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Notable People from Cypress, Texas

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In the past couple of decades, the population of Cypress, Texas increased by 50%. Harris County is home to multiple communities, businesses, organizations, schools, and public and historical landmarks. It has everything for a family that wants to have a top-notch home and lifestyle!


Cypress has emerged among business communities through Cypress link building. However, it has been known all along for its notable people. Several people have made a difference with their skills, talent, and name in this city. 


The following are the most notable people of all time who hail from Cypress, Texas.


Cammile Adams


Cammile Adams is a famous Olympic swimmer. This American swimmer specializes in butterfly stroke. She is known throughout Houston for spreading her Cypress pride. This Houston-born girl attended Cypress Woods High School and went to Texas A&M University. Since then, she has been swimming on the local, national, and international level!


James Bonamy


james bonamy destiny marketing solutions


James Bonamy is a well-known name to any country music enthusiast. This singer was not born in Cypress, Texas but did spend the prime time of his life there. James didn’t have any recorded music until 1997. When he moved to Cypress in 2002, he worked full-time at a communications company. It was in Cypress where he got the inspiration to compose his first track. He got married in Cypress and had three sons. Soon, he moved to another district of Texas where he currently resides.


De’Aaron Fox


De’Aaron Fox has a huge fan following! This 22-year-old professional basketball player lived his early life in Cypress, Texas. He attended Cypress Lake High School. He was known for his flexible moves. Little did he know he would soon bring pride to the Cypress! In 2017, he was recruited by the Sacramento Kings. That was where his career took off.


Robbie Grossman


Robbie Grossman is a well-known American baseball player. He is one of the most enthusiastic and easy-to-coach baseball players. Robbie proved his talent and passion for baseball when he was in high school. He attended Cy-Fair High School where he was a significant figure in the baseball team. This baseball outfielder became a crucial part of the Houston Astros, the Minnesota Twins, and Oakland Athletics. 


Iris Kyle


If someone has a slight interest in bodybuilding and loves record-making athletes, then it is impossible for them to not know about this pride of Cypress, Texas. To this date, Iris Kyle is known as the most successful professional bodybuilding athlete. She took bodybuilding to the next level! She has been Ms. Olympa and Ms. International ten and seven times respectively. She lived a big part of her life in Cypress.


Tony Oller


tony oller destiny marketing solutions


Remember Danny from As the Bell Rings on the Disney Channel? Yes, that is Tony Oller! He is a singer, actor, and songwriter. This multi-talented person played different characters on Teen Nick TV and the Disney Channel. From shows for children to movies, he has done it all. Tony Oller graduated from Cy-Fair High School.


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