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How Link Building can Help your Rankings (& Revenues) Skyrocket

Whether you are running a blog, ecommerce site, or some other online business, you need to think about SEO. Placing yourself as high as possible on search engine results pages, or SERPs, makes a huge difference in your site visits and overall web traffic. That translates directly into revenue, because more visitors means more potential customers. And if you want to do well in SEO, you need to think about linking. Building links has been a core element of SEO techniques for years, along with off page optimization, because it's one of the most important factors in how Google ranks your site. In this post, we'll talk about why it's important and how you can do it.

What is Link Building?

The most important thing to know about Google is that the company wants to put the best and most relevant links at the top of the page for all searches. So Google uses a complex and secret algorithm to rank the quality of every site on the Internet, and those ranks determine how high on the page the sites appear for searches. Links are a major element in determining that ranking. Google wants sites that are high-quality to rank high, and a good way to measure that is when a lot of other sites link to the site in question. Google also checks the quality of the sites linking to the site in question. The practice of link building is acquiring links to your site to improve your ranking.

Link Building Strategies

The process of link building methods for SEO is delicate, because if you appear to be trying to acquire links in an unsavory way, like paying for them or otherwise attempting to cheat the system, Google will push you down in the rankings. There are two acceptable link building techniques that will bring you a better ranking. The first is with "natural" or "organic" linking. This occurs when you have high-quality content on your page and other sites link to you for that alone. For example, you might have a very good product and a blog that covers your area links to the product page to recognize its quality. That's a great link because it will give Google more trust in your site as well as send potential buyers your way. The idea of organic linking is that your content attracts the links without any specific effort on your part. The second strategy is outreach building. This entails picking out potential targets and getting in touch with them to ask for a link. You can try to convince them however you can that your content is worth their time and attention. You can do well this way because you get to choose your link sources, so you can go after high-quality sources and improve your standing. Or, you can choose to fill in with medium-quality sites that aren't quite as good but which might be more likely to link to you. It's the control aspect that is especially valuable here.

Link Building Tips

Employ both strategies to build your network of links. Building links is a collaborative process. Take the opportunity to get to know other people and companies in your area. This networking always pays off at some point, so it is a great use of your time. Err on the side of caution so that you don't face penalties from Google. Always be wary of anyone offering you links for money: it might be a scam and you could get yourself penalized. Try to have a large collection of strong content before starting a linking campaign, so linkers have lots of choices for good pages as link targets.

Getting Referral Traffic through Link Building

We touched on this earlier, but one of the biggest benefits of building up links is that they will send traffic to your site even aside from their SEO benefit. Anyone following a link to your site is a lot more likely to become a customer than the average Internet denizen. Consider also the fact that all that traffic can lead to more links from the people who see your site and like it, more social media engagement, and so on. All the good things that come with increased traffic build on each other for better outcomes, which means more revenue. If you are interested in link building service to boost your revenue, get in touch with us today to talk about how we can help you. You can also give us a call at (713) 857-8403.