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Why Google Guaranteed is a Winner for Damage Restoration Companies

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration PPC | 05th November

Most business owners trust Google to make the tech space a little more enjoyable and easier to explore. Google Guaranteed was introduced towards the end of 2018. This program was launched in Canada and consists of ads for local services, which work by targeting a few segments of the home service industry. It works best for companies using Google local services since this particular program guarantees an excellent end product for most consumers and also helps in the prevention of any fraudulent services.



Now that Google's local ads have become such a common feature, let's look at what Google Guaranteed entails. In this article, we'll cover the basic terms, procedures, and policies along with the conditions mentioned in this program. After researching it, we feel that this program will have quite an impact on damage restoration businesses on a local level. Here are all the important points that you need to know regarding this.

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What does Google Guaranteed Mean?

The Google Guaranteed program is used for targeting local business ventures in the home services segment. Being a constituent of the Google AdWords product, all of these listings are more of an enhancement for Google Ads. Because this program is still under the beta testing phase, it is only available in certain areas of the USA and Canada. Google Guaranteed has a screening process that a business must undergo before being listed. This ensures that the business is valid for home services.

The screening process includes verifying the business's insurance as well as conducting background checks. The business venture needs to have liability insurance with an owner license and a proper business license too. Once this whole screening process has been done, your business will be able to come under the Google Guaranteed program.


How Do I Get a Google Business Guarantee?

To provide consumers with a better experience, Google came up with a proper verification system for advertised businesses. Before you can be listed for the Google Guaranteed program, you need to start by signing into the ads for local services. This creates an easy path for most consumers to connect with various business ventures. It will display your reviews, location, contact details, and address. The process is quite straightforward.

- Get started with simple ads for your local service

- Pass the background check set by Google Guaranteed

- Verify your insurance and business license


How Much Does Google Guaranteed Cost?

While the Google Guaranteed badge is available for most business ventures, your cost would be pretty much the same as for Google Ads. For ventures backed by Google Guaranteed, consumers are able to get their money back if they are not satisfied with your service. The lifetime coverage provided for these claims is as follows:

- Up to USD 2,000 in the USA

- Up to CAD 2,000 in Canada


How would Google Guaranteed help you?

At the moment, Google Guaranteed is available for certain applicable industries only.


In the USA, it is available for the following industries:


- Upholstery Cleaning

- Auto Glass

- Carpet cleaning

- Car repair

- Electricians

- Event planners

- Pet Boarding


- Junk removal

- Garage Door Installers

- Pest control companies

- Pet grooming

- Pet boarding

- Lawn care

- Tree services

- Roofing

- Photography

- Repair

- Window cleaning

If you get a green badge that has a checkmark on it, your consumers can be confident that you have the Google Guarantee.


Here are some extra benefits of opting for this service:


- It gives you a powerful lead generation platform.

- It is displayed in the form of a constituent of the ads for local service. With the right campaigning, your business can appear at the top of searches, even in SERP results.

- It definitely helps you built a lot more trust with your audience.


Here are some specific tips that we feel would help you make the most of your Google Guaranteed program:


- Businesses that use the Google Guaranteed program tend to get a lot more qualified leads. So, we recommend that you stay active and keep the business prepared.

- Ensure that your business has working insurance and a license.

- Have a Google My Business page, which is verified and maintained regularly.

- Ask for reviews and follow up with your consumers, especially with Google's local services. This will help you address the negative comments when necessary.

- Use Google Guaranteed for reviews and then register as soon as the damage restoration industry gets included on the list.

While we understand that this program takes a bit of getting used to, once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite easy. It is a revolutionary product for lead generation in general. However, most consumers register for this program and do not use it to its full potential. Don't be like that- follow the instructions and recommendations to make the most of it.

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