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Digital Marketing for CPA Firms


Most people only seek out a new accountant when they're in need of a particular service.


Since accounting isn't a field that brings a lot of energy or excitement to the forefront of many people's minds, it's important that you take all the steps you can to make sure that you stand out as innovative. 


Digital marketing for CPA firms can allow a small business to grow into a strong and stable force in the community and promote the kind of financial expansion you desire.


By working up a marketing plan for accounting services, you can be sure that you'll reach potential clients in a way that maximizes your profits. 


Search Engine Optimization for CPA Firms


search engine optimization for cpa firms destiny marketing solutions


Including the right combination of phrases with the right amount of saturation is absolutely essential, but it's an art that too few people have taken the time to master.


Even if you've painstakingly described all of your services and made your contact information prominent, that may not be a strong enough step to take.


Instead, it's vital that you look into better digital marketing for accountants that will be properly responsive to the demands of your particular geographical area.


SEO for CPA firms isn't just about hitting broad-based national exposure.


Tailor your strategy to your specific niche or area.


Local clients will form the backbone of your business, so it's vital that they know how to find you. 


Digital marketing for your CPA firm isn't simply a matter of plunging ahead with untested strategies. 


Instead, carefully examine each page of your website to ensure your website is visible on major search engines like Google.


Engaging a marketing firm to evaluate your SEO needs and make minor tweaks to your content can go a long way toward pushing your firm into a more visible light.


In fact, a moderate investment in your website marketing could have huge returns that help drive people to your firm at both the busiest and quietest times of the year.


In 2018 and beyond, building a strong and reliable client base will require online visibility for your firm.


Reliance on direct recommendations can only go so far, so you need to be sure you're proactive about your visibility. 


Social Media Marketing for CPA Firms


social media marketing for cpa firms destiny marketing solutions


Digital marketing for accounting and tax professionals will also require you to get social.


In days gone by, that may have required engagement in civic organizations or professional fraternities.


While those organizations are certainly valuable and can create important connections, social media has jumped to the head of the line of places where people tend to gather.


The very idea of creating social media content for accountants may seem absurd, but in reality, it's a very important step toward ingratiating yourself with members of your community.


If the people you're going to serve are going to trust you with their money and their liabilities, it helps if they can see you as another person with similar interests and goals.


That familiarity can certainly help build important trust. 


It's important to remember, of course, that professionalism on social media is an absolute obligation.


The very best marketing schemes can go down in flames if you don't manage to behave professionally and with respect toward all people at all times.


Assuming that you can manage to use social media for all of its positives without dipping too far into the negatives, you can be sure that the connections you'll forge will be positive and meaningful.


The ability to offer discounts for referrals through social media is an important tool that you can use to grow your client base and have current clients utilize more of your services.


At tax time and other busy periods of the year, reminding people of your availability in a spot where they're likely to see it can be an extremely valuable strategy.


Most people now count on information to be presented to them rather than looking themselves, and social media can provide that opportunity. 


Paid Per Click Advertising for CPA Firms


Paid Per Click Advertising for CPA Firms


If you feel as though your accounting firm marketing ideas aren't having the desired impact, then there are more direct steps you can take to maximize your firm's exposure.


Paid per click advertising refers to the strategy of paying regular amounts to search engines to push your firm's links to the top of results page and, therefore, creating more clicks.


In theory, this is a more direct way to drive potential clients to your website.


Many people who struggle with search engine optimization for accountants will prefer a paid per click strategy, as it guarantees your firm will appear in all of the relevant search fields without having to strategize too directly about the content on each individual page.


For firms which have the financial wherewithal to make significant advertising investments up front, this can be a viable strategy. 


Keep in mind that paid per click advertising shouldn't be the sum total of digital marketing for accounting firms.


While it can be an incredibly valuable tool in the toolbox, it's also not a guarantee that visitors to your website will engage with your pages at a rate that's likely to form a long term client.


Operating with a paid per click strategy is an excellent way to drive up volume and create a critical mass of website views which may create the marketing outreach you were looking for, but it's best used in combination with other strategies.


It's also important to be patient with your paid per click investment and allow it the necessary time to develop into fruitful leads.


Paying up front will generate traffic, but you'll have to comb through that traffic to find the clients which will form a new opportunity for your firm. 


Email Marketing for CPA Firms


email marketing for cpa firms destiny marketing solutions


CPA firm marketing can require you to lean on older techniques which may be eschewed by more cutting edge industries.


Those people in search of accounting services are likely to be more affluent and, therefore, slightly older than the general population.


Those demographic trends mean that it's important that your marketing reaches the places where they're most comfortable and also most likely to see it. For many people, that place is their email inbox.


Checking email has become a natural instinct for most people operating in a modern business context, and if your marketing emails can fit seamlessly into that framework, you're likely to be better off.


Rather than allowing yourself to overtaken by concerns that your marketing efforts will be ignored if they show up in a client's email, you should trust that your good reputation can go a long way toward grabbing attention. 


While marketing strategies for accounting firms should be diverse, they should also rely on a strong set of principles.


Perhaps the strongest of those is that people will take help when it's offered to them, and direct email marketing provides a fantastic opportunity to show up precisely when you're needed.


Keep in mind that email marketing can function in much the same way as social media marketing.


You have the ability to rotate your offerings and provide new and exciting products to your clients on a regular basis.


Sending out regular emails at predictable times might lead your clients to make a habit of reading them and looking for new information that can save them money.


Additionally, communicating reliably through email can be its own marketing tool.


When you're handling someone's finances, it's vital that you respond to questions in a hurry. Email is certainly a great way to handle that communication. 


Content Marketing for CPA Firms


content marketing for cpa firms destiny marketing solutions


Despite a strong focus on the strategies for driving people to your website or helping them to learn about your business, the content itself remains key.


If a person comes to your website but leaves feeling like he or she didn't really learn anything about the services you offer, then your website is unlikely to be effective.


While your website shouldn't be used in lieu of personal conversations or visits to your office, it can be a valuable tool in helping your clients better understand the changing markets or their potential liabilities.


A focus on having up to date content which reflects the current laws and tax codes can help your clients trust the information you're providing.


When that trust develops, it's likely that more money will be placed in your hands and you'll be able to work harder to provide the services that your clients truly deserve. 


Focusing on digital marketing may seem strange for many accountants, but it may also be a tremendous opportunity for you to learn more about your community and the clients who live there.


While national accounting firms may get attention in the industry, accounting truly remains a local endeavor.


The people you serve are likely to be the people you see every day and who you interact with.


These are regular people who work hard to build up a nest egg that they then entrust to you.


Putting your best foot forward on the marketing front is a great way to validate that trust and make sure your friends and neighbors feel like you're always where you need to be on the development curve.


Getting your business the exposure it deserves will drive people inside your doors and make your services much more in demand than they've ever been before.