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Paid+Local+Organic: How Damage Restoration Business Owners Can Use these Strategies for Explosive Growth in 2020

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration Marketing | November 16, 2019

As experts in the realm of digital marketing, we have realized one thing primarily. It's no longer enough to limit local marketing to the city level. That's because today, each city consists of different communities and neighborhoods with a vast repository of options. The residents all have different mindsets and needs. Each local marketing strategy needs to consist of a more local and granular way to execute and develop a perfect search engine campaign. For this alone, you cannot depend only on organic tactics or paid tactics.

When it comes to damage business owners, in particular, we recommend that you go for a proper strategy consisting of the best tools available to you. To elaborate, we have compiled a list of strategies detailing the idea of Paid+Local+Organic: How Damage Restoration Business Owners Can Use these Strategies for Explosive Growth in 2020. You can deliberate on them and we can help you ensure that you use them to your advantage in your damage restoration business marketing.

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1. Do not underestimate the power of local SERP

The first part of our curated ideas for, "Paid+Local+Organic: How Damage Restoration Business Owners Can Use these Strategies for Explosive Growth in 2020" includes the understanding of SERP. Gone are the days where organic ads sufficed in terms of local advertising. Now, one needs to have a proper SERP strategy in place on a local level. At this moment, especially with damage restoration businesses cropping up every other day, the competition is so high and the local search has so many rating systems, that it is tough to ace the SERP criteria.

When it comes to local advertising, we see clearly that the ad space for most queries you feed in is dominated by SERP snippets. We are helping our clients grow in local space every day and every day we realize that the more we strategize paid search for better results, the more we need to put this in tandem with organic for an overall strategy to prove beneficial for you. The idea behind this? Well, Google's ad revenue can expand into new areas of search.

2. Combine your SEO and SEM game

This may be an old strategy but it is definitely one of the most effective ones. It is typically a unified strategy, which is not a new concept, but the technicalities are getting more intricate each day. It requires a lot more attention than it did in the past, and it needs to be executed on a much more local level. This marketing may benefit us because it helps the buyer get into simple things such as the elements of the journey and enjoy the experience as a whole. On the other hand, they don't track back to the complications of the strategy, making it a win-win for a business owner or marketer.

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You must have heard of silo breaking which consists of combining SEO and SEM to the fullest. It also requires you to have a buy-in from different stakeholders and your organization's leading authorities. If you have managed to align your needs in order to process the production, then this works well as a strategy where you combine your paid and local organic plans to work well for your local damage restoration business. In layman's terms, we spend on the keywords, and use them for primary content but also keep the paid marketing along with the target audience base in mind.

While these two abovementioned strategies make up the primary campaigning we do for our clients, some additional pointers that one can use in order to make the further understand Paid+Local+Organic: How Damage Restoration Business Owners Can Use these Strategies for Explosive Growth in 2020 include the following:

We have moved up from the simple city level keyword tracking process. We recommend you get a step ahead and try out integrating zip codes into your strategy.
While it is a fairly new concept, we also recommend you go ahead with a Google Script strategy. Use it as a constituent and see it work well for you.

If you are a little apprehensive about how to strategize your Paid+Local Organic campaigns, then you are welcome to contact us. Our experts will reach out to you and provide you with the most effective solutions available for your business.