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Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for Restoration Companies

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration Marketing | 15th February



Hi there, Leonard Parker here again and I bring to you the final lesson of our restoration marketing. Webinar series less than five being proactive with direct mail marketing. Now it might be one of the note that the majority of this webinar has been focused on digital strategy. So things online, however, sometimes when something becomes saturated and then companies move on to another marketing strategy, what was once saturated then becomes a way for you to stand out. And that's the case with the recommended marketing. So this is something that companies did a ton of years ago high over with the, uh, the Internet and the ability to promote your business on the Internet. It's becoming less frequent to get Mail flyers in the mail from local businesses, and this is one way for you to stand out and typically the way we like to use the wreck. Mail is to be proactive and the way to be proactive is to focus on a new residence and new businesses in your area. No way. This is a way that you can set a good first impression. No, Perhaps if there is a non-emergency service that you offer like carpet cleaning. , maybe it's something you can offer at a discount, up to know, certain timeline or something. Whatever makes sense for your business finances, However, I would always, I only know include the postcard, but also no clues. Some some some value exchange, whether it's a discount depends on the service is that you offer this may not work as well for emergency service is because people aren’t going to wait for something in the mail. They'll probably go straight to the Internet. But if that new resident or new business does have any for emergency service is in the future and they remember you. They know that their first experience with your company was a great one. Then that helps position you to be on a shortlist of companies that they called for a quote. Now, how do you get these new resident Lis Wiehl V's The print? They're a really good provider, USPS. Of course, you can get all types of the address list, and then, if you have any local print, marketing or advertising companies they can. Usually, they also offer mail service is, and they're going to have access to these databases, one that's not listed here. But it would be really good if you are focused on reaching out to new businesses in your area. It would be Info USA and all the pricing for this different service is they do. Very. , however, I will highly recommend that you consider this for your overall marketing campaign because it's a great way to build that first impression, and then you just want them to get them to your website. And remember, back in the paid ads segment where we talked about remarketing line should get them to your website you've got there remarketing pixel. You can continue to market them and target them for several years if you want. But, the first thing is to get them to their website, and the postcard is a great way to do that. So if you have any questions on direct mail, marketing or anything that I covered in this weapon are series. Feel free to give us a call about the number listed here. , below and we'll put together a free consultation where Look at your marketing and look at your goals and figure out how you can best tackle 2020. I see the business growth for your restoration company embraced me to the end of the webinar. So thanks for watching it. It's been a pleasure, and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Take care.