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How a PPC Advertising Campaign Can Help your Business

Many companies invest in paid online advertising due to its potential for driving increased sales. PPC marketing in Houston and other large cities can help you establish your presence and build your customer base. If you are in interested in reaching more prospects online, consider adding pay per click advertising to your marketing mix.


You can expand your online presence with our Houston PPC marketing services and get your business noticed. We can help you create a campaign including the most effective keywords for searching.  Another benefit:  you can quickly get your goods and services in front of prospective customers.


What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising ?


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Pay Per Click advertising is a method of advertising on the Internet. The cost depends on the specific number of times your online ads are clicked (cost per click) or viewed (cost per impression).

Pay per click ads are available on the Google and Bing search engines. PPC advertising is an excellent way to gain more website visits.


With the support of our Houston PPC marketing solutions, you can promote your business both by SEO and through paid links. Paid links put your business products and services at the top of the search page quickly. This is a great way to inform and remind people of your presence and skills. 


Our tracking capabilities will provide you with information on the effectiveness of your campaign. We can help you determine when you get the best response to your message and how to better present the goods and services that you offer.


Paid advertising is useful in quickly promoting a brand or company on the search engines. You can bid for ad placements across search engine-sponsored links based on keyword searches. Your cost per click depends highly on the keyword used in your ad.


Where will your PPC Ads Appear?


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Your PPC ads will show up on the search results pages of the search engine you decide to advertise on. The most popular options are Google and Bing. On the Google and Bing search results pages, there are two sets of links:

  • Organic Links: Organic links are selected and ordered based on the search engines’ complex ranking algorithms. The strategy and tactics used to rank these organic links, collectively, is called search engine optimization or SEO.

  • Paid Links: Paid links, on the other hand, are placed at the top of the search engine result pages. Several factors dictate how paid ads are selected and ranked, such as

    • Bidding Amount

    • Ad quality and relevance to the user’s search query

    • Competition for your targeted keywords


What will be the Cost of PPC Advertising for your Business?

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The beautiful thing about PPC marketing is that you spend whatever is in your budget. Let’s say, for example, you want to bid for the keyword phrase “cosmetic dentist in Houston”, and your budget for a month is $1000. You can set your daily budget to distribute your $1000 ad spend evenly across the month. You can even set your cost per click, or cost each time someone clicks on your ad, so that it strategically fits within your budget.


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With a well-managed PPC campaign, you can start an effective exchange of information with potential clients before they know that they need your business expertise.


Why Should you Invest in PPC Advertising?


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We know how challenging it can be to establish a strong presence on the Internet due to fierce competition. Digital marketing in Houston and other metro areas can be especially tough. PPC advertising is a great way to gain exposure for your business quickly.

Let’s face the facts. Gaining significant organic traffic in the search engines can be effective, yet it can take considerable time to see results. PPC advertising ensures that your business will generate attention in a shorter time span compared to SEO.

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As the virtual world becomes a more integral part of daily life, many shoppers are moving to automated deliveries of the basics for their homes. Your goods and services are different and deserve a detailed look. Directing traffic to the online portion of your business is an important first step in bringing in new clients. With an effective PPC campaign, your online presence can greatly increase your brick and mortar traffic.



Is PPC Marketing Right for your Business?


If you want to be a major player in your industry, you will need as much traffic as you can get, organic and paid. Increasing your visibility online quickly with PPC advertising can increase your business’s revenue potential.


Our Houston pay per click marketing offers you the chance to build effective, Houston marketing solutions destiny marketing solutionsqualified traffic. Due to the competitive nature of SEO marketing, an organic presence alone may lead to a slow, incremental increase in traffic. A well managed PPC campaign means you can create a steady flow of site traffic based on strategic keywords and ad placement that will make your services and products visible.

Our PPC Advertising Packages


Pay per click marketing services can be helpful for a variety of businesses.


PPC marketing in Houston doesn't require you to have a brick and mortar business. If you're an artist promoting your next gallery showing, our flexible marketing capabilities can help you display your consistent quality in combination. Do you work online? Our PPC packages will promote your online store or services!


You can select from packages that suit your your business’s needs and your advertising budget. With an effective PPC marketing strategy, you can gain an edge over your competitors.


Our Houston pay per click marketing management team members work with your budget and your advertising needs. We're happy to meet at your business!  Don't have an office? No problem! We can also meet at your local coffee shop for a consultation. These consultation sessions help us determine the best way to promote your business and increase your chances for success.


It's critically important to note that both of our advertising packages offer mobile optimization. By making your advertisements easily visible on screens of any size, our PPC advertising team can increase interest in your business and bring traffic to your location.


These are the packages we offer:


PPC Beginner Package ($197/month + advertising spend):


Our PPC Beginner Package is the right option if your advertising budget is less than $1000/month.

We love small business and are happy to help you grow! You don't need a huge marketing budget to work with one of the top Houston marketing firms. You need a plan, and we can help with that. Your advertisements will be easily visible on monitors, tablets and smartphones. Once your marketing campaign is launched, you can track your ad performance on a monthly basis and we will connect with you every quarter to review your progress. Your success is our success!

Our PPC Beginner Package includes:

  • Campaign Setup – We will build your campaign based on the keywords and goals discussed during the initial consultation.

  • Ongoing Management – Regular review and optimization of keywords, campaigns, and ad results.

  • Setup & Management Of Mobile Ad Campaigns - Mobile web visitors make up for 80% of the online market.

  • Monthly Analysis & Reporting On Your Campaign Performance - Our monthly analysis reports will keep you up to date on how well your ads are performing.

  • Quarterly Progress Update Calls –  We will meet with you every three months to discuss the status of your PPC campaign.


PPC Superior Package ($347/month + advertising spend):


Our PPC Superior Package is best for clients with a $1000+/mo ad budget. Our Houston PPC marketing services team will work with your existing advertising campaigns to increase your visibility not only by creating your PPC campaign but allowing you to track your results. If you're expanding into a specific area or want more attention from a particular demographic, we can help. Additionally, our services include a mobile ad campaign. Your business will be easily visible on screens of every size.

You can choose to increase or decrease this amount as you move along. Our PPC Superior Package includes:

  • Campaign Setup – Based on keywords and goals established during the initial consultation. We will create a brand-specific ad strategy for you.

  • Ongoing Management – Regular review and optimization of keywords, campaigns, and ad conversion rates.

  • Determining the Number Of Ad Groups to Setup And Track – You can advertise as many products or services as you want

  • Ad Retargeting Setup - Receive help with identifying the best demographic for your ads. Then, we create ads based on the behaviors of this niche.

  • Call Tracking Setup - have a dedicated business number where you can forward PPC results.

  • Setup & Management Of Mobile Ad Campaigns - increase your visibility across all Internet touchpoints.

  • Monthly Analysis & Reporting On Your Campaign Performance - Our monthly analysis reports will keep you up to date on how well your ads are performing.

  • Monthly Progress Update Calls - We have monthly discussions with you where we go over each detail of your PPC campaign


We Charge no Extra Campaign Setup Fees for your PPC Campaign


PPC marketing in Houston


Unlike other PPC advertising companies, you won’t have to pay for any extra campaign setup fees with us. You can devote more of your advertising budget to building your PPC campaign. By partnering with us, you will gain access to reliable PPC strategies that will help your business grow right before your eyes.


No matter your advertising budget, we do not charge a setup fee so that you can have more PPC ad spend. With the right keyword set up and properly placed ads across the top of the search page, you will get noticed. Thanks to our careful reporting capabilities, you'll know when interest is generated and can see a connection between views, clicks, and sales. As income increases, you can review your marketing budget and determine when it's time to expand your PPC campaign.


PPC marketing is an important component of an effective digital marketing strategy. A PPC advertising campaign can greatly affect your results with Internet marketing in Houston and surrounding areas. With the fierce competition online, incorporating PPC helps your business gain that competitive edge.


We did have challenges as the Destiny team learned our business and what we were looking for. After those initial challenges, however, our AdWords performance improved dramatically. Couldn’t be happier!


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Caroline Eager, President, American Made Dorm & Home



What's the difference between a prospect and a client? One good connection. Your products and services are as unique as your business and your employees. If you're a small business owner looking to grow your client base, a basic PPC package can improve your prospects and help you gain an advantage over your competitors.


For larger businesses hoping to expand into a new service area or product line, our superior package can be a great way to launch your new endeavor. By promoting your new developments with an expanded advertising campaign, you can increase client interest and draw in new prospects.


Still have doubts? Check out these answers to some frequently asked questions about pay per click advertising:


When will I see results from my PPC campaign?


Immediately. Generally, within seven business days of the start of your services, you will have a newly-revised series of campaigns ready to launch! Data for your PPC campaign will accrue in real time.


How much does it cost per click?


With PPC, you pick the maximum amount you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. This maximum bid, combined with a variety of other factors – including the relevance of your ad copy, the structure of your campaign, and the historical competitiveness of that keyword – determines exactly what you end up paying and in what position your ad will appear. The more you are able to pay, typically the higher you will show up in the search results and the more clicks you will receive. 


What can you do that I can't do myself?


Our thorough understanding of all aspects of the Google AdWords and Bing Ads platforms gives you a big advantage on the competition. Effective PPC account management and optimization is a full-time job – and not one you should take lightly. Our Houston-based PPC management services can pay for themselves many times over in increased efficiency for you and by freeing you up to do what you do best: run your business.


So, what are you waiting for? Choose a Pay Per Click advertising package from above. Your qualified, potential prospects are waiting to find your website today!


Still not convinced? Take advantage of our free video web presence analysis ($497 value). In the video, you will learn how a PPC advertising campaign can help transform your business.

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