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History of Cypress, Texas

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Overview of Cypress


Texas has the highest number of counties in the whole country. The total number of counties in Texas is 254. The third most populated county in Harris County. Harris County is home to Cypress, which is located in Houston’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. Located along highway 290, Cypress is 24 miles NW of downtown Houston.


Around two decades ago, Cypress was not in the spotlight like it is now. Its heyday began with Texan investors and entrepreneurs looking for unexplored, spacious, and well-built cities. 


Today, Cypress is home to hundreds of businesses. Even more interesting is the fact that Cypress is the 50th highest-earning urban area in the entire US. Cypress is raking in huge revenues for Texas.


Communities and Residents in Cypress


The history of Cypress, Texas is one of development and prosperity. In the early years of the city, different communities resided and played their part in the development of Cypress.


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Native American tribes, particularly Atakapan tribes, occupied Cypress for a short time. They were soon replaced by European settlers. In the 1840s, Anglo-Americans ranched what would become the site of Cypress Creek. Soon, German communities come to the area and settled along the creek. However, they didn’t drive the Anglo-Americans out of Cypress. They lived together in harmony for very long.


Tribute to the Original Settlers of Cypress


In the 1980s, the settlers of Cypress gave a tribute to the families who originally settled in the city in the early years. Several schools and streets were named after the originally-settled families of Cypress. This tribute included Matzke Elementary and Huffmeister Road. 


Tin Hall


An elegantly built dance hall was added to the infrastructure of Cypress. It was built on Huffmeister Road in 1978. Unfortunately, in a terrible accident, the dance hall burned to ashes only a few years after its construction. The dance hall played an integral part in occasions and festivals and brought people together. It was where people socialized during several well-organized events throughout the year.


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The settlers of Cypress decided to rebuild the dance hall. The only struggle was meeting the expenses of construction. Thankfully, Cypress Gun and Rifle Club stepped in and provided the financial assistance. The construction began with the use of corrugated tin this time. After completion, it was called Tin Hall. Tin Hall gained great fame and reputation. It is now a symbol of a bygone century.


Education in Cypress


Cypress didn’t have educational institutions until the late 1800s. In 1880, the very first Cypress school was built. The school consisted of only one room. With progress, awareness, and financial assistance, the one-room Cypress got more rooms and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The school’s name changed to Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District. 


In the 1980s, Cypress became the second-largest school district in the state. The largest school district at that time was Houston ISD. Today, Cypress has many excellent schools, high schools, and universities. Education in Cypress is thriving!


Discovery of Oil and Water


Development and progress in Cypress waited for the right moment. In 1904, when oil was discovered along the Gulf Coast, the economic development of Cypress took off. Moreover, only a mile from Cypress, some drillers were digging and drilling when they found a hot artesian well. This being a very valuable discovery brought leverage to the trade and overseas import. Where there is water, there is life! Soon Houston Hotwell Sanitarium and Hotel was constructed at the site of the well.


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Interestingly, news spread about the potential of the well. The well was thought to have magical healing powers because of the rich mineral content in its waters. Several communities, tradesmen, and tribes traveled through Cypress and rested at this site with interest in the water, a place to spend the night, and healing powers. The surrounding market grew into a busy street. In the 1980s, Hot Wells Shooting Range occupied this site and has been in business since then.


Agriculture, Dairy Farming and Suburbanization


The main source of income for residents of Cypress was agriculture and livestock. Cypress still had to cover many miles before entering the era of urbanization. However, the residents of Cypress traveled at a fast pace. In the 1950s, Cypress became suburban. Occupations and lifestyles modified. Now, residents had more options. Since the roots of Cypress lie in farming, therefore, the residents had an immediate interest in the Cy-Fair Rodeo. In 1944, Forrest Arnold established Cy-Fair Rodeo. 


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