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Backlink Development Strategies for Financial Advisors Websites

Link Building for Financial Advisors 101



Once the pages are built out and the “on-page” SEO is complete, the next step is getting inbound links. Everything we have done to this point is laying the groundwork – you have to have the pages in order to even be in the running…but it is the number of QUALITY & RELEVANT inbound links to those pages that is going to determine placement.


So once the pages are built out we are really just getting started. The only way to get your site to rank above your competition is by having MORE quality inbound links to your site.


There are a number of things that you can do to increase the number of inbound links to your site:


  • Association Links – Be sure that you have a link to your site from any industry associations that you belong to such as the Investment Advisor Association (IAA), Chamber of Commerce, Networking Groups, etc). Also, if you have any specialized certifications, make sure to get links from their official sites, too.


  • Directory Listings – Get your site listed on as many directory type listings as possible (InfoUSA, Yahoo Local Directory,,, etc).


  • Create Interesting Content / Articles about your industry - this is probably the #1 source of inbound links because you can write an article about Alternative Investments and push it out to thousands of article directory sites, each containing a link back to a specific page on your site.


If you build out your site for your services and cities/towns that you cater to, optimize the pages using SEO best practices, systematically obtain inbound links to those pages and sub-pages, then you will start to DOMINATE the search engines for financial advisor related keywords in your area.


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