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How Damage Restoration Companies Can Market to Fire Departments

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration Marketing | 01st November


Among the many unfortunate tragedies and incidents that homeowners tend to face are house fires. Apart from having the potential to hurt the residents of the property, house fires cause significant damage to the architecture of the house and leave homeowners in desperate need of restoration and repair services. For damage restoration companies, it is empirical that they reach out to such individuals as early as possible to convert them into leads. But how can you do that?

The ideal place to interpose your services would be to get to the source immediately, and in this case, this would be the fire department. The fire department is the first responder when it comes to such emergencies and forming a mutual collaboration with them would enable you to get the best leads as homeowners are likely to trust the referral and recommendation of the fire department.

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But as straightforward as it may sound, you need to put in a proper effort in order to make your marketing towards fire departments effective and result producing. You must drive an active effort to create a marketing campaign targeted towards the fire department and invest the time, personnel, and resources needed to make it a successful operation.

Now, you may think that the fire department would have no interest in giving your brand free advertisement, but it is quite different than that since you are actually offering the affected individual an easier and trusted route to services they will almost certainly require in the very near future. However, as things go in life in general, a business relationship needs to be mutually beneficial for it to work between two parties. So what can you offer to the fire department in exchange for them recommending your restoration services?

To begin with, one of the prime requirements of the fire department that a restoration service like yours can fulfil is that of boarding up. A lot of the times, the responders are unaware of how to properly deal with the boarding process of various structures and end up wasting a lot of time, money, and resources on an action that your staff will have expertise on. Free boarding up in exchange for a lead sounds like a fair deal, right?

Another route you can take is to help the fire department create and distribute their Fire Book which is essentially a guide for what steps one should take after suffering a home fire. Before you propose this idea to the fire department, make sure that you have laid the groundwork that supports your purpose. Create a rough framework of the proposed Fire Book beforehand and after they agree to the idea, make sure to actually put in the work to make the book as great as you initially promised. This book also contains a restoration section where your services can be recommended in particular. Instead of using this as a bargaining chip, you can implement this strategy to start building a trusted relationship with the local fire department and eventually down the line, be able to ask them to recommend you to the people they cater to.

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When it comes to implementing the plan, you actually have to present in the playing field and make persistent efforts to connect with the heads of the department, including the fire chiefs or any other individual in charge. You will have to meet them in person to pitch your idea and then ensure that the proposition actually follows through. This may mean meeting the relevant individuals at the fire department, arranging meetings, sponsoring luncheons, set up special events on special occasions such as holidays, and supplementing your meetings with trinkets and arrangements that show your eagerness and excitement to collaborate with them. The key is to make the relationship familiar and personal so as to encourage them to make the decision in your favor when the time arrives.

All in all, while it is a great idea, the effort to market to the fire department in your area needs to be goal oriented and well directed if you wish to produce substantial results in the form of positive, mutually beneficial relationships that result in leads and loyal restoration customers for your company.