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How Damage Restoration Companies Can Use Google My Business to Local Boost Visibility

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration SEO | 24th November

In recent times, a lot of business has shifted to the online realm, filling it with tonnes and tonnes of data and information that can be accessed on a whim by anyone with a browser and reliable internet connection. The beauty of the internet is that many services have become much more accessible and easier to use than they have ever been before. All a potential customer has to do is type in what they require, and they will receive a number of listings in their local area of businesses offering those particular services.

google my business posts to boost visibility destiny marketing solutions


You need local leads

When developing a digital marketing strategy for your damage restoration business, it is important to emphasize the fact that you are not just looking for potential leads- you are looking for qualified leads. These are the leads that are much more likely to interact with you and avail themselves of your services and that are most often located in your local region. It is unlikely that someone living in a different state will ask you to come and redo their home. That is why it is good to capitalize on the various geo-focused tools offered by Google to further specify and better categorize your listings based on your local presence.


What Exactly is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a platform that essentially acts as an online directory of a variety of businesses. Previously called Google Places, Google My Business allows you to increase the visibility of your business and gain exposure from qualified leads in your targeted audience. It is primarily for the use of businesses that are focused on providing region-based services in their locality as opposed to those looking for national or global exposure.



By signing up with Google My Business, you enter your business as a listing that can be shown to the viewer if they search for the relevant keywords. You are supposed to add the name of your business, your address, as well as the contact information. Make sure that the information you enter on your My Business profile is consistent with the information mentioned on your other business associated social and online profiles as any discrepancy may cause Google to overlook your listing. By adding your address, you locate yourself on Google Maps, allowing users to quickly visualize your real-time location on the map so that they can ascertain whether or not you would be the best service provider for them.


Learn more about leveraging Google MyBusiness for your restoration company below:



Hi there, Leonard Parker. Here, in this part of the SEO segment, I'm going to go into detail about the goo in my business profile. And if you are a damage restoration business and you're really looking for local clients, clients local to your area Well, this is pretty much it should be one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy. So, uh, go in my business optimization If you're not familiar, if you ever type in your business name or even if you're talking to competitors’ names, you'll see a panel here on the right-hand side, and they're different limits here. So, uh, did assume our version. So, of course, you have the requests, a quote, but in hours of Operation Contact number and you also have you look here very small. It's the reviews. So how many reviews you have and your overall review rating? , under that, you have questions and answers, which seems like this particular restoration company isn't using. , but it's a very important strategy that you can use for your business reviews from the Web. So Google will actually aggregate all the reviews or collect all of the reviews from different websites around the Web. So in this case, they did it from their website Facebook and home a visor so that someone who's, you know, in the search for restoration or any other relevant service is they can see how your review stack up across the board. And then, of course, your review used actual text here. And if you are, if your business is active on social media, they'll have different social media profiles. So some of the key optimization factors for your Google my business first proximity If you if your business is based in Houston, someone in Miami is not going to see your group of my business profile because you're not close to them. So unless you, for some some reason, serve residents in Miami or different states. , you're only going to show up for customers in your local area. , website authority. So pretty much how much authority your website has and a back in a day Girl Day publish what was called a patron HQ. They still use it, however, it's not published anymore. So probably the most popular metric to measure Theodore ity of your website. I'll be It's 1/3 party measure is called the Mosque Domain Authority reviews. So are you getting good reviews? Are you responding to those reviews? , how many reviews that Do you have those air All important? A sw far as getting more visibility for your Google map listing. And then this is probably the most We're not probably not the most important, but the starting point is, is your Google my business profile complete? Are you taking advantage of all of the features that Google provides on the Google My business profile. So Step one is verifying your Google my business listing. So if you type in your business name and this comes up and you see anything like this in regards to own this business, that means that your business listing isn't verified. And so this is the first step. So pretty much what happened here. You're a click this, um, but Sickler link and your walk do the steps and pretty much Google for water damage restoration and damaged restoration. Usually you're gonna have to go with the postcard medic where Google will mill to your business address postcard. And on that postcard, there's going to be a code and you're gonna lie back into grew in my business and actually put that code in. And this is Google's way of making sure that you're a legitimate business and you're not a spammer or, you know, someone who's just, you know, doing doing weird stuff on the Web. I'll just leave it at that. , but this is how ah, you will verify you're listening. So once you're listing is verified now it comes time to optimize your profile, and I'll actually do a screen share while walk. Do step by step on these different areas. , but of course, you want to make sure that your business description info is there and it's accurate, and it really sells your restoration company as a legitimate, incredible provider. You also want to make sure that you're using the right category singer page, you want to leverage photos and videos. So photos of your team photos of your trucks or vans your team on the job and what I want thing I mentioned in the website segment before and after pictures. So what were the results of the work that your team completed? Those are all very powerful and then just add a bit of legitimacy. four. You're going my business profile. , and always doesn't have to be worker lady. If maybe there's some team events that you all go out and do in a community where that's community service. Maybe you had a bonding event, those air great pictures as well. People know that, Sure. Human. So it's not always work, work, work, work, work and so and even more powerful if you have videos. , make sure that you add those videos to your Google. My business profile. That's just another way to engage your potential potential customers. You want to enable your Google my business website and this was a secret. I'm not sure how much of a secret it is now, but once you set up your Google my business profile, Google actually gives you a free website where it'll pretty much is very simple. Have your business name? , the images, the videos that in business description and info that you add it here in the 1st 2 parts will pretty much collect all of that and put it on a page for you. , so one thing those websites to go with my business website isn't enabled by default, so you just have to make sure that you go in there and enabled it that way. That's just another way for people to find you on the Web. , go on my business post. So, um and I'll get into this here in a bit. But these are post on your Google. Google, my business. It's kind of Google's answer to Facebook. And let's just say maybe, um, you know, you have some good words of wisdom. Maybe you live in a colder climate where, UM, there's there's a likelihood at people's basements flood or their pipes freeze and cause issues. It's always great to put out information so that, uh, customers and people in your area can be proactive to avoid problems. So go on my business post or equate a great way to do that. And by the way, I'll go into each of these mawr in more detail. S o just stay put. Google Q and A. So these are great to use if you have really all we use them anyway. If you notice that their common questions coming from your customers or prospective customers, Google Q and A is a great way to answer those questions right under Google, my business profile and Google messages, and I won't be able to do a screen share for this. But, um, it's actually something that's handled to your mobile mobile phone, where a potential customer can message you, do your Google my business profile, you know, actually be, um, enable on your Google, your Google phone or I'm sorry on your mobile phone. , but you do have to activate this. Do your mobile phone, your can't activate it from your laptop or desktop and just an expert tip of something to remember. You always want to have two accounts. You wanna have owner's account, so that's going to be the account that you set up. You set up the profile with and you want to have a manager account. And with that manager account, that's the account you want to use to make any changes in updates to your goal of my business profile and a reason why you want to do this over the past year, So Google has really been trigger happy when it comes to suspending Google. My business listings and Let's say you're in that map at the top three for your area. If you're listing is suspended your immediately removed from that map pack. And now ma'am pack can be a great source of leads and traffic to your website into your business and your view removed. Well, you can put two and two together that can have a really bad impact on your business. So I try to be conservative when making any changes. Uh, honestly, I recommend any all pretty much all of this. All of these steps are recommend that you do, especially this and description fo categories, photos and videos and everything which were going my business website. You do that while you're waiting for your Google, my my business listening to be verified that way, it's already there. You don't have to go back in and make any changes. , but if you do have to go back and make updates, I recommend that you do those with a manager account just to be conservative, and you don't risk your listing getting suspended, which isn't a very easy process to get it of suspended. So completing your guru in my business profile, So, um again. I will go back and, um, go do a screen share right after this, but confirming that your business name, address service areas, days of days and hours of operation are correct. Filling out the service's section confirming your other information is accurate. Completing your business description and you want to make sure that you include, the things that make your restoration company unique. So going back to the website segment, when we talk about you know your unique value proposition, what makes your restoration company different compared to all of the other competitors in your area? , you want to try to include some of your target key words here, and you want to target areas along with a call to action. , you want to confirm your opening date? It's accurate, and you want to add photos and videos, a girl, logo and team unless, um, you want to enable your Google my business website and again trying to make these updates off a manager account? So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna open a profile here. This so that you see how this goes. So you are ill is business that google dot com I'm sonny in coming. Uh, okay. So once you're logged in, you would just go to your profile, so you more than likely will only have one here. , so just use our agency’s profile. Dyson example S. So the first thing is that you want to go to info, so first thing, you change your business name, so just put in whatever your business name is here, here, at the top. So you just get the pencil icon categories. It's very important. Eso your primary category. It's more than likely going to be water damage restoration. , but you can also put fire them into restoration. , and they're, you know, depending on the other service is that you offer there maybe categories that are, um relevant and appropriate to adhere. , so that's very important, because they pretty much tells Google which type of searches you should show a foreign the map pack and I'll actually, if you're watching this on YouTube, I'll share a link to a list of categories so you can determine which may be appropriate for your company other than nets. , so more than likely you're going to be serving customers at their location So you're pretty much always gonna make your business service area business. They hear you want to make sure that you target all of the areas that you actually service. So, um, recently they updated to where all the seas I have listed here before or all known included in the Houston metro area. But let's say that's not the case for you. You want to make sure that you put in all the cities and towns that your team serves ours operation pretty straightforward. So make sure that you include the right hours of operation. , in the days and times, if you are having special hours on holidays, make sure that you include that here so special hours. So just make sure that you make it as accurate as possible. , your phone number so pretty straightforward. There short name s O whatever you're short name is. So, um, for me would be the MSR destiny marketing. , but really depends on the name of your company. But I do recommend including that part, your primary website. So you put your web site, you are all here appointment links. So in the case that maybe you use an employment app for your company. You want to put that appointment link here? Products. I know some of you out there may offer products for rent in case customer wants to do the work themselves. In that case, you could add that, as add those as products here, service is so like I mentioned, just look at all of this service is that were listed on your website. And, Dan, just go from there. , you know, put descriptions, put key words that are specific photo service is, um and then and one thing that to consider here I know that the costs to the customer for completing a John may very depend on the nature of the chop. But what I recommend is putting a minimum. If you're able to, at least that customer would have an idea, and, you know, Okay, this is where their prices start. Okay, uh, going back to info highlights. So, you know, this is where you can specify whether you're a woman land business or you're a veteran owned business. This is a really good if it applies to you too. Your restoration company. . Hoping that they will add more attributes. Tuna feature. , that is relevant. Your business is business description again. , you weren't really wanna set yourself apart here, eh? So what makes your company your restoration company unique at key words? Your your service areas. And I just went. Dina, note that you do only have 750 characters, so try to be efficient with your words, and then you're opening date. , you want to make sure that you put your data opening here a swell and then finally at any photos and videos, So different photos of your office of your team, your trucks, your team on the job. Those are all good ads here. You can also added videos here, which can be very effective in just another way for people to engage with your restoration company before they give you a call. And also always make sure that you have a logo and a cover photo. So typically well, you'll see most cover photos for restoration teams will be a photo of the team or a photo of the trucks. Something like that. But you always want to try to make sure you include your logo or branding and your pictures and videos. Okay? And finally, you have your Google website. So if you don't have your website, um, if it's not enable you'll see there's an option appear to enable to sight. , but as you can see, it's pretty bare bones. It pretty much pulls in the patriot I use for the cover photo, uh, pulls in your post, which I'll get into enough in the next lesson. And, yeah, pretty, pretty straightforward and then also includes your testimonials s. So that's always good. And then a gallery. So he also pulls in your images and your videos and photos your images in your videos and here at the bottom there's business hours and then call to action button so someone can call you directly. So it's a free, free, free feature. When you set up your Google MyBusiness profile, so you may never get calls or leads from it, but it doesn't hurt to enable it. And then you can kind of just playing around with the design. You're pretty limited on which you can use here so. I'll actually gonna update that some blue one safe Tim Moore, then this may not be relevant, but she can update the domain. So you want a specific the main for your Google, my business website. You can do that as well. So take me back to the deck here. , that's pretty much on what you need to do to set up your Google my business profile and really optimize it and fill it out with good information. So if you're not sure about this or if you need any help on getting started, you know, feel free to give us a call. We provide free consultations, no obligation. And we can really get you going in the right direction. This is something that we do for all of our damage restoration clients. And we see that it's a very important part of a successful campaign. So definitely something you should not ignore. So thanks for watching it. And I look forward to seeing you in the next segment. Take care


The Map Pack is where you want to be

Another great benefit that comes from becoming a part of Google My Business is the fact that you significantly increase your chances of appearing in the coveted Local 3-Pack. You must have seen the 3-Pack when running a search for a restaurant or a hotel: a set of three listings appear before the organic search result on the top of the page and are supplemented with some of the details of the business. This gives you much greater visibility as it has been shown that brands that feature in the 3-Pack experience a 700% boost in their sales. Appearing as a featured result on Google also enables you to gain the trust of your customers and deliver services with credibility.


google local 3 pack destiny marketing solutions


If someone were to click on your My Business listing, they would see the name of the business, the address along with the location pointed out on the map with a red arrow, a phone number for contact purposes, your opening and closing hours, the main website, any photos of the company or store, as well as reviews and ratings. With Google My Business, you can encourage your customers to leave you reviews and ratings out of five on the listing after they have used your services. A good rating and positive reviews from a healthy number of consumers lend your business credibility and make the chances of lead conversion much greater.


Other Helpful Google MyBusiness Features for Your Restoration Business


These are a couple of other useful Google MyBusiness features you can leverage to stand apart from other restoration companies in your area:


Google MyBusiness Posts

Learn more about using Google MyBusiness posts for your restoration company below:



Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Wherever you are in a world. Uh, thanks for joining me for this next session for your Google. My business. We're in the SEO session, but really, for this video, I'm focusing on Google my business and I'm focused on a specific feature with Then go with my business and I'd already Google MyBusiness posts. And these are pretty much. Google's answer to Facebook allows business owners to post updates, photos and other information related to their business is information that's relevant for their customers from prospective customers and getting more visibility on Google. So just to show you what this looks like in action. And this is something I don't see a lot of damage restoration companies stealing, but they really should do more of it. So you see here at the bottom cave, you ghoul your business name. , you'll see here there's a section right under the business description that shows you're different. Grew my business post, and you might be wondering, OK, if you have to google the business name Well, why was the value of the post? So let's say your specific posts. you mentioned something about prepping, your water pipes for spring so that you prevent any type of disaster. , your basement or other parts of your home If you trigger certain, um, phrases or keywords that maybe someone is typing into Google that that post will actually have a lot of this ability and will actually show up, especially if they're on mobile. If they're on mobile, actually take up the top part of the screen. , so that's why Google my business post, can be powerful. But kind of just It shows that you, your you, your team, your business is active in the community and it links it. It's helps Google links your business with the community shows that you are engaged. So going back to the presentation here each post it in the last seven days. So I suggest maybe every Friday or there's any day of the week that's slower than others that you are. Someone from your team goes in here as an image that supposed and, um, you keep that key that's a regular schedule moving forward. Include photos. , you know, they're helpful tips you have for the local area. , you can. You can share those. That's well. , even if your team is participating in a local event or there's a very popular local event coming up, you know, take a picture at the event and you share it here again. It's a way of putting a human face on your business. And again, it shows that Google show so cool that you are very involved in engaged in your community. If it's relevant. Aunt tried to incorporate some of your target keywords, so you're not sure what those are. , we will. I will put together a separate video that goes into finding the target keywords. , of course, you know your target locations and then always include a call to action. So I always like to use Learn more. But if it's something that's more cells e. So you're really trying to get people with this post the booking, an appointment, Then go ahead and put, call us or something of that nature Now, how do you create a good with my business? Suppose so. It's actually a lot easier to create a post on your mobile phone. , it just seems that the AB works a lot better there. But since we're already on my laptop here, I'll show you what to do. Thio create the post. So you're gonna log into your Google your Google business account You're going to go to post So the second option and you're just gonna go to add update. And again if you have, like at event or event that you're putting on goto at event at update Now you add your picture. So no, if I have any, good pictures to use. Let's see here. I just use something for an example you, this is a web site we've built recently. So let's use that. But actually pictures too big. So that's something important to remember. You have to use a smaller image 400 by 300. So let's try another picture. Try to get the size is here. So, you know, do that again. Oh. Mmm. Go back to the icons. I'm not sure what's wet. I got a ton of picture files here. Detritus And what? It's the size on this one. So that's also a little too big. , way too big. So it might be too big A swell, huh? Tries something small enough. Okay, Just for this example, We're gonna use this software image, huh? That's too small. So skip that part. Obviously, um, you definitely need to make sure that it's big enough the right size. But that's how you would add a photo or a video. , right post. So, whatever. It is so happy Friday. Here, stand community. You're a pro surf. You know, if your digital marketing needs, that's something you can add and add a button. , see here learn more. So I really just added as a message. But, you know, maybe we have something quick for learn how we can help you reach your business schools. And 2020 So and then I was just saying with them to call now and then you can put your phone number in here. , that's where we'll go and went important thing to note this phone number. It's automatically filled. Then, based on the number you're using for your Google, my business accounts will make sure that number goes to either you or someone on your team. Who's going to answer the answer to call? , but that's pretty much all there is to it. so, thanks for watching. And I look forward to seeing you in the next section where we are going to go more into google questions and answers. Take care.


Google MyBusiness Questions & Answers

Do you get the same questions over and over again from prospects. Demonstrate your expertise in damage restoration with Q&A. Learn more below:



Hi there in this section of goo. In my business optimization, I'm going to go into detail about how you can use Google's questions and answers feature which are going my business to really get Maur um, user-friendly search. Intense search queries. Uh, make your profile more visible for those questions. Inquiries. So, um, you know, I would say the starting step pretty much your cells team or whoever handles cells when you're on your staff. , they're going to be the best source of information. As far as figuring out what questions customers or prospective customers are asking, how can you get a front of those questions and actually mistreat him or start to answer them on Google? My business profile for your restoration company? , no. Once you have those list of questions, I you should provide a neural response to the question. So really trying to be as detailed as possible that way , someone who is asking. They'll pretty much have all the information they need. And then again, depending on the question, you can really, uh, kind of start off their relationship bright and positioning you or your team members as an expert on a particular question and the last point here. Take advantage of Google snippets, and I'll start there with the screen share. So let's say, , you've brainstorm all of the questions that you from yourselves team about your team commonly gets from customers and prospective customers. And maybe you're just curious on what are some other questions that people are asking really related to damage. Restoration of service is our in this example water damaged restoration so all I would do it. Just do a Google search for whatever that service is, and more than likely, there's going to be a people also asked Section. So this section is called a featured snippet, and basically what Google is doing here is taking the commonly asked frequently asked questions to any topic and then pretty much providing the answer right here in the search results. That way, you know, someone can find their answer, and they don't have to click through to a website. And so you can see here. There's there's a few good good ones here. How much does it cost? Her water damaged restoration. How do you restore water damage? What is water damage? Restoration service? How can I get watered restoration shops so you'll see some of these won't be relevant or they'll start to get redundant as you go through them. But, you know, I would say How much does it cost her water damage restoration? I'm sure that's every everyone has that question. So I kind of look at what's already here, and more than likely, you're not gonna have the same pricing structure. So you just want to maybe rewrite this, but use something that's appropriate for your business. But then you look at the answers. There's something that was not included here. That should be something else that that customer prospective customers should consider and then add that, Say your answer. And so once you, um once you had those lists of questions, then just do a Google search for your business name. So I'll use my my agency as the example here. So I just did a Google search for Destiny marketing solutions, and actually, I'm can solely out of this. So destiny marketing solutions ask the question. And then now, whatever that question is so common question that my I get in my cells, guys get our know how much do. Your service is costs. Hey, So, of course this is you know, you would do this on the front end. Eso post. Okay, so just had done. Okay, so we go over here, huh? That's my spritz. Fresh. So you just refresh sometimes the update dynamically. , you just go to see all the questions, and then you can just respond. So I won't answer, because this the answer to this question can came very quite a bit. So I don't want to be here all day talk are typing. , but, um, that's pretty much how you were set up. Q and A. So first step, you know, figure out what questions your customers from prospective customers you're asking, and then you're add that question here on your Google search results for your Google my business profile and then go back and answer it. And that's a great way to, um, response of questions proactively, but really get more visibility when people are searching for these types of questions locally. So this is something that we already do for all of our clients. , so if this is something that you need help with and you're still not clear, on how to do. Feel free to give us a call at the number here on the slide and with by calling we'll set up an appointment and we'll do a free consultation, really to help drive you in the right direction now to be completely transparent, depending on the need. , we will make an offer A at the end of that call. But if you're not interested in working with us, that's fine. We're happy to help. So thanks for watching it. And I look forward to seeing you in the next segment, which we'll go into Google messaging, which is a great way to engage your prospective customers. Take care.


Google MyBusiness Messaging

Learn more about using Google MyBusiness messaging to engage potential mitigation and/or reconstruction customers below:



Hello. So in his video, I'm going to show you how to set up Google messaging for your Google. My business listing. So you aren't able to do this on your desktop or laptop. So you actually have to download Google my business app and activated. Do your Google my business out. So assuming that you don't already have the app installed, I'll walk you do from Step a to Z on what you need to do. So just go to the APP store. It's a very similar process. If you are on an android phone typing Google my business download, we'll give that a minute to download around the right. It goes still going. There we go just hit open, And you do want to set up notifications because that would allow you to, uh, get the notifications when someone messages you, um, so his hit allow and then just log into whatever profile that's our email that set up with your Google, my business. Then, assuming that you only have one profile GIs, you wouldn't see all of this, but then go to your profile, hit more and then also just go to settings messages and then just turn on messaging


To find out more about Google My Business, contact our helpful agents today. They'll answer your questions and provide you with free quotations.


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