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Digital Marketing for Insurance Firms


Insurance agents have the difficult task of providing a product that nearly everyone needs but very few people understand.


Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a market to grow in that doesn't rely on personal referrals.


Marketing has gone digital in the modern marketplace, but digital marketing for insurance firms is still poorly understood. 


You can put your firm in a better position to grow when you follow the suggestions and concepts below.


Insurance marketing is about more than casual chats.


Web marketing for insurance brokers can help guarantee your access to the widest possible market and maximize your potential income. 


Search Engine Optimization for Insurance Firms 


search engine optimization for insurance firms destiny marketing solutions


Search engine optimization for insurance agents can require you to take a long, hard look at the content you've made available on your website.


Many agents may feel like they're offering the clearest and most direct information possible; however, that information needs optimization for the search engines.


A strong online marketing strategy for insurance will require your firm to adhere to SEO principles.


If you've never performed an SEO analysis of your firm's web presence, you might not know where to begin.


People who are searching the internet for insurance information are generally predictable in:


  1. The information they're seeking to gather.
  2. The keywords and questions they search for.


Make sure you write to these different topics.


Also, make sure to include keywords in strategic places, such as:


  1. Heading tags
  2. Page title
  3. Page URL
  4. Your page's meta description
  5. Meta tags for your images


Creativity and unique displays of information may have some value, but they're not as critical as making sure information is put in the hands of your clients at the right time.


When is the right time?


When they are actively in research mode or market looking for the products you offer!


That includes maximizing the chances of your firm showing up in search engine results.


The most cost effective way to achieve that goal?


Craft pages with search engine optimization principles in mind.


SEO for insurance firms requires strategic inclusion of keywords and phrases you want your website to be visible for in the search engines.


Consulting with an experienced firm may be the right way to guarantee your company receives the access you desire.


Otherwise, you may find yourself frustrated by your lack of progress with your online visibility.


If that's your experience, it's almost certain to be shared by potential clients. 


Social Media Marketing for Insurance Firms


search engine optimization for insurance firms destiny marketing solutions


Insurance sales have long been bolstered by community engagement and your ability to seek out potential clients in the community.


Sponsorship of civic organizations and youth sporting events use to be prime vehicles for generating that exposure.


With so much socializing done on the Internet today, a strong social media marketing plan is becoming increasingly essential.


Social marketing for insurance agents needs to be at the core of your overall marketing strategy.


Since your targets clients spend so much time online on social media, your firm needs to be there as well.


Otherwise, you could find yourself entirely shut out of important conversations.


A potential client may to friends on a social network to ask for suggestions for an insurance broker.


You want to be the provider they are referred to.


Requiring extra steps and investment of effort is simply asking for your strategy to fail. 


Digital marketing for insurance firms requires a component of social engagement.


As an insurance agent, you're protecting some of the most dear and personal aspects of your clients' lives.


It's natural that you fit into their social conversations and utilize their connections to help drive your marketing forward.


Discounts based on referrals have long been part of the industry, and social media is a valuable tool that helps guarantee access to those referrals.


Social profiles, for example, have similar intimate access into the lives of individuals.


Financial security and risk management doesn't have to be dull or uninteresting, and tying yourself into that box will lead to failure.


Digital marketing to improve insurance sales can be just as lively and engaging as any other kind of marketing strategy. 


Paid Per Click Advertising for Insurance Firms


paid per click advertising for insurance firms destiny marketing solutions


If you prefer a more direct marketing strategy that makes the value of your investment more straightforward, then you should consider the value of a paid per click advertising strategy.


Paid per click advertising allows you to divert a portion of your marketing spend to placing ads on the major search engines.


Each time your ad receives a click, you are charged some preset amount.


With paid ads, your firm's listings will appear near the top of the front page of the search results.


Insurance company marketing ideas can often bring about a fair degree of skepticism or maybe even some risk of ineffectiveness, so it's reasonable for your firm to decide to invest in a sure thing.


That investment, however, may need to be substantial as well as consistent. 


The digital best digital marketing services for insurance firms may mention paid per click advertising somewhat reluctantly only because many firms demand immediate returns which may not be possible with a paid per click strategy.


Other marketing strategies may feature less of an up front investment and more of a structure which allows you to alter your buy-in into the strategy over time. 


Insurance is a highly competitive market, and it shouldn't come as a surprise that your competitors will fight in every way they can to get ahead.


If you're working for a firm that's fighting hard to keep up with your competitors, you need to make up that ground in any way possible.


Often times, that means investing in and betting on yourself and your business to reach previously unseen heights. 


Email Marketing for Insurance Firms


email marketing for insurance firms destiny marketing solutions


One challenge that many insurance companies face is marketing a product which may bring up some unpleasant thoughts in the minds of potential clients.


Digital marketing for health insurance and digital marketing for life insurance both have to tread the line of being informative and helpful while not being too dark or dire.


When many people go through their email inbox, they're already in the process of looking for important information and answering messages thoughtfully and carefully.


The direct appeal that accompanies email marketing can allow you to shape your message for individual clients while at the same time making sure that you hit the right tone.


When you're in the right place at the right time, you increase the chances that someone will select you as their insurance provider. 


Email marketing may be able to reflect your social media marketing in many ways.


In fact, the two strategies can frequently play off of each other.


Email offers may encourage social media engagement so that you're better able to spread your network of potential clients to those people who may already be predisposed to having an interest in your offerings.


Developing a marketing plan for insurance companies means understanding the local community and the expectations of the people buying insurance in it.


Your email marketing offers an opportunity to clearly show that understanding and directly reflect events or concerns that a longer term strategy may not be able to focus on.


Reaching out to your clients on a regular basis through an email newsletter, for example, is a great way to introduce new products and rates and maintain a healthy relationship with your clientele. 


Content Marketing for Insurance Firms


content marketing for insurance firms destiny marketing solutions


Marketing strategies for insurance firms are in part reliant on making sure you provide thorough, educational content.


Informative website pages which describe your products serve an invaluable role in your digital strategy.


Educational resources help clients understand their liabilities and what they need to do to minimize them.


When you sell insurance, you're really selling peace of mind and the reduction of risk.


Clients need to understand that concept, and every page of your website should have that drive in mind.


You should take the time to sit down with a trusted client who isn't heavily involved in the industry.


Then, follow these two simple steps:


  1. Walk them through each page of your website
  2. Verify that you're providing the best and clearest information possible at every opportunity. 


Digital Marketing for Insurance Firms: We are Your Answer


content marketing for insurance firms destiny marketing solutions

The internet provides countless marketing opportunities for insurance firms, and it's vital that you take advantage of them when possible.


Don't fall into a trap of complacency and simply accept some challenges as too strong to overcome!


You should work hard to grow your digital brand and establish smart, educational website content.


Investing in your image and that branding can go a long way toward pushing you toward a more profitable future.


Rest assured that you will be able to see the benefits of growth which come from an established digital presence.


Face it: insurance is not a thrilling industry or product to your target clients.


It's your responsibility to fight hard on the digital front to change their minds.


With the proper commitment and some strategic thinking, you can be sure that you're able to see the benefits. 


Learn how we can help you with digital marketing for your insurance firm here.