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What is the Best Way to Improve SEO? Part 4: Content Creation & Promotion


Video Transcript for How to Create and Promote Content for SEO:


[00:00:02] Good morning, everyone and happy Friday Leonard Parker here. And today I'm going to go over how to use content when you're getting started with your SEO campaign to really start to build long-term traction for your website's visibility and also build more traffic grow your grow your website's traffic. So since it's the on the brink of Summer will feels like summer [00:00:32] but we're not officially in summer yet here in South Texas. It's very hot. So today I'm going to use the example of AC repair company and how they might Target or approach their content strategy when you're just getting started with your SEO campaign. Now before I get into that just a few bullet points here and even before I get to that so this video is really meant for SEO beginners. So if you are an

CEO or [00:01:02] you have experience doing your own SEO. This video might not be very helpful for you. But thanks for watching. Anyway, make sure to subscribe. So when you're getting started with your content strategy, my advice would be to start with research. So really in going back to the AC repair company. You want to make sure that you're putting out content that's unique and its high quality and that's nothing new. You probably [00:01:32] heard that before but when you're doing your research you want to look at what your competitors and even other companies in your industry what they're writing about and from your experience and from what you've seen in the field. There's always going to be some gaps where you know, maybe that particular company whoever wrote the blog article didn't consider this factor or they didn't consider this specific scenario, or maybe they could have

Adding more data [00:02:02] to back up. Some of the things they were saying, you know, I think the typical is to make the content longer which isn't always necessarily better, you know, if you can take a 1000 word article and still convey your message and 500 words. Well people are going to appreciate that shorter article because it gets to the point and Google also rewards you because you're going to have better a better user experience. [00:02:32] People are going to be staying on the page longer and they're not going to bounce. So just remember that longer content isn't always better. Now, you should have a Content calendar. I call these editorial calendar where you basically schedule L. Okay blog a it's going to go live June 1st block B's going to go live June 15th and so on and I would say scheduled at all if you can't

A year, but [00:03:02] at a minimum of the next 90 days and that way you can really figure out you know, what topics you're writing about and if you are Outsourcing this to a writer or maybe someone else on your team, they will know ahead of time. So it just makes it easier for everyone. So the content is well research and well-written and isn't rushed. So always, you know, how some type of [00:03:32] content calendar as a guideline and as I already mentioned quality over quantity, so, you know that applies to word length, but that also applies to publishing frequency. So preferably, you know in a perfect world you could publish an article every day, but we're all business owners. We don't have time for that, you know consistently or we might have someone in our team who can help with that consistently or you know budgeting if you are all sorts.

It can become an issue. [00:04:02] So, you know daily weekly monthly bimonthly know what really matters is you're putting together good quality content. That really is the best in class, you know on that topic. So those my advice there, you know, I think the constant research, you know competitor research is always, you know, a good step and figuring out where the gaps in the continents already out there and that's how you can figure out how you can [00:04:32] add your unique value now picking high potential topics and angles now, I'm assuming you're not at SEO so you might not have access to some of the more advanced tools like HRS or sem Rush. Actually. I think SCM Rush does have a free option. So it's worth a look but it is they with that free option. They do provide limited data, but if you do great there are tons of videos out there from directly from a ahrefs or

Rush on how to best [00:05:02] use their tools Neil Patel he is a industry leader. He does have a free tool where you can do some keyword research and look at the different websites that are ranking well for that particular topic and that's can be to start of your competitor research now, I won't go into detail about this tool but I will provide a link in the video description where you can [00:05:32] check it out for yourself, but it's a great tool only been around a couple of months, but I'm really impressed with what he's done here.

And so picking high potential topics. So this is where your research is really going to come into play. But before I get to how I would do content research topic research some of the types of content that do really well, especially when you're sharing them on social media or sharing them on other [00:06:02] places online include expert roundups. So using our example of a AC repair company, you might not want to ask your competitors what their opinion on something as but let's say, you know, if you're looking at targeting new homeowners, so you might want to Target something with different real estate agents where you know, maybe it's something outside of AC repair but you know, some of the things that new [00:06:32] homeowner new new homeowners should be aware of when

Conserving energy. So keeping their light bill down their electric bill down. And if you're in Houston, you know, Target the top 10 real estate agents in your specific specific area. So if you're in Katie, or you're targeting Katy Target the top real estate agents and Katie and those are great way to do what we call a crowd Source information. So pretty much [00:07:02] the consummate right itself. So you would email these female email these real estate agents, you know, ask their opinion on opinion on a topic and then compile those responses and to our nice article and then of course you want to add, you know your snippet, but that's a great way to crowd Source content. But once you publish it let those real estate agents know that you publish the article and then there's a good chance that they'll share it on their social media profiles or even link [00:07:32] back to you from their own websites and our own blog so great opportunity.

if a graphics so if a graphics

Will be a great opportunity especially if you're in an industry like AC repair where there isn't a ton of infographic marketing being done, but I would just say, you know figure out you know, what would be a good topic that will lend itself well to an infographic so listicle articles are always great for infographics because it allows [00:08:02] you to step, you know, infographic allows you to convey that information in a step-by-step process another, you know, good infographic topic will be related to something dealing with a process. So, you know, there's a process that you want to publish an article about you can put that process on an infographic. So a big part of infographics is the design of course, so you want to make sure that you know, if you don't have those design skills [00:08:32] that you partner with someone who does and there are a lot of cool tools out there. I use a tool called Snapper, which I will

Share a link to and the video description but it makes it very easy to put together some really good looking infographics right away case studies and for AC repair this might be more applicable to a commercial real estate properties. So let's [00:09:02] say you did some work on a commercial property and you're able to save them significant amount on their monthly electric bill. That's a great case study. If you're using some techniques, you know, as far as ventilation or you know something that's not out of the norm that would be a great case study to put on your website because you know people love being cool here in South Texas during the summer, but what they love probably even more saving [00:09:32] on that I'll save you on those High electric bills. So if you can show someone how you've been able to save your former customers money, that's a

Great way to sell to them and with do constant and of course when you share that to social media, you're just going to get more visibility on that case study and I already mentioned this but listicle articles, so let's go articles. You know, they are. Those are your typical top 11 ways to save on your energy bill this [00:10:02] summer, you know, I would say, you know try to be strategic with that. So, you know, if you see that your top competitor already has an article that says top seven, you know, the skyscraper technique is you know, it's a technique will if it's they're talking about top seven. Let's expand that and use top 14. Other than that going back to what I mentioned earlier in the video. You could do something where you [00:10:32] you stick with the same number but you go more into detail in that listicle article. And again those types of articles are very

Be easy to scan and very good when someone's on their mobile device and it's easier to read so just a few ideas on types of content that you can create. You can also especially for infographic. Let's say you write a blog article you can always repurpose that into an infographic or a video even so just [00:11:02] depends on what your style is. And what is the best way that you can you can you communicate so how do you do some research so first, you know, I will always recommend taking the educational approach because top of funnel that's where you're going to grab people's attention. So one little trick I do so, let's say your main surface offering is AC repair and I always type how at the beginning of the search query and that's [00:11:32] going to give me some questions that people are asking online about this particular topic. So we have prevent AC repair and what

Minutes, so they're talking about you know, preventing the need for someone to come out and repair the AC unit with ongoing maintenance. So something that people can do at home and they don't necessarily need an expert now you might ask. Okay, how will me writing content [00:12:02] about people doing their own maintenance help my business? Well, you build that trust with people so that when they really do need an AC expert they know someone to call so that's that's that's kind of the strategy here. Now. This is the feature snippet. I mentioned this in my keyword strategy video, but you know see these are some of the things that people are asking how much does AC repair costs. What can cause your AC to stop working? How do you troubleshoot [00:12:32] an eighth air conditioner? How do I reset my AC unit. Can you replace the compressor in AC unit. These are all great topics that you

Right about you can write about you can even have a series where you're as you're answering commonly or frequently asked questions. And if you Lynn if you like video you can get on he'll like I'm doing now and answer these questions. So these are all great questions. You can go over you see here introduction to how to repair central air conditioners. [00:13:02] So I'm not sure if that would be something that would be appropriate especially if you're talking to a homeowner who may not have that expertise but still might be a good topic to explore you can see here these guys they have created some videos. So yeah just look at what the competitors and other companies and other areas for doing it will help you get some ideas another place. I like to look is Google news. So if you're not familiar with Google News, [00:13:32] you just go to and then again type in AC repair and this is going to pull articles from all over the world.

And you can kind of see what people are talking about so is best to do your homework before before hiring an AC repair companies. So this is a great topic because you're pretty much educating your potential customer on what they should be looking for and what questions they should be asking before hiring [00:14:02] AC repair person. And so when you're educating the client in this way, you're almost setting The Benchmark for what they should be looking for. And typically if someone's reading an article if you're if you're writing the content and they're going to assume that you meet all of these qualifications. So these types these types of Articles always do very well why air conditioning repair and maintenance is important another good one. Some of these are will be irrelevant [00:14:33] how to take care of your AC prevent needing a repair Great.

Yeah, so you're just go through this and kind of just filter out those article topics. That would be good for your business. So that's how I would use Google News.

And then finally we're looking at Google Trends. So Google Trends is a free tool from Google it pretty much tells you the popularity of a topic over time so you can see [00:15:03] here. I typed in AC repair and as you would expect in the summer, it's very popular, but during a fall and winter months. It becomes less popular and then it bounces back, you know starting it looks like in Spring early spring so very good topic, you know, I would say go more in detail. So there's some particular or specific service that you offer, you know, put that in here and see what what how people are searching [00:15:33] for it over time and what I really like for Google Trends, let's say if you target areas outside of Houston e or even outside of text says you can look at the states where locations where these These are these searches are most popular and maybe that's the

Good area to area to Target if you're not already targeting and then if you scroll a bit further, you can kind of see some of the related topics and queries now all of these won't be relevant but [00:16:03] you know, maybe if you can find a way to tie in window treatment, maybe do a collaboration article with a window treatment provider. Let's see what else here moving company. So if there's something that people should be aware of when you're moving or even preparing to sell their house in regards to their AC unit. You know, that might be a good topic to write on you can see here in the right hand side. It gives you the [00:16:34] increase in popularity over time and then related queries against some of these might not be relevant, but you can kind of see what people are also in search you for when they also search for AC repair.

So going back to my list here. So let's say you have your written article you publish it on your website good job. So you've done about 20% of their work and the remaining 80% [00:17:04] is promoting at concept and so you want to promote it on Facebook Twitter. Maybe if you Target commercial properties LinkedIn or LinkedIn groups might be a good option Pinterest is great for graphics. So if you go the infographic route, you can republish it on Pinterest if you do videos or course you want to use YouTube Vimeo and there's some other video sharing platforms out there. That might be a good Target, but you want [00:17:34] to also get very Niche with where you're targeting. So let's say if you're you focus on residential AC repair services, you want to look at different discussion boards and forums for homeowners.

So, you know, I just type in homeowner forums, you know, there's a lot of different variations you can do for that, but you can see here some of the forums that come up and these would be great places to publish your content [00:18:04] and especially if it's educational and helpful people will would appreciate it. It's a great way to get traffic to your website. So I would definitely use this as a channel to promote your content and same if you target more commercial properties or property, you know, people who own several real estate assets not put in property management for them. But again, you know, you can use different searches. You can kind of see some of the [00:18:34] things that are coming up here in all of these websites. They won't

Allow you to publish your content. That's where you have to do your research, but I definitely recommend using forums. That's a great way to start building your brain and building traffic to your to your company's website. Now, if you're not already using Google my business posts, this is a great place to share your content because you're feeding [00:19:04] it directly to Google and it there hasn't been any research done in this but if you share your link to your article, it does help it get indexed faster which indexes means they'll show up here in the search results faster versus if you don't share it, so just just an idea dear now, if you don't have a Google my business page and you're especially if you're targeting a local area you need to do this today, like right after you watch this video because it's very important [00:19:34] when you're you are targeting local customers.

And you want to make sure you have your views. But yeah, this is a great place to share your content as well, and there are tons of other ways to share your content. I'm not going to go into all of them for this video. I'm actually going to share an article written by Robbie Richards, and he lists a ton of different ways. You can share your content and I'm going to share that link here in the video description check that out. [00:20:04] Definitely some great ideas there and how you can better promote your content, so that brings me to the end of the video hope that is has been helpful if you haven't already subscribe or going to be coming out with videos like this regularly, if you are managing your own SEO campaign, and just getting started with your SEO. Well, you have a great weekend. Take care and I'll see you next week.

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