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improve your new year business plans destiny marketing solutions

7 Ways to Improve Your Damage Restoration Business New Year Plans [2020]

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration Marketing | 30th November

Everyone says that a new year is a chance for a new beginning. Perhaps you have not had the best year with your damage restoration business or maybe you are looking to increase your customer database in 2020. Either way, there are ways to improve you [...]

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Why a Picture Paints a Thousand Words for Your Google My Business Profile

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration SEO | 28th November

Making your own Google My Business account is certainly a step in the right direction for your damage restoration business, but in order to maximize the potential of your My Business profile, you need to take care of a few little things. Make your b [...]

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faq schema destiny marketing solutions

The Importance of FAQ Schema for Damage Restoration SEO

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration SEO | 27th November

Schema markup is one of the latest tools introduced by Google to allow businesses to enrich their content with proper SEO and help their readers understand their content much better. A properly implemented schema enables you to drive organic growth a [...]

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omnichannel digital strategy destiny marketing solutions

Why an Omnichannel Digital Approach is Best for Damage Restoration Professionals

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration Marketing | 25th November

Everyone knows that marketing is essential to a successful business. It's more important now than ever since we live in the digital age. If you are a damage restoration business owner, you will always want to keep up with the latest marketing trends. [...]

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google my business posts destiny marketing solutions

How Damage Restoration Companies Can Use Google My Business to Local Boost Visibility

Written by: Leonard Parker | Damage Restoration SEO | 24th November

In recent times, a lot of business has shifted to the online realm, filling it with tonnes and tonnes of data and information that can be accessed on a whim by anyone with a browser and reliable internet connection. The beauty of the internet is that [...]

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