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eCommerce Subscription Box Google Ads Management Services


The eCommerce subscription box industry is booming. More customers are eagerly shopping online to get their favorite beauty, retail, and other subscription boxes shipped monthly right to their doorstep. 


If you're a business owner or marketing manager of an eCommerce subscription box company, you likely already understand the importance of following eCommerce best practices to secure greater monthly sales. However, some subscription box businesses fall short with advertising campaign management and Google ads. 


One of the best ways to boost your brand, drive traffic, and increase sales is through online advertising campaigns. Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, is one of the top ways to secure new customers on Google, which is widely used over other search engine options, such as Bing. 


By working with pay-per-click (PPC) experts like Destiny Marketing Solutions to improve your PPC management, you'll learn effective Google Ads management tools to increase your customer base and sales and drive revenue.


Google Ads Management Services


google ads management services destiny marketing solutions


Google uses its advertising platform, Google Ads, to allow businesses to place paid advertisements in search engine results and other non-search sites and apps. Businesses use Google Ads to promote their products and services. Operating on an auction system, Google Ads focuses on keywords relevant to a business’ offerings that people are most likely to use when searching for their product. Businesses then bid on these keywords based on how much they are willing to pay for a user to click on their ad. 


To win Google Ads auctions and successfully have your advertisement appear for relevant keywords, you need to optimize your bid amount and quality score assigned by Google. 


If you're a business that's struggling to lower your Google Ads management costs, we can help. If you're unfamiliar with the Google AdWords platform, keyword selection, or winning bidding strategies, our agency offers Google Ads management services to ensure your company gets the right traffic for your subscription boxes. 


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, our services include Google AdWords management to drive leads, track conversions, report on ROI, and optimize landing pages, which enables you to create winning campaigns for your business. Whether you're a large or small business, we'll help you get the advertising results you want. 


High-Quality AdWords Management


high quality adWords management destiny marketing solutions


When it comes to using the right keywords, relevancy matters most. If you’re ranking for keywords with a high search volume that don’t relate to subscription box products, there is no reasonable way to get leads and conversions. 


Our team can work with you to create the perfect ad copy to engage clients, optimize the buyer’s journey, and satisfy both parties. We’ll collaborate to understand your business objectives better and enhance your PPC management. 


Using Google Display Networks and Google Search Networks, we enable your subscription box service to gain maximum exposure through our AdWords consultation and management.  


Conversion Tracking & ROI Reporting


Our team of experts helps you set up your ad campaigns and equip you with conversion rate tracking and ROI reporting for your campaign. You know the work we're doing each step of the way and can see the results in real-time. 


Landing Page Optimization


landing page optimization destiny marketing solutions


Our experienced digital marketing team builds high-quality, effective landing pages on your website that ensure your subscription box service’s improved conversion rates. 


At Destiny Marketing, we understand that the keyword intent for different keywords varies and believe that finding the right combination of keywords, ad copy, and copy and design for landing pages is key to optimizing your campaign. Our landing page optimization services, coupled with our paid advertising expertise, will draw in new customers each month with your Google AdWords campaign. 


Even if you run a large business where you may have an in-house Google Ads expert, we can perform an audit of your Google Ads account or other ads account and offer new perspectives and advice to optimize your advertising campaign. 


Common AdWords Campaign Issues We Can Help With


common adWords campaign Issues destiny marketing solutions


There is a variety of Google AdWords campaign and AdWords management issues that subscription box companies face that our ads management services can assist with. Some of these may include little-to-no return on investment (ROI) ads showing up for unrelated services keywords and CPC costs that are too high. 


Poor ROI


One of the primary concerns of subscription box companies who use Google AdWords is ROI. In many cases, businesses try to set up their AdWords campaign or rely on a company that uses automated software to run their campaign, resulting in little-to-no ROI. 


At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we manually set up your advertising campaigns while ensuring that we reduce your cost per click, bring in targeted traffic through thorough keyword research, and drive leads and sales for your box subscription service. We'll work with you to make gradual improvements to your campaign's conversion rate so you can see the improved ROI on your ad spend for yourself through an increase in customer inquiries and overall lead generation per month. 


Google Ads Showing up for Unrelated Services


Another frequent issue when running AdWords marketing campaigns is when your ads show up for services that don't relate to your company's subscription box service. Even worse, your business' services can show up in areas you do not operate in, resulting in very high cost-per-click. 


Cost-Per-Click Is Too High


cost per click destiny marketing solutions


While Google ad pricing varies for ad spend, Google Display Network, and more, you can easily pay high fees if you don't have the right expertise to help you manage your AdWords account. These costs continue to rise for CPC, making it more important than ever that you hire an AdWords management services agency that can limit fees related to your Google Ads campaign. 


As a leading AdWords management company, we can work with you month-over-month to perform proper keyword research, selection, bidding, and monitoring. We can provide you with the results you want at a minimal cost to you and your business. 


Our keyword research is focused on data and SEO that improves your subscription box business' rankings and drives laser-targeted traffic to your website. We understand that you're investing in keyword research services because you want to generate leads and increase sales, conversions, and revenue for your business. Our SEO firm ensures you are visible on search engine platforms like Google and Bing for your targeted keywords to drive visitors to your subscription box content. 


Throughout this process, we work with you to gain knowledge about your business, your target audience, and the unique value your subscription box service and brand bring to the market. From there, we'll identify the exact phrases and related keywords to use on your website and in your ad campaigns to generate leads and get you results.


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At Destiny Marketing Solutions, we turn digital audiences into dollars for our subscription box business. If you're struggling to get an ROI on your Google ads campaign or paying too much for your ads, contact us today. 


Beyond Google Ads, PPC management, and other services related to your AdWords account, we can help your eCommerce business with campaign management through our expertise in online branding, email content marketing, SEO research, and much more. Whatever your needs, we can work with you to put together a detailed plan that helps your business thrive while providing detailed monthly reports to keep you updated every step of the way. 


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