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How Damage Restoration Companies Can Use Google My Business to Local Boost Visibility

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration SEO | 24th November

In recent times, a lot of business has shifted to the online realm, filling it with tonnes and tonnes of data and information that can be accessed on a whim by anyone with a browser and reliable internet connection. The beauty of the internet is that many services have become much more accessible and easier to use than they have ever been before. All a potential customer has to do is type in what they require, and they will receive a number of listings in their local area of businesses offering those particular services.

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You need local leads

When developing a digital marketing strategy for your damage restoration business, it is important to emphasize the fact that you are not just looking for potential leads- you are looking for qualified leads. These are the leads that are much more likely to interact with you and avail themselves of your services and that are most often located in your local region. It is unlikely that someone living in a different state will ask you to come and redo their home. That is why it is good to capitalize on the various geo-focused tools offered by Google to further specify and better categorize your listings based on your local presence.


What Exactly is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a platform that essentially acts as an online directory of a variety of businesses. Previously called Google Places, Google My Business allows you to increase the visibility of your business and gain exposure from qualified leads in your targeted audience. It is primarily for the use of businesses that are focused on providing region-based services in their locality as opposed to those looking for national or global exposure.



By signing up with Google My Business, you enter your business as a listing that can be shown to the viewer if they search for the relevant keywords. You are supposed to add the name of your business, your address, as well as the contact information. Make sure that the information you enter on your My Business profile is consistent with the information mentioned on your other business associated social and online profiles as any discrepancy may cause Google to overlook your listing. By adding your address, you locate yourself on Google Maps, allowing users to quickly visualize your real-time location on the map so that they can ascertain whether or not you would be the best service provider for them.


Learn more about leveraging Google MyBusiness for your restoration company below:



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The Map Pack is where you want to be

Another great benefit that comes from becoming a part of Google My Business is the fact that you significantly increase your chances of appearing in the coveted Local 3-Pack. You must have seen the 3-Pack when running a search for a restaurant or a hotel: a set of three listings appear before the organic search result on the top of the page and are supplemented with some of the details of the business. This gives you much greater visibility as it has been shown that brands that feature in the 3-Pack experience a 700% boost in their sales. Appearing as a featured result on Google also enables you to gain the trust of your customers and deliver services with credibility.


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If someone were to click on your My Business listing, they would see the name of the business, the address along with the location pointed out on the map with a red arrow, a phone number for contact purposes, your opening and closing hours, the main website, any photos of the company or store, as well as reviews and ratings. With Google My Business, you can encourage your customers to leave you reviews and ratings out of five on the listing after they have used your services. A good rating and positive reviews from a healthy number of consumers lend your business credibility and make the chances of lead conversion much greater.


Other Helpful Google MyBusiness Features for Your Restoration Business


These are a couple of other useful Google MyBusiness features you can leverage to stand apart from other restoration companies in your area:


Google MyBusiness Posts

Learn more about using Google MyBusiness posts for your restoration company below:



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Google MyBusiness Questions & Answers

Do you get the same questions over and over again from prospects. Demonstrate your expertise in damage restoration with Q&A. Learn more below:



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Google MyBusiness Messaging

Learn more about using Google MyBusiness messaging to engage potential mitigation and/or reconstruction customers below:



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To find out more about Google My Business, contact our helpful agents today. They'll answer your questions and provide you with free quotations.


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