customers

Too often, business owners get caught in the trap of tracking the number of fans or followers on their social media accounts. These are vanity metrics!


The bottom line: The true measure of success for your SMM campaign is the number of followers that eventually become customers.


How do you Know which Social Platform you Should Use in your SMM Campaign?


Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question. Your target social media platforms depends on where your target audience and demographics congregates.

For example, if you are B2B and looking for business professionals in a certain social media in Houstonindustry, LinkedIn would be your best bet. In another instance, if you sell products that are visually appealing (such as apparel, jewelry, etc.), Instagram may be a better fit for your business.


Depending on the nature of your business and the products or services you want to promote, our Houston marketing agency can help you build, manage and promote an engaging and easily shared marketing package across several sites:



Facebook allows users to provide you with reviews and testimonials. Additionally, once you gain followers, any fundraising or community-based events you engage in can be quickly shared to promote traffic to your physical location. If your business is online, any new product or catalog offerings will be spread to your followers for quick dissemination and promotion.



If your services are top-notch, promote your expertise to be shared amongst like-minded users. Brevity is key!



For visual artists and craftspeople, a following on Instagram will quickly share your offerings to your followers and direct traffic to your on-line catalog. Even if you don't have an on-line presence yet, promoting your products through the Instagram community is a great way to build buzz around your creations and increase interest in your store.



Can you create jewelry? Build custom curtains? Decorate a home? While much of Pinterest includes DIY projects, it's also a great venue for ideas. If you can create a unique handicraft for sale to fellow fans of homemade projects, Pinterest is an excellent vehicle to promote your design work.



A well-managed Google+ account includes easy access to reviews of your products and services. Additionally, any updates or special promotions can be easily shared by you and your fans.



Do you have detailed information on a complicated industry? Perhaps you're a tax specialist, or have special skills in patent law. LinkedIn offers you the chance to create professional, informative content and share it as an expert in the field. As your articles are shared, you can build an on-line following of interested parties who can become happy clients! Additionally, LinkedIn is an ideal way to connect with other professionals in your field by joining professional groups aligned with your skills and interests. 



Do you offer services that require special skills or tools? Consider putting together a YouTube video of yourself diagnosing a challenging problem or completing a difficult, tool intensive task. By using these videos to draw curious viewers to your area of expertise, you can promote your abilities and add to your customer base.

The best advice: Understand where your audience is and follow them there.


Sometimes SEO isn't Enough

houston social media firm destiny marketing solutions

SEO content is necessary, but isn't enough. If yours isn't high on the search list, you may be over-looked in the selection, and maintaining a high ranking takes time and may be expensive. 

Additionally, while it's important to rank high on search engines, social media marketing makes your products and services personal. For example, with the help of our Houston social media agency:

1. Your restaurant can be shared across Facebook as a great place to go for a special celebration.

2. Your decorating talents and skills can be promoted as a great way to enjoy a comfortable and beautiful home on Pinterest.

3. Your expertise on a complicated issue can be boiled down and rapidly disseminated on Twitter.

4. Your fabric and jewelry designs can be celebrated as an integral part of once-in-a-lifetime events such as proms and weddings on Instagram.

5. Your unique insight into a trending and challenging topic can be promoted and disseminated on LinkedIn.

With the help of experts on social media marketing in Houston, you can effectively promote your crafts, skills and expertise across the spectrum of social media. It's important to note that your output needs more than shares and likes; you need to direct traffic to your website or your front door. 


What about Email Marketing?

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Email campaigns have their place. However, even the best and most informative emails can get lost in the shuffle during the daily deluge. Many busy professionals get hundreds of emails in the course of a week. However, a shared review from a friend or trusted co-worker of your service or product may be just the trigger to send people looking for that promotional email.

With a custom-built social media promotional package, you can turn your fans into a digital marketing team.


Leverage Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is still a great source of advertising. Before printing and broadcasting transformed communications, people relied on word of mouth marketing to tell others about their services and goods. The benefit of overcoming customer resistance and the ease of using social media on the Internet make this type of marketing an important tool for businesses desiring to grow while spending fewer marketing dollars.

Using social media, word of mouth marketing can go global.

Social media is a constantly flowing river of opinions, connections and opportunities, and there are aspects of it that can feel a bit like the wild west. However, with a carefully monitored social media presence to get the name of your business out in front, you have a great chance of directing people back to your website and increasing interest in your physical location as applicable.


Work with our Houston Social Media Agency & Enjoy Reliable Social Media Marketing Services for Your Small Business

We offer several social media marketing service packages that you can choose from, depending on your varying business needs and working budget.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Packages

Social Media Unification - $297 (One-time Fee)

The Social Media Unification program is best if your business has no social media presence, or you have not been active on social media. Our social media management services can help you start establishing your brand through a variety of social media platforms and ensure that these are linked to one another and carry the same information about your business.


  • Review & Setup of your Facebook Fan Page

    • Cover Photo Creation

    • Profile Picture Creation (Uniform Across Platforms)

    • Optimization of About Information

    • Creation of Team Gallery

    • Initial Promotion of Your Page to Our Fans & Network

  • Connection of Your Facebook Profile & Facebook Fan Page

  • Review & Setup of Your Twitter Page

    • Design Of Your Twitter Profile Page

    • Background Picture Selection & Color Customization

    • Profile Description Creation & Website Linking

    • Initial Following of Similar Businesses and Local Twitter Profiles

  • Connection of Your Facebook & Twitter Page

  • Review & Setup of Your YouTube Channel

    • Cover Photo Creation

    • Profile Picture

    • Updating & Optimization of Channel Information

    • Quick Clean Up of Videos & Video Optimization

  • Review of LinkedIn Profile

  • Review & Setup of Your Google+ Page


Social Media Engagement Program - $297/month


The Social Media Engagement program is best if you already have social media profiles set up for your business and are looking to be more active on each profile. Stop worrying about your social accounts and let the pros on our team deal with your social media management needs.


  • Engagement on Your Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Page

    • 20 Posts per Month on Each Platform

    • 20 Recent Activity Reviews on Each Platform

    • 10 Times Interacting on Your Social Media Profiles as Your Page

  • Variety of Posts:

    • Original Content

    • Industry Relevant Images, Videos, Facts, and Other Rich Media from Other Sources

    • Shared Posts from Other Local & Complementary Pages

  • Monthly Progress Report & Quarterly Calls (Every 3 Months)


Social Media Advertising Program - $97/month (Management Fee) + Your Ad Spend Amount


The Social Media Advertising package is best if you are already active on your social media profiles but are looking to draw more customers from them.


  • Advertisement on the Social Media Platform of Your Choice:

    • Facebook (Default and Most Popular Option)

    • Twitter

    • Instagram

    • Pinterest

  • Creation of 2-3 Advertisements per Week

  • Daily Monitoring of Advertisements

  • Image Selection for Each Advertisement

  • Target Market Research for Advertising Optimization

  • Use of Promoted Posts (Facebook Only)

  • Continuous Optimization of Advertisements Based on Stats & Trends

  • Monthly Progress Reports & Monthly Calls

  • No Setup Fees - unlike other social media consultant companies, we do not charge you for setting up your Facebook ad campaigns!


Profile Add-On Option: You can add more profiles to any of the packages above for an extra $49/month.

We develop and execute social media marketing services that you can rely on, ensuring that your company's online presence is further boosted through a variety of social media channels. Go the extra mile and take advantage of social media for your business.



The Destiny team are great folks. We are in India, so huge time difference, but Destiny Marketing was flexible in working with us. Very knowledgeable team, but even better people!


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Shakti Prasad, COO, Communication for Techies


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