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How Financial Advisors Can Become LinkedIn All-Stars

linkedin for financial advisors destiny marketing solutions


It’s not a stretch to say that LinkedIn has acquired the status of All financial advisors strive to rank their LinkedIn profiles higher for more business opportunities.


These are a few strategies that will help in optimizing your LinkedIn profile for better rankings for relevant searches.


Start with a Smile


Use a professional photo to personalize your bio and make a connection with your page’s visitors.


start with a smile destiny marketing solutions


Consider this: In a series of experiments conducted by psychologists Alexander Todorov and Janine Willis from Princeton, it only takes 100 milliseconds to form an impression of someone based on a photo of their face.


Several things to consider for your LinkedIn profile photo:


  1. Dress according to your role in your firm and firm’s culture
  2. Make eye contact
  3. Keep the perspective to head to shoulders (preferred) or head to waist
  4. Accentuate your jaw structure
  5. Smile with your teeth showing


Keep Your LinkedIn Location Updated


Make sure that your LinkedIn profile has your accurate location. Most prospective clients looking for advisors search within their immediate geographical location.


Therefore, make sure to align your location with your present and future goals strategically.


Use an Attention Grabbing Headline in Your LinkedIn Profile


The first place that requires your attention is your LinkedIn profile headline. Most financial advisors do not give attention to their headline. Small tricks can do wonders in boosting your profile ranking.


The trick is to define yourself in 120 characters by writing something that will entice prospective clients to learn more about your service offerings.


Expert tip: Take a look at the top ranking profiles in search results related to yours, and see how these LinkedIn members structure their headlines. Another tip: do a Google search for financial advisor + <your city or town> to see what advisory firms are using for headlines in the paid ads section.


Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile’s URL


In case your LinkedIn URL has a /pub/, then make sure to customize it. It would be ideal to get your name in the URL; however, with a user base exceeding 200 million users, it is a far-fetched desire.


Try to customize your URL to include your name, title, location, and/or certification.


These are a few good examples of strong LinkedIn profile URLs:




This will help a prospective client reach you with ease, and will give you an edge over other advisors in your area.


optimize your linkedIn profile’s url destiny marketing solutions


Showcase Your Eminence in Financial Services


LinkedIn provides a section for you to upload documents and other content, including videos.


Have you been filmed giving a public presentation, or perhaps you’ve hosted a webinar for prospective clients?


Maybe you’re not big on video, but you have written whitepapers and other unique material.


Make sure to upload these content assets to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise to potential clients.


Choose the Right Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile


As a financial advisor, identify at least 2-3 keywords that are significant to your profile.


For instance, if you are a fee-only advisor who has a specialty in tax planning, these would both be great keywords to add to your LinkedIn profile.


You could add even more value here by adding your areas of expertise, such as holistic financial life planning, emerging markets, etc.


Once you have shortlisted a list of keywords relevant to your profile, make sure to add them into different places throughout your profile.


Expert Trick: Are you working in an area with stiff competition? Try finding ways to incorporate your competitors firm names and/or areas of specialty (as long as they’re relevant) into your profile copy.


Make Your Summary Keyword Efficient


This is the space where you can experiment and induce as many keywords as possible. The character limit for the summary section is 2000 characters, so take full advantage of this prime real estate!


Many times, individuals add the same details as their resume.


make your summary keyword efficient destiny marketing solutions


Using details from your resume is a good start, but you should take a marketing mindset to this section. Focus on your career experience, not specific employers, and write from the 1st or 3rd person point of view. Make sure to stay consistent and write from this point of view for the remainder of your profile.


To make your profile more personal, I highly suggest you write from the 1st person point of view!


At the end of the summary section, make sure to include a call to action (i.e. visit my website, schedule a complimentary financial review, email me, call me), and if appropriate, provide your business contact information.


Key Takeaway: Your description should reflect your unique value proposition, skillset, and career achievements, encouraging potential clients and other business partners to contact you.


Make Your Experience Section Impactful


Your experience section is another key area that can have a keyword rich title, highlighting your expertise. If your past job titles do not have keywords that you want to be visible for in the search results, try finding creatives ways to incorporate them by using synonyms and subject related keywords.


Try to be succinct with your different experiences, keeping them to 1 paragraph. This makes your profile more readable and easier to digest for potential clients.


How Financial Advisors Can Leverage their LinkedIn Profile in Other Places Online


Outside of LinkedIn, there are other places where you can direct traffic to your LinkedIn profile.


financial advisors can leverage linkedin profile destiny marketing solutions


Try incorporating these ideas into your overall LinkedIn marketing strategy:


  • Add a LinkedIn logo to your website that links back to your personal profile page. If you have a team, link the logo to your firm’s LinkedIn company page.
  • Include a LinkedIn logo, along with logos from your other social profiles, in your email signature.


LinkedIn for Financial Advisors: Profile Optimization is Just the Beginning


Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is an excellent way to start attracting more interest on LinkedIn, but your job is not finished here. LinkedIn is a SOCIAL platform, meaning in order to get the most out of it, you must interact with other LinkedIn members.


Be sure to stay tuned as I go more into detail on how you can do this.


In the meantime, if you have any questions about LinkedIn or your firm's social media marketing in general, be sure to contact us today!