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Why Your Damage Restoration Business Needs Paid Ads in 2020

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration PPC | November 9, 2019

As experts in the digital marketing world, we have closely observed the working patterns of the damage restoration industry. Since damages and disasters are often unpredictable and cannot be forecasted, the damage restoration industry rarely takes a break. A restoration business is integral for the management of catastrophes ranging from storm damage to fire damage. People who have been stuck with such crises do not have the time to go through the entire restoration process themselves.



When a potential client searches for a suitable restoration business, they usually first turn to the internet. Since most of them are in a hurry to get things done, they often end up choosing the first option they see in their search results. They will click on the first reputable business there is. With paid advertising for damage restoration businesses, you will no longer lose potential clients just because you did not rank high in the search.

This is why we strongly recommend a proper strategy for your damage restoration marketing so that your business appears as a top prospect. In this article, we elaborate a little on how paid advertising for damage restoration businesses can help you grow your client base.

1. Paid advertising can help you target the kind of audience you need

The restoration industry spans many different areas of damage. The main ones are fire damage, flood destruction, and water damage. On the other hand, tornadoes, hurricanes, and mold remediation are also frequently dealt with. Now, with paid ads, you can make the services you offer more visible to those affected by such disasters.

What if you only cover fire damage or water-related damage? There is also a chance that your business does not include mold remediation. In such a case, a potential client may move on to another business option. However, with the help of damage restoration marketing, your business will only appear with the kind of services that you offer in your locality.

Let's take, for example, a potential client that needs a biohazard cleanup. In such a case, they will turn to Google. The common keywords they will type are "biohazard cleanup in (the local area)." If your business specializes only in biohazard clean up, then the paid ads will promote the service that will put you on top.

2. Paid advertising can also help in the expansion of your restoration business

Research shows that about 46% of people cannot even identify paid ads in a search result, while 41% of website clicks go on to businesses that appear in the top three paid ads.

The results which are relevant to a person's search will come up and be visible on the first search page of Google. Very few people even look at the second page. They will simply scroll down the various restoration business options.

restoration marketing destiny marketing solutions

These kinds of statistics show that if you utilize paid ads, then your prospects are most likely to click your ads and generate a lot more convertible leads for your business.

Now that we have told you how paid advertising for damage restoration businesses is particularly helpful, we'll give you the top three tips for making the most of your marketing campaigns.

Tips for Getting Started with Paid Advertising

While we at Destiny Market Solutions have experts who handle paid advertising for damage restoration businesses, here are some things that you as a business owner should know:

  • Build a keyword list, specifically for advertising

We pay special attention to curating the required keywords. We understand that a business takes up a lot of your time and energy, but taking the time to do this will prove to be quite valuable for your campaign. The right keywords should not only be relevant but also exhaustive and expansive.

  • Test and evaluate your online ads

We handle a lot of damage restoration marketing and encounter a lot of doubts and questions from business owners when they start their online advertising campaigns. Even so, everything in a paid advertising campaign can be measured. Once the ads go live for the first month, evaluate and then change the campaign where you need to. Do not give up after the first month. Remember that staying positive can help you. Do not get discouraged but keep trying till you receive good sales results with a strategy that works well for your business.

  • Optimize your ads

The world is moving towards a digitally dominant culture. The need of the hour for your damage restoration business is to have a strong digital marketing strategy in place so that your lead generation is strong and meets your consumers needs. Paid ads may just be the boost your damage restoration business needs to put you in front of the right customers in their time of need.

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