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What are the SEO Mistakes that Kill Content Performance?


Video Transcript for What are the SEO Mistakes that Kill Content?


[00:00:01] Good morning, and happy Friday. So today I'm going to review a question that we receive that where are the SEO mistakes that kill content performance. And so this is a really good question because if you're doing SEO and you're psyching a white hat approach content is going to play a major part in your success and if you don't have content or if you're not creating the correct type of content, then [00:00:31] you need to make sure that you revamp your strategy because if there's no content of your site Google and other search engines really don't have anything to drink so the first mistake I often see with constant strategies is you know afford a countenance even ridden so the strategy behind it, so when you're writing content first, you need to have an idea of your target keyword, so I'll let me

The [00:01:01] create a list of 10 to 15 Target keywords that you really want to improve your organic visibility for and then from there you want to find topics that are related to those keywords, but they also address a question or just a pain point that your Target customers may have so there are a few tools to use when you are doing your keyword and topic strategy. [00:01:31] So first, I'll start with the keyword research.

So my favorite is a traps.

There are ton of others you have Neil Patel's ubersuggest tool.

Have moths you have sem Rush.

HR S Monson SCM Rush those are all premium [00:02:01] tools but let's say you don't but nipple tells tool is actually free of charge now, but let's say you just wanted to do some quick research. You can also use Google suggest. So if you ever type in anything in a Google search engine, you'll realize that it has a drop down menu with other phrases that people are looking for. So those are great opportunities great opportunities to build your list and [00:02:31] be more specific with a long tail keywords now for topic research

Do you want to go after what topics are trending or what people are really talking about. So my suggestion you can get started with Google Trends. So what I would do is take each of the key words you found during your keyword research activity and then plug those into Google Trends [00:03:01] and now kind of give you an idea on if that particular topic is trending and what other related subtopics are trending in popularity as well. You also want to take a look at the featured Snippets and Google search results. So if you're not familiar with those, these are let's say we typed in

What would be a good good phrase [00:03:31] for?

For the summer. So let's say we are a party rental We Rent Out we have a party rental company and we're giving people information for July 4th. So we did a search phrase for like

July 4th party planning

Let's kind of see what different things people are asking. So [00:04:02] in this is the feature snippet. So this is the part that says people also ask let's zoom in here a bit.

So you see what do you do for a Fourth of July party? That could be a splott topic on its own what you eat lunch Fourth of July. I think most people who were born in the states might know that but maybe if you're in a city and you're targeting the city has a large immigrant population. Maybe that's something would be [00:04:32] a good topic to try out. Where is Fourth of July celebrated? That's probably not relevant. What do you eat? Where is he? What can you do on Fourth of July at home? That would be a good one. But really the point here is that you want to Target those topics that people are asking about and Google Google's feature Snippets. Those are a great place to start some other tools that I like to use answer to public.

So I'm not going to go over that one [00:05:02] too much. There is a tutorial on our website. So if you are interested in learning more about how to use an answer to public just click through to our website and we'll there's a video in our training section besides that social media searches. So again, you can take those same phrases that you that you found doing your keyword research and then just type them into social media to see what type [00:05:32] of post and topics come up. So that includes Facebook Twitter Youtube what other ones are out there, I would say those are the main three that I use LinkedIn if your Beats be could also work. So once you have some topics and then lastly Google news, so if there's something that's in the News That's related to your industry or related to your target audience.

Our demographic then Google news is also [00:06:02] a great source for Content ideas. So once you have your keywords in your topics now, it's time to write the content. So what I see a lot of times with bad content is its keyword stuff, even though that hasn't worked for many years now, I still see people are stuffing keywords into your content and really this makes the content hard to read and it doesn't provide the best experience possible for the user. So [00:06:33] I would my recommendation would be just to write the content naturally, let it flow naturally, but there are ways you can optimize your content for SEO without without making it too keyword into SEO. That's why I like to call it. So let's say you're all writing an article about July 4th party planning.

What I would do in this is something that will allow you to get more detailed into your content. [00:07:04] I would look at what are the questions people are asking and then make sure that you set those questions as subheadings in your content and also provide a very good answer. So if I were writing a Blog article in July 4th party planning, you know, I would go through these and then just answer the question each, you know, and that way you can make your content more detailed but it also answers your potential customers questions, which [00:07:34] makes it useful so going back to the to the sheet here, so writing the content

avoid keyword stuffing


questions from potential customers and format these as a heading tag, so that would be your heading to your heading 3 tagging or HTML.

[00:08:04] And then I will also add this more kind of a SEO tip here when you're adding that FAQ section to your content. You also want to make sure that you add the FAQ schema the json-ld schema. If you're not clear on how to do that feel free to reach out and we can provide some assistance there. So writing a constant so avoiding keyword stuffing and answering questions. No, I will also think about how to [00:08:35] add different rich media into your content. So Graphics infographics would be an example video surveys the someone those are ways to break up the constant. So it's not a huge block of text but it's also makes your content more visually appealing and you know, one big factor that you want to make sure you are aware of with your constant is the well rate on your pages. So if someone comes to your article about July 4th party

20 and [00:09:05] they know check it out for 10 seconds to leave or Bounce from your website. Then that's not a good user engagement signal but if they come to your site and they read the article, they watch any videos that you may have or look at any infographics that you may have and they say instead for five minutes. That's a great user engagement signal and those are one of the factors that the Google's algorithm uses when ranking websites. So make sure that you pay attention there. So I would say those are the main things [00:09:35] just keep it simple. Let it flow naturally. And then finally after you write the content you want to make sure that you're promoting that content and so

Social media. So that's unless you don't have to be actively engaged in all of your all the social media channels out there, but I would say it is a good idea to at least share your content and maybe just have one or two social media profiles [00:10:05] that you really focus on building a following especially when you're starting out. So share this social media Facebook.

Twitter Instagram Pinterest if you're in an industry where it's very visual maybe anything through dealing with fashion or health and beauty Pinterest is always a good good platform to share your content and there are tons of others out there you're going to have websites that are [00:10:35] specific to your industry and there might be discussion Boards out there. There might be your own social profiles for your specific industry. So an example would be if you're a home contractor Home Advisor is a big website in that industry. So you just want to make sure that you're sharing your concert on nature relevant sites.

From there. You went think about repurposing your content. [00:11:05] So they give you an example this video. They don't fail me. Now one way to I repurpose this I film it save it and then I generate a transcript for the video. So not only do I have a video by also have a Blog article to go along with the video. So you want to find ways to repurpose your Concepts. So some common ways to do that is with video. If you are starting with video you want to maybe [00:11:35] generate a transcript for it if you are visual over or if it's constant as very visual maybe you want to generate infographic, you know, there are different ways you can repurpose so the sky's the limit there and then from there.

You want to find ways to build backlinks to your content? And so the best way to do this is to find articles that are related to your see your topic. And what you can do is use [00:12:05] Moss open site Explorer or I should say the mosque Chrome bar it you can see you can actually see which websites have linked to similar content. Now your benefits your content is should be more relevant because it's newer and you should go more in depth and the Articles have already been written. So that's another SEO tip always try to go above and beyond what's already published out there. And then from there you want to see which sites are linking to that [00:12:35] content and through Outreach campaign to those websites and say hey, I noticed that you link to this article. I just published an article about XYZ topic take a look and if you like it, do you mind looking to it and that's a great way to get referral traffic to your content and backlinks.

As I've mentioned in several videos are very important to for any SEO campaign. So concert promotion backlink Outreach kind of going [00:13:05] back here some other sites. You want to make sure you share it to medium. It's a great website. If you are using Wordpress, there are plugins where you can share your content automatically and you can also create. Well, you don't necessarily necessarily have to be in WordPress for this but you can take your RSS feed and add it to other blog aggregators. So that's a great way to promote your content automatically and then that's pretty much shit, [00:13:35] you know, then of course over time you want to measure the stats and now it's how you help figure out. Okay, what works what doesn't and how you can engage your users more.

Now finally one thing I didn't address in this video is how to figure out what type of content you should create whether that's a article or blog posts video infographic or so on and really the best way is to look at what's already ranking for that term. So [00:14:05] July 4th party planning we see these are mostly articles but we see our second our second search result here actually images. So that's the sign that if I were to write a blog on July 4th party planning, I would want to make sure to incorporate images there wikiHow is usually a step-by-step type article. So that's the sign that you maybe you want to have a step by step step by step section in your in your in your article. Then [00:14:35] I was just kind of look at what's ranking and you know, you kind of went to replicate what Google already thinks is the best way to answer the search query.

So those would be my tips there and just to kind of give you another example here how to how to plan a party.

So usually anytime that you are targeting [00:15:05] something that has how to in it is usually going to be a list. You see these guys. They're giving away a template so that might be a constant idea for you videos you notice that we didn't see that on the July 4th party planning search query, but since it is how to plan a party people might be looking for videos. So you want to see what's already on the first page of the search results and incorporate those different content or types of content assets into your content piece. That way [00:15:35] you are addressing the Searchers a tent and need. So hopefully this video has been helpful and helps answer your question, and if you haven't already subscribe to our YouTube channel where we are regularly providing questions and answers to SEO related questions. Well, thanks. Have a great Friday and a great rest of your weekend. Take care.


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