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Why Damage Restoration Companies Should Use Call Tracking with PPC

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration PPC | November 18, 2019

Big data used to be merely a buzz word just a few years back. Now, it has become one of the most frequently used and central phenomena in the world of business. The truth is that most marketing and business strategies in modern industries are almost completely reliant on large amounts of data to improve their overall performance and results. If you have a website or any form of online presence, you are undoubtedly generating large amounts of data which subsequently can be used for predictive and analytical purposes to help you make the right changes and run effective marketing campaigns. With the right kind of data, you can better understand your customers and then cater to them accordingly while also keeping your ideas and implementations consistent with your goals.

This is especially true if you are running a PPC campaign. A PPC ad is a pay per click advertisement that is predominantly featured at the top of Google search results. It's designed to give you more exposure and immediate results in the form of leads and page visits. If you do not establish and assess some parameters, you will never be able to tell whether or not your PPC ad is actually working. You do not want to be wasting a significant chunk of your advertising budget for ads that are not serving their purpose. That is why it is important to establish your overarching objectives for the ad campaign beforehand and then use the data obtained from the campaign to judge its performance against pre-established parameters and criteria.

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While you can use tools such as Google Analytics to evaluate the data obtained from your website or online profiles, what can you do if you are being contacted by your customers over the phone? For a service-based business such as a damage restoration company, many of your customers will most likely search for a service like yours, see your ad with your contact information, and get in touch with you directly to get the details, ask questions, and make appointments. Well, there is a solution for you, and it is PPC call tracking.


PPC call tracking is a technique which enables you to collect information regarding the customers who are contacting you on your business phone and categorize them. You can then integrate this data with what you already have and make informed decisions later on. Tracking numbers can be purchased from various providers and a unique number can be assigned to each of your campaigns. This enables you to see exactly how each of your landing pages or site pages is performing and to collect qualified leads for your business.

You can also use click to call ads with Google ads where, by activating call extensions, you can assign various ads different phone numbers and then use the call reporting feature to analyze the finer details of the interactions. Using call reporting, you can track the duration of the call, the type of call, when the call started and ended, the area code that the consumer was calling from, whether or not the call was received by a responder at your company, and whether or not the call was connected. It works in collaboration with call extensions to give you a thorough idea of how your PPC ads are performing in respect of generating calls for your business or service.

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Regardless of how central the internet has become for many business interactions, phone-based engagement still remains a primary means of communication and one that results in arguably the greatest lead conversion. Your potential customers will most likely want to connect with a real, human representative from your company's side before they decide to give you the job and book your services. This is where you can drive a potential customer away by not responding or by failing to provide them with a means of communication or you can gain a loyal one by answering their questions, mediating any conflicts, and providing them with real and genuine customer service.

If you have any questions about call tracking, call our friendly service team today. They can also supply you with a free quotation.

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