SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 11th Edition


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How Technology is Reshaping Consumers

Today technology such as smartphones, smartwatches, smart home kits is changing the ways consumers make purchasing decisions. About 30% of consumers shopping at a physical retail store will use their smartphone to compare prices online. 

Technology has increased security awareness in consumers. Many say they are wary of using their credit card online to make purchases but will use a third party like PayPal or stripe. Consumers also expect a response from a business on social media accounts within 6 hours. [Learn More]


Two Big Recent Studies on the State of Local Marketing

Local Social Marketing Benchmark (LSM) – Examined ranking for franchises with multiple locations in 10 different industries. Top leaders in each industry had 2x more sales as expected. When looking across Google, Yelp, and Facebook, only 78% of locations were claimed.

Freshchalk Study – Surprisingly Yelp showed 92% of search results with business and city in the search query. Business with more reviews on Google my Business ranked higher on the search results.

Claiming your Google my business, Facebook and Yelp are a must when using online platforms to market local businesses. [Learn More]


How to Choose Brand Influencers to Promote Your Business

Influence marketing is a huge marketing channel that builds trust and authority to your brand. 90% of marketing experts find influencers are so powerful its ROI is better than any other marketing strategy.

Research their audience to see if your brand resonates with their audince. This may be common sense but I know sometimes the amount of followers seems promising but the narrower your niche audience the more results you will see.

Once you have established relevancy no you must reach out to influencers. First, start off with a symbiotic relationship if possible. Make sure to warm up to them before breaking the news about becoming a brand influencer. [Learn More]


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Amazon Alexa Could Crush Google Search Traffic

Have you noticed in recent months search traffic clicks declining? This may be due to Alexa single answer taking over. As Alexa’s popularity is growing Google is scrambling to innovate search.  If you search anything you now get more one answer snippets from Twitter, Youtube or Wikipedia. If your search queries answer is within an article Google will pull and feature snippets above the search results.

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Youtube, which is now owned by Google will be the next big platform to get more organic traffic. Just this past year we’ve seen video take over Facebook with their Facebook live feature. [Learn More]


How to Bridge the Gap Between Offline and Online Marketing

Using traditional marketing like flyers, business cards, radio, and commercials along with online marketing can increase traffic. Today consumers are all about researching services or products and reading reviews. If we see trending item or service on a billboard we don’t just purchase, we go online and research the company and read reviews.

The following are some ways traditional marketing can bridge the gap between offline and online marketing.

  1. Radio can be a great way to advertise and funnel traffic to your online platform. Studies show 33% more people tend to listen and act on radio commercials in the morning during their morning commute. This may be due to popular morning shows.
  2. TV ads will bring about 57% more traffic according to a Nielsen survey. You will have to be wary about having commercials run all day long. Instead uses a systematic approach of only running your ads during peak times or when you know your target audience is watching.

Take away note. Don’t ignore traditional marketing completely. Create a marketing strategy that involves both methods but chooses them depending on your niche.[Learn More]


5 Ways to Killer Content That Leave a Lasting Impression

Today content is what keeps your audience engaged with your website or social media platforms. Content described video or writing material that speaks to your ideal audience.

  1. Answer Burning Questions – Before creating any content go to the drawing board and answer some questions.  You may want to know what your audience is searching for. Visiting sites like Reddit or Quora is a great idea to get inside the minds of your ideal audience.
  2. Give a Preview – With society wanting answers now its a good idea to start your content with an overview. Not only are you giving your audience what they want but an easier way to navigate content.
  3. Back up your Talk – If your content has statistics and facts being thrown around provide links, graphs or reputable studies to grow your authority in the topic.
  4. Innovative Content – What is the reader looking for pertaining to your topic? That is the Question. Again, take this to the drawing board and find what your audience is searching. Are you seeing more searches pertaining to a “how to guide” or “review guide”?
  5. Call to Action – Always include a call to action. Why? You just wrote this amazing content for your audience so tute your horn and nonchalantly mention what action you want your audience to take. [Learn More]



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Google Is Testing Your Google My Business Posts

Since February 19th Google has been testing how your Houston business posts get seen. They are shown below your business information under the local pack during a search. 

In addition, posts are now being shown in the overview tab to allow more customers to see your post.

Google is also testing posts to show in the search result. That’s my favorite especially since Google My Business posts are being underutilized. Take advantage of this method since it may play a big role in how you advertise your business. [Learn More]


5 Online Review Statistics You Need To Know 

Customer reviews for your business are crucial to building a successful brand. Brand building in addition to SEO services is a must to expand your business. Humans want to be part of something so if they see everyone is using a _______ business with lots of reviews they will follow. 

We see this madness with Amazon sellers. The more reviews they attain from past sales the more they sell.


  1. 66% of consumers use reviews to qualify a purchase
  2. Age range 65+ expect on average 46 reviews while 25-34 expect 159. Talk about social proof.
  3. 77% would recommend your business to a friend if they had a great experience
  4. 57% of consumers expect at least 11 reviews
  5. 86% read reviews for local businesses

Now go and get your Houston business some reviews. [Read More]


How to Grow Dying Facebook Traffic

If you rely on Facebook for website traffic then this is for you. When  Facebook video came out you could easily get views and send a call to action for website visits. Today the power of messenger can bring you that traffic.

Since a regular chat has proven to be effective at answering visitor question why not add a Facebook messenger chatbot. You will need to install a Facebook messenger widget. All the website traffic will then get prompted to sign up as a messenger contact. [Learn More]


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3 Ways to Make Your Title Tag Stand Out

The title tag can make or break how many clicks your website gets. What is a title tag you ask? It specifies the title of a webpage in a search result page. Let’s look at  3 ways to make your title tag irresistible to search users.

  1. Numbers – Perform a search query of your target keyword and you will see the old boring text only in title tags. Add a number in your title tag to stand out. For example instead of “Top ways have a successful business in Houston” use “5 ways to a successful business in Houston”. See the difference? We live in “give me information now” society so listing out information is ideal.
  2. Dates – When using a date in your title tag you’re telling the user “I am sooo relevant pick me”. Depending on your industry stay up-to-date by giving current information users can’t wait to read.
  3. Call to Action word – This is my favorite. Users need step-by-step guidance when searching online. When Google gives users hundreds of results, this can lead to information paralysis. Help users by telling them what action to take. Example, a user searching for “small business community in Houston” will most likely click on “small business meeting tonight | Learn more”.

Remember to always test title tags to see what works for your ideal consumers. [Learn More]


Increase Facebook Posts Engagements

Pushing your products or services on every post should be banned. Instead, use an informative approach and try to solve your ideal client’s pain points. Some ways to connect to your audience are:

  1. Feed their needs – Depending on your niche where you would talk about how to fix their pain points.
  2. Use tasty words – tasty words to describe your services or products can make them take a second look.
  3. Ask for their opinion – quizzes or multiple choice questions are always fun.
  4. Sensory words – popular sensory words like Shimmering, crispy, sizzle, staggering are just some that get the job done.

Now get to work on some posts. Just remember every niche is different so test different tactics.[Learn More]


SEO vs. SEM: Which Should Your Business Use?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is optimizing your website to rank organically. Search engine marketing (SEM) uses paid advertising to get traffic with no wait.

If your a Houston business looking for either service here are some reasons choose one over the other. I personally think every artist, restaurant, or fashion shop needs an Instagram page to show off their talent with high-quality images.[Learn More]


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How To Triple Your e-commerce Conversions 

Scaling an e-commerce store is not a task for the weak. Many people don’t even know if current marketing efforts are working. If you’re throwing every marketing tactic out there then how do you know what visitors are coming from said tactic? If you’re in over your head, it is best to get advice from online marketing experts.

There are many things to consider which may sound difficult to a beginner or just confusing to someone without a strong background knowledge of e-commerce store.  This knowledge is now at your fingertips. [Read more]

Is Google’s New Ad Redesign A Good Move

For years, Google has been changing its ad format trying to make it look more and more organic. With this latest change, it is unclear whether that has finally hit the mark of what they are trying to achieve.  This new change by Google, however, does not go down well with marketers who question if this change has a self-serving purpose benefitting either ads or brands.

I see it as a win for paid advertising markets since the “ADS” mark is now more blended in with the text. If your using paid advertising versus trying to rank organically you are at an advantage since the first few organic results tend to get clicked on just as often as the first search result. The ads will now be blended which gives many search users peace of mind from all the ‘in your face advertising’ crap. [Read more]


Guard Your Google Business Profile Against Becoming A Viral Joke

After working hard and struggling to build your company from the ground up and gaining an excellent reputation, you discover you are losing clients. Give thanks to a good Google Business Profile gone bad which may be as a result of a jealous competitor, an angry client or even a member of your staff. It may seem funny but considering the amount of business you are losing as a result of it, it does not’ quite strike your funny bone. The best thing you can do is set precautions to help guard against these gaffes. [Read more]


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Google Penalties Expert Guide: How to Find, Fix, and Avoid Them

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The last thing you want to deal with in your SEO campaign are Google penalties. But it can happen to you if you’ve been fairly aggressive with your campaign. A Google penalty is a manual penalty given by a Google employee after reviewing your site. It is not to be mistaken by a fall in rankings due to an algorithm change. While a penalty will hurt your campaign, it’s not the end of the world. You can definitely recover and continue to get the benefits of SEO.


How to See If You’ve Been with Google Penalties


The first thing you have to do is to make sure that you have a penalty in the first place. If you’re a Houston business owner that doesn’t have much experience with SEO, it can be hard to figure out if you’ve been hit with a penalty or if there was an algorithm change. If you’ve recognized a fall in rankings, then check this Google algorithm update page to see if there were any recent changes.


If there wasn’t anything major that has occurred, then you’ve probably been hit by a penalty from Google. To check what the penalty is, you can login to your Google account and go the the Google Search Console. Simply enter your domain and go through the verification process.


Once you are able to get to the dashboard, you want to go the “Search Traffic” section into lefthand menu options. It will collapse and open more options. From there, you want to click on “Manual Actions”. This will give you a list of manual actions that your site has been hit with.


If you want a professional SEO to look over your site for you, click here for a free video SEO analysis.


Different Types of Penalties Houston Businesses May Face


There are various types of penalties that you may face as a Houston business owner. You’re likely to see more penalties if you or your SEO has been using black or grey hat SEO techniques which are SEO exploits that Google frowns upon. Sometimes it might be just a technical error on you or your webmaster’s part. Here are some examples of the penalties and how to recover from them:


  1. Cloaking or Redirects


Sometimes you may want to show Google one page while showing your visitors another page for the same URL. This is something that many affiliate marketers do to attain high search rankings while also managing to convert more visitors into sales.


To fix this issue, crawl your site with the Search Console and compare the pages that are provided to you with the cloaked pages. Fix any inconsistencies between the two. Sometimes the problem stems from sneaky redirects that try to trick the visitors. After fixing the issues, submit a reconsideration request.


  1. Thing or Low Quality Content


Google has gotten better about low quality content. They’ve been able to detect spun, scraped, and auto generated content created by various software programs. They also look for content that are duplicates. The latter can often happen by accident if you’re copy and pasting manufacturer product and sales descriptions on an eCommerce site. To fix this problem, simply remove the low quality content from your pages.


Blogging is a must, but there’s no point creating content if you’re creating low quality material. If your content is original but is still getting flagged, rewrite them by adding more useful content that is valuable to your target audience. You’ll also want to make your content longer to increase the quality and increase your ranking prospects.


Use tools like Copyscape or its lower cost alternatives to see if you’ve accidentally posted duplicate content on your site. After the fixes are made, submit a reconsideration request.


  1. Keyword Stuffing or Hiding Them


An old SEO strategy that people have used is to stuff their pages with keywords at the very end for an onpage optimization boost. They may also use hidden text by blending it with the background color (white) to keyword stuff. While hardly nobody uses this strategy anymore, it may be triggered by things like WordPress themes and free templates that try to link back to the developer’s site. Remove any onpage black hat tactics or tricky redirects then submit your site for reconsideration.


  1. Links from Bad Neighborhoods


If you’ve been aggressive with your link building campaign, then you may have gotten backlinks from a bad neighborhood. Sometimes this can be caused by unnatural link building (reciprocal links, bought links, low quality guest posts, etc.) dubbed as the Penguin penalty. This is one of the more common violations and search engine spam penalties business owners see. Google recommends that you disavow backlinks that have have been flagged by Google.


In the Search Console, go to the disavow links page to disavow low quality links.


  1. Hacked Sites


An issue that many people don’t expect is their site getting hacked. Many times you won’t even know that your site was hacked because nothing is changed. Hackers simply add malware, bad redirects, and malicious links onto your page. These hacked sites are detected by Google and users are prevented from viewing them for their safety. These hacks are usually done through WordPress exploits.


Figure out how to get rid of the hacks. Then update your WordPress to prevent it from happening again. You’ll also want to get plugins that that prevent hacks from happening in the first place. After you’ve worked with an experienced webmaster to fix the issue, you’ll want to submit a reconsideration request.


These are some of the more common penalties, but there are still a handful of others that you may face along the way.


How Long Does a Google Penalty Last?


After you’ve fixed the penalties, you’re probably wondering how long it will be until the penalties are removed. There’s no specific timeframe on when the penalties will be removed, but you can expect your site to be updated within 30 days. If you’ve incurred some serious offenses by partaking in black and grey hat strategies, you’ll probably have to wait a lot longer to get the penalties removed.


If you think that the penalties stem from careless mistakes you’ve made with your campaign, you ought to check out the starter guide on how SEO works. This will teach you the fundamentals and give you an idea of what Google wants so that you do not make mistakes that hurt your campaign.

In conclusion, fixing any Google penalty is possible if you do a thorough analysis and fix everything Google has identified as problematic. However, the process is not easy. You’ll usually want the help of a SEO professional to guide you. If you need some help, request a free video SEO analysis from us at Destiny Marketing Solutions. We’ll provide solid advice on how to approach penalties and move forward with building a winning SEO campaign.

SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 5th Edition

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SEO Tips to Rank and Index New Content Faster

URL Inspection is the process of asking Google if they can see your content. You’re basically telling Google to place your URL in their queue to crawl. This makes your URL a priority which in turn gets crawled faster. Visit URL inspection tool to learn more about how it works.

Create the right linking signals to tell Google “hey these pages are important, crawl me now”. Not only does linking new content from important pages within your site helps but also linking to older content.

Another way to get your new content noticed is by sending external signals. This can be achieved by sharing your content via your social media or getting it shared on sites like Reddit. [Read More]


How Podcasts Will Soon Help Your SEO

Google recently announced that Google search results will include podcasts snippets. In order for the podcast to be found, it must be transcribed. We already find youtube videos in search results so transcribing podcasts shouldn’t be any different. If you plan to start a podcast this new information just reiterates how well structured your content should be. [Read More]


Optimizing Your Google My Business Account

If you just started a new business chances are you signed up for a Google My Business account (at least I hope). A Google My business Account is what helps Google find your business when users search your type of business. Optimizing your Google My Business is key to ranking and increasing your click-through-rate.

Make sure your business is verified, has correct location areas, awesome business description, and verify your number, address, and location (NAP) are correct. [Read More]


Use The Power Of Social Media To Grow Your Business

With so many active users on social media, no wonder it’s a gold mine. Investing marketing dollars to promote on social media will definitely pay off. First start by optimizing your social media accounts with proper images, about section and business name.

Start testing out types of posts that will give insight into what type of content will get the most engagements. Testing times you post allows you to find a trend within your specific audience. [Read More]


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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends For Houston Business Owners: 4th Edition

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4 Proven Tips To Build Trust For Your Local Service Area Business

Local SEO and paid ads help to bring traffic to your online business website but what if that traffic doesn’t turn into paying customers. Focusing on ways to convert traffic while on your site should be just as important.

Here are some ways to build trust:

  1. Team Pictures – Share some information about you and your team. This helps to show transparency thus build trust.
  2. Trust Symbols – This may include local association groups you are a part of, niche specific organization, local awards plus certifications.
  3. Case Studies – Show off work you did for a local customer
  4. Reviews – Social proof is changing the way consumers shop for products and services so build social proof for your business by asking for reviews.[Read More]


8 Ways Google Ranks Your Organic Content In 2019

Authority Hacker did a study to see how is Organic Content found in 2019 and below are the findings.

  1. Fighting for the #1 search spot is still the way to go with an average of 47% clicks, while #2 spot received an average of 16% clicks.
  2. Featured snippets are growing in popularity so make sure your snippets are optimized for best results.
  3. SSL website will rank you higher on search results so you must act now to secure your website.
  4. Backlinks are still the #1 way to rank on Google. Consider creating great content that gets linked and becomes an authoritative site in your niche.
  5. URL length isn’t a ranking factor. Instead, make sure you have the keywords you are trying to rank for. As long as your keywords are serving the searchers intent then you will be favored.
  6. There was a high correlation with high ranking and H1 header, meta tags and title description. When choosing keywords its best to find the highest ranking parent topic.
  7. The content length was not as big as a factor as once believed. Instead, Google favors content with the right keyword density and parent topic.
  8. Although you want a faster loading page to help lower bounce rate and increase conversions, the study found no correlation with loading speed and ranking.

Overall the study provided valuable insights and proves Google favors relevancy. [Read More]


How Quality Linkbuilding Can Rank Your Site

Many businesses know having your website link to their website will eventually increase your traffic but having Quality backlinks will rank you higher in Google searches.  Quality backlinks from sites that are authoritative, well-known and online publication carry more weight. You can find many link builders that will offer hundreds of backlinks at a low cost but having just 10 quality backlinks will help boost your site in the search engine and give your site more authority. [Read More]


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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 3rd Edition


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Researching Keywords With The Buyers Journey In Mind 

We know researching the right keywords to use in paid advertising is key. Some tactics include spying on competitors keywords, comparing keyword search volumes and how competitive the keyword is but we are overlooking one important factor. When it comes to making ANY purchase decision consumers go through what is called a buyers journey. The basic buyer’s journey has 3 stages:

  1. Awareness – the consumer is researching a solution to a current problem
  2. Consideration – the consumer found several solutions and narrowing down to the best one
  3. Decision – Found the solution but with so many vendors they are looking for the best buying decision

In today’s world, product and service reviews are a huge motivation for buying decisions so it makes sense that one would target consumers in the different buying stages. Before creating a campaign find keywords or phrases that fit into each stage of the buyer’s journey. Keep in mind your industry and business since not all keywords fit all.

Congratulations! Now with a concise list of keywords, you can now target each stage of the buyer’s journey and build a successful buying funnel. 


SEO And Google My Business

Brightlocal did a study of 500 consumers and how they used Google my business. This study lead to ways you can improve on page and off page SEO. The findings were interesting and insightful if you’re looking to monetize from this tool.

The study asked 7 questions that lead to key findings. Consumers use Google my business mainly to find out about business hours, read reviews and find directions. Many mentioned they get turned off by inconsistencies on the business website and no information. [Read More]


Chatbots Taking Over Digital Marketing Trends

Today the chatbots trend is steadily growing and is one of the fastest growing opportunity in digital marketing. Chatbots are not only useful since they can be used 24/7 but they can save you money by eliminating customer service reps. 85% of interactions between consumers and businesses will be handled by chatbots. Although many are not as sophisticated now, with more information getting fed to these AI chatbots they will become just as sophisticated as humans. [Read More]


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SEO & Digital Marketing Trends for Houston Business Owners: 2nd Edition

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Repurpose Old Stagnant Content


Yes, your content can last forever on your website but when is it time to get rid of it? Repurpose old content when you notice a drop in page views, reduced time on page or lack of perceived value from your intended audience. Some examples include: use content in other platforms, change the title, add FAQ section, add new keywords, or adding outbound links to new references. This is a must-read for Houston based businesses using content to improve SEO. [Read more]


New YouTube Series: SEO Myths

Get Ready Houston! Google has a new Youtube SEO talk show. Traditional Google shows were a one-man show but this time there will be interviews with SEO experts. Judging from the video the series looks entertaining. Check out the trailer here. Topics include SEO tips, Googlebot and javascript frameworks to name a few. [Read more]


SEO for Houston Events

Are you planning an event in Houston? Google has a feature called “Event Pack” that will display your search result in position zero. That’s right zero. Zero is a result before traditional organic search. If a target search term triggers your event you will see an increase in CTR. Another way to optimize your event is by marking your event using Google’s event schema. Make sure you mark up all areas needed for your event to get the most out of this feature.[Read more]


Rank Beyond Your Location

When someone triggers a service near search Google gives you what is called a local pack. A cluster of businesses offering the service you’re looking for. To rank in the local pack you must claim your Google My Business Listing and get a few reviews. Invest in building local business listings manually or from help from an SEO agency. When creating content mention surroundings cities or neighborhoods in order to populate in a wider local pack results.[Read more]


GoogleAds Mistakes

If your a business running GoogleAds campaigns for your business here are some tips to increase your CTR. The First mistake is not creating a well-organized campaign using search intent keywords, not just a general keyword. For example, instead of using Houston lawyer a more relevant search term would be Houston DUI lawyer. This helps get inside of what a user is actually searching. Another mistake many businesses do is have too many keywords in an ad group. Instead, have well-organized 3 ads per group so you have had an eye view of what keywords are working the best. The last mistake seen is not using ad extensions. You are missing out on valuable Google search real estate to take advantage of as many extensions as possible.[Read more]

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