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With Destiny Marketing Solutions, your PPC campaigns and offers are in the right hands. Our goal is to help you get immediate and qualified traffic for your product or service.

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Do you know that the majority of Pearland businesses struggle to lower their Google AdWords management costs because they are not familiar with the platform, keyword selection, and other bidding strategies?

Needless to say, Google ads can drive huge volumes of laser-targeted clicks to your business website at a very competitive cost if you are familiar with how to optimize your ads. You can also hire an expert Pearland AdWords management services provider, w.hich could be a great addition to your online marketing efforts.

We are among those Pearland PPC agencies that not only offer Google AdWords campaign management services but also ensure that your business gets the right traffic that is interested in your product or service.

Here at our Pearland PPC agency, we have a dedicated Google Ads management team that has years of experience in strategizing and creating high-converting Google Ads campaigns.

They know what type of landing pages work best for Google ads and how to bring the cost per click down to as low as possible.

Contact us today by email or phone to discuss the details of your Google ads paid search campaign with one of our paid search PPC experts at our Pearland digital marketing PPC management agency.

We Don’t Believe In “Set & Forget”

We don't believe in the “Set & Forget” business model.

We understand that customer acquisition cost, audience behavior, ad type, landing pages, and several other important factors vary with time when running any Google ads campaign and dealing with its management.

In simple terms, it is more of an around-the-clock job that requires constant modifications as time passes and as we understand the behavior of the target audience.

Through constant monitoring, we ensure that you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Schedule an audit of your AdWords account. Fill out the form on the right today to schedule a review.

Pearland PPC Management Company

As no two businesses are the same, no two PPC marketing techniques should be identical.

At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we create customized paid search ads campaigns that fit the needs of your company and are relatable to your target audience.

We treat your ad spend as if it were our own and our Google ads marketing team closely works with you to put together the best PPC campaign that delivers the highest ROI.

Our Google AdWords Management & Marketing Services

Here is a list of services included in our Google ads campaign management:

High-quality AdWords Management Services that Drive Leads

Our experts know how to craft the perfect text that engages your audience and leads them through a buyer’s journey that gives each side their desired results. Once we fully understand your business and its goals, we will then optimize your PPC campaign and optimize it in a way that increases your leads over time.

We use a combination of Google's Search and Display ad networks for maximum exposure for your products and services.

Ad remarketing is essential for any effective Google ads campaign. Learn more in the video below.

Conversion Tracking & ROI Reporting

We will not only set up your campaigns, but we will also provide you with conversion tracking and ROI reporting so that you are well aware of what’s being done and the results of our work for your business.

Landing Page Optimization

We will build high-quality, effective landing pages that will ensure improved conversions for your product or service. Our company believes that the keyword intent for different keywords varies, and finding the appropriate combination of keywords, ad copy, and landing page copy and design is essential for optimizing your campaign. Our landing page optimization services will help attract new customers with your AdWords campaign.

You may be the owner of a large Pearland business where you have an in-house AdWords expert. An outside perspective is always a good option! Contact us today to schedule an audit of your AdWords account.

Common Issues with AdWords Campaigns

There are several different AdWords campaign issues that you may face when running them yourself or if you hire an inexperienced Pearland company that just wants your money:

Little to no ROI

One of the top concerns of any Pearland business owner who is running a Google AdWords campaign is ROI. Most businesses attempt to set up their AdWords campaign or use a Pearland company that relies on automated software to run their campaign and typically end up with zero ROI.

At Destiny Marketing Solutions, not only do we manually set up all your campaigns, but we also ensure that we lower your cost per click, bring in laser target traffic through proper keyword research and drive leads and sales for your product or service.

Our focus will be to make gradual improvements to your campaign's conversion rate so that you see improved ROI on your ad spend with increased phone calls and overall lead generation.

Ads Showing up for Unrelated Services & Keywords

Another major issue when running AdWords marketing campaigns is the possibility that your ads show up for those services that are completely unrelated to your Pearland business. Much worse, some local Pearland businesses may even show up in cities they do not operate in and usually have to bear a very high CPC.

CPC is Too High

Truth be told, AdWords campaigns are getting more and more expensive and the CPC costs are rising sky-high. This makes it more important than ever to hire an Pearland AdWords Management services agency that ensures cost-effective campaigns for you.

Our team of experts will do proper keyword research, selection, bidding, and monitoring that ensures maximum results for minimal cost. We want to improve your campaign month over month, allowing you to make your online paid marketing efforts a success!

Why Choose Us?

Destiny Marketing Solutions is a leading Pearland AdWords management company whose entire focus is creating winning campaigns for your Pearland business.

Here is why you should consider our Pearland AdWords management agency:

Long-Term Partnership

Our company doesn't want to run your ads marketing campaigns, take your money, deliver results, and then walk away. We want to help you grow your Pearland business at scale, reach your goals faster and build a strong work relationship with you that lasts.

Focus & Attention to Detail

Our team of experts will closely work and communicate with you to understand your business and its goals. Whether you want to discuss the details of your project on a call or want us to visit your office (if local), we are here for whatever makes sense for you. We will put together a winning campaign that is customized specifically to fit your business needs. We will make sure that your paid search campaigns perform well and your cost per click is reduced to a minimum.

Client First Mindset

We care a lot about clients and we always put their needs and goals ahead of everything. Our primary focus is to help you grow your Pearland business and set your goals. We promise results.

Transparent Reports

Our Pearland agency always believes in building trust and great partnerships by showing 100% transparency in everything, especially reporting. We are happy and confident to share with you the success of your campaigns and send out monthly detailed reports along with scheduling appointments that ensure our clients are always aware of every update.

Honesty & Integrity

Without honesty and integrity, no company or business can realize sustainable success. Our Pearland clients keep coming back to us because of our honesty and integrity and the respect we give to each one of them. We always strive to deliver the best and do everything to ensure your Google Ads campaign is a success for you.

Ready to Work with Our Team of Specialists?

Call us today or leave your questions via email and one of our Pearland AdWords experts will get in touch with you.  You can also use our contact form on the right of this page, fill in your information and we will contact you. Or, call us at (888) 846-4937 to schedule a phone consultation.

We look forward to your phone call!

Google AdWords FAQs

What is Google AdWords Management?

Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, is Google's advertising platform in which advertisers bid on keywords that are relevant to their products and/or services.

Bidding on these keywords enable their clickable ads to appear on Google search result pages. Advertisers have to pay each time someone clicks on their ad; this is how Google makes money from search.

Google AdWords management is the optimization of these campaigns for an increase in relevant clicks, improved engagement, and overall improved ROI.

How Much does a Google AdWords Campaign Cost?

The average CPC for Google ads on the search network is between $1 and $2. For the display network, the average CPC is under $1.

These are general cost guidelines and can vary greatly depending on your service/product and competition.

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