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Digital Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions

This is an era where everything in the marketplace boils down to competition and your ability to assist your customers.


It shouldn't come as a surprise that your website falls under the same constraints.


A potential new customer should be able to:


  1. Navigate your website easily
  2. Learn what he or she needs to know about your financial institution


By following the suggestions below, you can ensure your institution is on the cutting edge of digital marketing for banks and credit unions.


Your firm will be better positioned for the necessary growth that comes from operating intelligently in the digital marketplace. 


Search Engine Optimization for Banks & Credit Unions


seo for bank and credit unions destiny marketing solutions


Your potential customers rely heavily on search engines when researching new financial institutions.


If your bank or credit union has no investment in it's search engine visibility, it will be difficult for potential customer to find you.


Even though you may have the best possible services to offer a potential client, they may remain unaware of your unique value.


Staying disconnected from clients can leave you scrambling to grow your client base, and other credit union marketing campaigns could cut in to your growth potential.


This runs the risk of severely hampering your profits. 


Smart digital marketing ideas for banks will always be sure to factor in correct search engine optimization.


This involves using phrases which people are likely to enter into a search engine in many places on your website in order to guarantee that automatic data collection processes include your bank in their work.


Without optimizing your pages for search engine results, the most commonly used tools for driving new business could leave you entirely excluded.


Organizations like the Credit Union National Association highlight credit union marketing strategies that nearly all include proper SEO at their core.


Make sure that you work with your marketing team to properly maximize your SEO exposure and guarantee that you're lined up for results-based success.


Credit union marketing has been nearly mastered by a scientific and algorithmic understanding of how certain words bring in additional results, so it's vital that you don't get left behind. 


Social Media Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions


social media marketing for banks & credit unions destiny marketing solutions


Social media dominates so much of the modern landscape of communication that it shouldn't come as a surprise that it's an important part of digital marketing for banks and credit unions.


Modern communication takes place on the internet for many people, and social networks allow your potential customers and clients to share their experiences and look for suggestions from their friends and loved ones.


If you know that your customers will be talking amongst each other as they look for help in plotting their financial future, then you know that you should be a part of the conversation.


Having a presence on social media can go a long way toward making sure that you're not only able to keep your finger on the pulse of the community, but you're also able to reach out to people who may need your services and not know they're available. 


Make sure that your institution has an official profile set up on all of the most popular social networking sites.


You should also encourage your employees to follow your official pages and use those connections to help promote your products and services to an interested public.


In some cases, you can offer special rates or referral bonuses that can be based on sharing through social media.


You might also see a benefit from simply using your platform to spread awareness and, therefore, generate some goodwill in the community.


Organizations like the National Credit Union Foundation have highly useful pages of information that you can help disseminate through social media channels.


This can drive customers to your front door who are looking for help but then realize you're able to provide them with important services.


Paid Per Click Advertising for Banks and Credit Unions


paid per click advertising for banks & credit unions destiny marketing solutions


If your institution is more in the mode of needing to maintain its business than grow its business, then you may want to consider some of the benefits of paid per click advertising.


Some of the larger search engines offer a strategy that involves your institution paying a nominal fee each time a link is clicked from search engine results.


This can help push your firm to the top of each page of search engine results and is one way to guarantee you're able to maximize the exposure of your institution.


While current digital marketing trends for banks may focus more heavily on generating organic leads, working to establish some paid per click advertising can be an excellent way to make sure your firm remains at the forefront of the results over a long period of time. 


Balancing your advertising budget with the benefits which may come out of paid per click advertising can be an interesting challenge.


Professional groups such as the National Bankers Association can be an important resource to turn to under those circumstances, as you may find a great benefit from reaching out to leaders at other financial institutions to discuss the benefits they've found in those strategies.


Ultimately, the right marketing plan for a financial institution depends on the size of the client base and the willingness of the leadership of the institution to be flexible with their needs and demands.


If you have the revenue stream and the budgetary support to lock in a long-term, stable strategy, then paid per click marketing may be the right choice for you.


Make sure that you commit to a long term plan with whatever you choose to invest in, as you might not see immediate results no matter how smart the strategy is. 


Email Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions


email marketing for banks & credit unions destiny marketing solutions


Ultimately, most financial institutions have a strong desire to reach out directly to potential clients.


While blanket passive strategies can cast a wide net that may give your institution more exposure than you were expecting, they might lack the personal touch of direct advertising.


In the days gone by, that personal touch might come from a door knocking campaign or investing in direct mail flyers.


Now, with so much focus on electronic marketing, a digital marketing strategy for banks has to be formulated that can guarantee the kind of direct access to consumers that good business operators crave.


While you may be surprised to discover that email marketing is effective, it remains a large and thriving industry which delivers consistent results in the financial services sector.


It's important that you don't allow your bank or credit union to fall behind due to misconceptions. 


One challenge that many financial services companies run into is finding the proper list of interested consumers who would be receptive to an email marketing strategy.


Professional organizations like the National Investment Banking Association can help you target a subset of clients more directly and guarantee that your email list is up to date with the best possible offerings.


If your company focus leans more toward individual banking and financial services than broad investment strategies, you should seek out those lists.


Make sure that you're spreading your focus around the marketplace as necessary and not simply honing in on groups which may be more firmly inside your comfort zone.


It's important that you remove any concern you may have about sending intrusive emails, as it's far more likely that the financial services you're providing will have a net positive effect on the clients you're reaching out to meet. 


Content Marketing for Banks and Credit Unions


content marketing for banks & credit unions destiny marketing solutions


The content offered on your website itself can go a long way toward establishing a reliable and professional identity for your bank or credit union.


If the search engines can help customers find you and if your email marketing campaigns are successful, it's still vital that your potential clients and customers find the information they need when they show up at your website.


Without that guarantee, they may find themselves skeptical of the promises you've made and the services you've offered.


A website with insufficient or ineffective content can cause your bank or credit union to lose every inch of ground you've picked up, and you might find yourself forming negative associations that are difficult to combat.


Instead of falling into that trap, it's vital that you share as much information as directly as possible.


Offering knowledge and being welcoming will build the faith and trust that your company needs. 


Some of these suggestions for marketing your bank or credit union may seem self-evident, but it's vital that you take the time to dive in and understand the process.


If nothing else, making sure that you're following suggestions and philosophies that you've always had in your head is a valuable exercise.


Clear, concise marketing will always best serve your financial services company, and to achieve that goal, you need to take the time to verify that you're doing your best work.


Consulting with your peers and working through professional organizations can be a great way to get that perspective, guaranteeing that you're always able to serve your clients.


That, after all, is the best way to drive growth and guarantee success for your bank or credit union.


A smart marketing strategy merely helps to pave the road that leads toward that future.