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7 Ways Damage Restoration Companies can use SEO and PPC Together

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration PPC | October 12, 2019

Digital marketing is a critical aspect of your damage restoration business. It helps you generate more leads and do good and profitable business with more consumers. SEO and PPC are two of the central components that most businesses implement as part of their digital marketing strategy, although the thought behind the implementation often lies on the wrong side of actuality. You may also find yourself dissecting and dividing SEO and PPC into completely separate realms and deliberating about opting for one or the other for your marketing campaign. With PPC, you can pay to market your content to a specific group of people that are your target audience. SEO, on the other hand, comprises of manipulating your content in order to optimize it to the search engine and have it rank higher organically.



You may be surprised to learn that SEO and PPC actually have a symbiotic relationship. They both benefit each other and do not hinder the other's potential to get you more clicks and business. Many studies have been conducted to research the relationship between the two and it was found that customers are much more likely to click on an SEO organic search result if they have already seen a PPC ad. This means that seeing the same service listed twice, once as an ad and the other time as an organic search result, actually convinces more people to click on your link as opposed to any other on the results page.

Here are 7 ways you can integrate SEO and PPC for much better and powerful results:




Keywords are your primary weapon in the battle against your competitors in the online damage restoration field. While it may seem like a given, you will be surprised at how many people overlook this: keywords should be used in your PPC campaigns. A list of positive keywords can be used in your PPC campaigns to test out what works best and what doesn't, in order to further hone your marketing approach.

keyword research for seo destiny marketing solutions




Instead of rambling on with irrelevant and distracting information in your PPC efforts, use the SEO content you already have to supplement and boost the ad text of your paid marketing campaign. You can also incorporate optimized data in meta descriptions, tags, and keywords.




Most of the customers who end up on your landing page after clicking on your ad will probably end up clicking for reasons that are not entirely under your control. What is under your control, with the help of a combined PPC and SEO effort, is retargeting and redirecting them back to your website.




One of the major benefits of an integrated SEO and PPC strategy is that it gives you a chance to gain as much visibility as you possibly can in the online community. The key is to use precise and to-the-point text in your PPC campaigns. This content should not only be search engine optimized, but also a great representation of your brand and the services you offer. Use a call to action and mention specific phrases that show relevance and authority. Your campaign should be able to convince an individual to click on the link the next time they come across your advertisement or landing page.


benefits of an integrated SEO and PPC strategy destiny marketing solutions




Your quality score is a very important element in your Google AdWords as it determines the appearance and positioning of your advertisement in the search results as well as the cost per click of your selected keywords. You can use SEO to formulate a PPC campaign that has a good quality score and thus maximizes the return on your investment.




If there is a specific product or restoration service that you are trying to market using a paid ad, you can directly link your service landing page content in the PPC for a direct channel leading to the e-commerce hub of your website.




You can also use your paid ad campaign to test your SEO content and see how well it does in your target audience. Consistent brand testing over the course of an adequate period of time, such as three to four days, can help you identify positive and negative keywords for future reference and subsequent use in website content such as articles and blog posts.

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