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Track, Measure, & Quantify Online Marketing Efforts

Financial Advisors should Track, Measure, and Quantify their Online Marketing Efforts



It's critical that you track your ROI on any marketing efforts that you do for your firm. For online marketing, you should make sure you are keeping track of the following:


  • Website Traffic Trends
  • Search Results Rankings for Important Keywords
  • Conversion Tracking for your different marketing channels


To track these metrics effectively, here are two activities that you should implement for your firm:


  • Call Tracking Numbers - You can sign up for a unique number that you can use for your marketing activities. We suggest creating a unique number for each of your marketing activities. When a prospective client calls the tracking number will forward to your office number, where someone on your team will respond to the call. Popular options for call tracking include Call Rail and Call Tracking Metrics.


customer relationship management software destiny marketing solutions


  • Customer Relationship Management Software - Your firm should invest in a Customer Relationship Management tool, or CRM, to align lead sources with total billed amounts. By taking this step, you will know exactly which of your marketing channels lead to the most profits and revenue! Popular CRM options for financial advisors include Wealthbox CRM, Advisors Assistant, Ebix, Grendel, Junxure, Redtail, and Salesforce.
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